Best Brazilian Bikinis in 2019: Reviews of the Sexiest Two Piece Options

When it comes to wearing bikinis, being too under-dressed is not really a concern, especially if you love wearing a sexy push up bikini or one like this with a Brazilian cut. With the best Brazilian bikinis, you can expose as much of your buttocks as you want without being called out for inappropriateness. Reap the benefits of those squats and flaunt what you’ve got!

Top Brazilian Bikini Reviews

Brazilian bikinis indicate the style of the bikini bottom. The cut usually exposes the better half of your buttocks. In fact, almost all of it is exposed. Either full sets or separates, we have some of the best Brazilian styled bikinis. You can show off your best assets with the best bikini when you’re at the beach.

Woman in a bright yellow Brazilian bikini

Best Overall Brazilian Bikini: Sheridyn Swim Journey Top and Scrunch Bottom

​We’re gonna go into it slowly with the ​Sheridyn Swim​Journey Bikini Top and ​Scrunch Bikini Bottom. This matching two-piece bikini features a very slight Brazilian cut for the bottoms.

The name Scrunch is taken from the slight dip the fabric makes into the crease of your backside.

Its pair, the Journey Bikini Top, breaks off the monotony of the solid color and smooth plain design with a three-string gore and half a seam on the cups. It’s a bralette which makes it super versatile even beyond the beach.

A classic style and look with different colors for some variety, this bikini is our best pick overall.

Best Brazilian Bikini for the Money: RELLECIGA Criss Triangle Top and Wavy Tie-Side Bottom

​Prints can go out of style, but ruffles and strappy styles almost never do. That’s why the ​RELLECIGA Criss Cross Triangle Bikini Top and ​Wavy Tie-Side Brazilian Style Bottom are something worth your investment.

The bottom of this suit is more unique and appealing for its ruffled edges and bold string sides. It gives a slight twist to the traditional triangle bikini bottom.

This style goes well with the strappiness and shape of the Criss Triangle bikini top. They may not be officially a pair, but the two make such a good complement of each other. The bra is especially functional for being able to shape breasts, making them appear fuller. For what they’re worth, you’ll most likely get a lot of wear from the two of them, whether together or mixed with other pieces.

Best Cheap Brazilian Bikini: CharMma Strapless Leopard Print High Cut Two Piece Bandeau Set

​If you’re a budget traveler, your travel wardrobe shouldn’t have to reflect how lowkey your trip is. You can still go hard on the outfits, and the ​CharMma ​Strapless Leopard Print High Cut Bandeau Bikini Set can check off your budget beach suit.

This two-piece set, which you get as one, can make you look like you invested a lot in your Instagram-worthy beach photos. It comes in a variety of prints and colors, is versatile, and has that trendy high cut bikini bottom that ​hides your bulges and provides a slimming effect. You can’t really ask for more!

Best Unique Brazilian Bikini: CUPSHE Push Up Halter Set

We love a rare piece, whether in fashion or in swimsuits. The CUPSHE Forbidden Love Push Up Bikini Set is one of those you can call unique. The cut-outs and straps on the bottom of the bikini itself sets it apart from the typical look of its kind.

Add to that the choice of either cutesy or classy prints, there’s an option for whatever look you’re going for. The straps on the top and bottom are actually smart design to accentuate those areas of the body more. Don’t we all want that?

Best Sexy Brazilian Bikini: THE MESH KING Coqueta Triangle Top and Teeny Micro Thong

On to an extreme style of the Brazilian cut, THE MESH KING Coqueta Swimwear Bikini Triangle Top and Teeny Micro Thong are the purest form of the word sexy.

As per its name, the bottom is a tiny triangle thong, which is the kind of Brazilian cut that exposes a lot of your backside (all of it, really!).

The simple bottoms is complemented by a matching ruffled triangle top. Although it may also not cover so much, it does it in a classy and sensual way.

This is a good choice for women who like to flaunt their bodies unapologetically.


The Brazilian cut is not for everyone. That last pick was especially daring on a level that not all would take on. However, these picks are widely different in looks despite all being a bikini with a Brazilian cut. Just try one and see the instant boost of confidence from the carefreeness of this swimwear.

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