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Best Cheap Leggings in 2020

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For something that we wear on a regular basis, we pay so much for leggings. You wear them out faster than any other clothing in your closet. These are our recommendations for the best cheap leggings. They are reasonably priced with just the practical amount of comfort and lifespan.

Top Cheap Leggings Reviews

The best affordable leggings are not just those that come in a lower price point. They should also be able to compete with those from higher-end brands such as Lululemon. Our picks definitely don’t disappoint.

There’s a lot of doubt that comes with a low price tag. These five we’ve found should be the least of your worries. Find one that best fits your style and do away with the guilt of throwing it out when you’re over it.

Woman in an orange matching sports bra top and leggings

Best Overall Cheap Leggings: Ranphee Black Ripped Elastic Slim Cutout Leggings

The Ranphee Black Yoga Pants-Women Ripped Elastic Slim Cutout Leggings is the most versatile all-around legging. With the elasticity of a yoga legging and look of ripped jeans, it fits right into all the places you’re hitting up during the day. This reverses the grimy appearance after hitting the gym.

Walk into the mall and own your look without looking out of place. Those ripped effect cutouts is all but cheap-looking. It’s what adds the style and character to a simple and classic black legging. There’s no running out of outfit options even if you use it every single day of the week with a different pair of shoes and top.

Ranphee Black Yoga Pants-Women Ripped Elastic Slim...

​Best Cheap Plus Size Leggings: Leggings Depot Ultra Soft Printed Fashion Leggings

No matter how opaque some leggings claim to be, most leggings still run the risk of being see-through. This happens especially on plus sized women. With its wide range of plus sizes, Leggings Depot Women’s Ultra Soft Printed Fashion Leggings makes sure no panties are visible under them.

Plus sized women are at a disadvantage with leggings because they’re all but covered up in the innately thin and soft material. This buttery-soft leggings, with fashionable prints to boot, are made with adequate stretch to the fabric. You get the best reliable coverage if you’re larger than a size 4.

R595-EXTRAPLUS Superfemme Print Fashion Leggings

Best Cheap Printed Leggings: Leggings Depot Buttery Soft Classic Fashion Print Leggings

Most fashion leggings don’t come as long as pants, are thin as see-through, and have many problems with fit. The Leggings Depot Women’s Buttery Soft Classic Fashion Print Leggings is one of the few that doesn’t fall victim to these poor quality features.

If anything, this pair has the quality similar to a top rated yoga legging with spandex and polyester blends. They also reach down to the ankles for a full-length coverage that ends just above your stilettos.

Printed leggings are intended more for fashion than anything else and these are as long and opaque as pants should be. They’re as party-appropriate as disco pants. You could wear a pair to the club without garnering weird looks.

R987-OS Retro Polka Dots Print Leggings

Best Cheap Sporty Leggings: Conceited Premium Ultra Soft Velvet Leggings

If all activewear is as appealing as the Conceited Premium Ultra Soft Velvet Leggings, everyone would be wearing leggings to the office. It’s pieces like this that makes our dreams of sporty-chic outfits come true. It’s the perfect balance between playful, edgy, sporty, girly and everything in between.

Velvet on the outside but blended with premium-stretch spandex, this pair offers the best of both worlds of fashion and activewear. The racer stripes add more to the punch with an edginess that contrasts the soft velvet.

Conceited Velour Velvet Leggings for Women - A236...

Best Cheap Workout Leggings: TSLA Yoga Pants High-Rise

Built-in with multi-functional design, the TSLA Yoga Pants High-Rise is probably one of the cheapest leggings with features worth more than what you pay for.  As part of the NyloSkin Lux® Series, the nylon and spandex blend provides the smoothest feeling.

Allowing the most flexible movements possible, this could satisfy all your workout needs for the week in one session. It’s made with a so-called seagull shape with a hidden band for the best contouring of muscles and curves to utilize your workout efficiently.

TSLA High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets, Tummy...


In the case of these five leggings, we can vouch that their low price doesn’t reflect poor quality. It’s far from reality as these pairs have some unique qualities that differentiate them from the common leggings in the market. Each one calls to a different personality and lifestyle of women.