Best Bras for East West Breasts [2024 Review]

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Do your breasts gravitate outwards and leave space in the center? The right bra can position the breasts properly without getting a uni-boob. I’m going to help you discover the best bras for east west breasts, including the features to consider.

My Top Bras for East West Breasts Reviews

After researching and comparing bras, I pick the Wacoal Women’s Evocative Edge Bra as the best bra for east west breasts. Its full-figure cups, smoothing sides, and sculpting underwire can push the boobs upward and the nipples to point in one direction.

The breasts can develop into various shapes. If you have this breast type, the wide-set breasts can gravitate away from the chest’s center. This is why I’m also giving other options to help you find the most-fitting bra.

Best Bra for East West Breasts Overall: Wacoal Women’s Evocative Edge Bra

With its seamless cups, flexible material, and smoothing mesh, the Wacoal Women’s Evocative Edge Bra can push the breast toward the center to correct the position of your boobs. It provides shaping, support, and additional cup depth.

Unlike the other bras, the Wacoal Evocative Bra uses four-section cups, which means it has four panels of fabric sewn together with the seams. This feature also helps the nipples point in the right direction.

It’s normal for ladies with east west boobs to have some asymmetry in size. The bra’s panels help re-center the breasts by containing the breast tissues.

The mesh at the sides and back also helps smooth out the torso. However, the lace at the cups may not fully lie at the top of small breasts.

This is the only bra on this list that doesn’t use paddings. Despite that, its seamed cups serve as a stable frame for the boobs.


  • Contouring cups leave no space for the ultimate lift and naturally rounded shape.
  • It uses a wide band and center gore to stop the breasts from going away from the body’s midline.


  • The lace details on the cups and straps may feel a bit itchy.
  • Wide-set straps may slide off the shoulders.

Best Plunge Bra for East West Breasts: Natori Feathers Contour Plunge Bra

With contoured cups, molding band, and mesh overlay, the Natori Feathers Contour Plunge Bra can shape your bust while ensuring comfort and no bulk. Its seamless silhouette also makes it a classic design that won’t go out of style.

It uses smooth contouring paddings to frame the bust. The shallow cups are also ideal if you have small breasts. With the addition of the wide sides, you can prevent side fats from showing up, helping push the breast tissue toward the center.

Similar to the Wacoal Evocative Bra, the Natori Feathers Bra incorporates a mesh overlay to smooth out the overflow. This also helps position the breasts at the center. Since this is the only bra on this list that uses lycra, the material adds comfort and shape retention without restraining the breasts.

However, this bra’s sizes run small, with its size range smaller than the other bras. It makes up by having a V-shaped neckline, allowing it to become a versatile bra under clothes with plunging necklines.


  • Combines light padding and molded cups to frame the bust.
  • Wide sides and boning prevent side spillage.


  • Cup sizes run small, so you may have to consider two sizes larger.
  • The cup may sometimes fold at the bottom when you bend.

Best Push-Up Bra for East West Breasts: Victoria’s Secret Pink Wear Everywhere Push-Up Bra

If you want to define cleavage despite having breasts pointing in opposite directions, the Victoria’s Secret Pink Wear Everywhere Push-Up Bra can do that for you. The neatly shaped cups, broader band, and center gore can do a lot of lifting without feeling discomfort.

This Victoria’s Secret Push-Up Bra has the same material as the Wacoal Women’s Evocative Edge Bra. However, it uses more nylon, which gives VS its trademark silk-like texture. In effect, you have a smooth naked-like feel, with some designs including a lace material to radiate sexiness.

The underwire spreads wide at the bottom of the bra, ensuring lift and support. In addition, it has thicker paddings than the Natori Plunge Bra. Collectively, these features lift the breast upward to have a fuller bust.

The overstuffing of the paddings may not be ideal for some ladies, particularly if you don’t need the extra volume. These may be more flattering on smaller breasts, especially if you want to redefine the bust to suit open-neckline tops.


  • Seamless cups hide the bra well under clothes.
  • Full-figure cups and smoothing side boning lifts the breast to the center.


  • It only uses a slim back strap, although they are fully convertible.
  • Thick paddings may not be ideal for ladies with large breasts.

Features to Consider for Bras for East West Breasts

If your breasts seem to be pulling in opposite directions, you need the right bra to keep them centered. The material, side boning, contouring cups, underwire, the band, and the style can affect how you can position the breasts correctly.

Comparing Bras for East West Breasts Features

Bra Style Band Cups
Wacoal Evocative Edge T-shirtWiredSeamed, non-padded
Natori Feathers Contour PlungeWiredPadded
Victoria’s Secret Pink Push-upWiredPadded

Type of Bra

The type of bra is an essential factor that influences the features, especially the cup style. There are different types of bras that can lift the breasts and nipples toward the center.

  • T-shirt bra: Even a basic T-shirt bra can bring the breasts closer together. Its cups can mold breasts that are pointing outwards. Like the Wacoal Evocative Bra, this style usually has a flawless silhouette underneath tops.
  • Plunge: A plunge bra like the Natori Feathers can align your breast toward the center, giving them a naturally perky appearance. This is suitable for small-chested ladies who like wearing low-neckline dresses.
  • Push-up: Push-up bras like the Victoria’s Secret Pink Wear Everywhere can create a fuller bust even if you have east west boobs. Make sure to consider the padding’s thickness as women with large breasts may not need the extra volume.
It offers side support, has molded cups, and a wider band, which are the things you look for in a bra for east west breasts


The band is responsible for most of the lifting and support. The wider the band, the better the bra can spread support to the cups, sides, and back.

Aside from that, the band influences the fit of the bra. It should comfortably rest against your back and ribcage to keep the cups in place.


The cups work together with the band and straps to ensure proper lift. They also reposition the breasts and stop them from going sideways.

  • Mold: Molded cups ensure the breast tissues can follow the bra’s shape. However, be cautious as some breast sizes may not fill the cups, creating a gap on top of the chest. All of the bras on this list use molded cups to stop the breasts from flowing sideward.
  • Seams: You need to push the breast tissue inward when you have sagging boobs. Seams let bras have deeper cups suitable for curvier ladies. Only the Wacoal Evocative Bra use seamed cups to contour the breasts for a more rounded shape.
  • Padding: Even small-chested ladies can have east west boob shape. Bra paddings can add fullness to the bust line to make the breasts appear fuller and firmer. The Natori and Victoria’s Secret bras include padding to enhance the bust’s appearance.

Side Support

A solid side boning plays a key role in keeping the sides up. This prevents you from having side spillage and helps push the breast tissues toward the center of the cups. The side support can also make the torso appear slimmer and narrower if you have large breasts.

Only the Wacoal Evocative Bra includes a prominent side boning in the bra’s structure. The other two bras use wide side wings to compensate.


The underwire’s structure extends support to the cups, back, and sides. The bras here use an underwire to contour the breasts and prevent them from slipping down or moving to the sides.


The bra material would directly brush against your skin, so it’s vital that you feel comfortable with it. It would also influence how well the bra can mold the breasts.

A woman wearing a red t-shirt bra with an underwire standing near a brown door

The bras on this list use nylon, making them elastic, easy to wash, and resistant to abrasion. The Wacoal and VS bras incorporate polyester and spandex, which makes the bras extra wrinkle-resistant and stretchable. Meanwhile, Natori includes lycra to make the bra more breathable.

Related Questions

How Can I Know If I Have East West Breasts?

To determine if you have east west breasts, put your hand into a fist and place it over your sternum. If your knuckles can’t touch either breast, you likely have an east west boob shape.

What Are the Challenges of Having East West Boobs?

Among the challenges of having east west boobs is that you have wide-set breasts that can’t achieve cleavage in certain tops. There’s also the risk of side spillage as the breast tissue concentrate on the sides.

How Can I Improve My East West Breasts?

Wearing a well-fitted bra with sculpting cups and side boning can help improve the position and shape of your east west breasts. The Wacoal Women’s Evocative Edge Bra is a good start because of its full coverage cups and smoothing sides.

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Wearing the wrong bra can make your boobs look even more disproportionate. You can stop them from pointing outward and achieve a fuller look with these options. Whichever bra you choose, you can contour the bust shape and walk with renewed confidence.


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