Best Bra for Wide Set Breasts [2024 Review]

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Wide set breasts require a specific kind of bra. Regular bras don’t offer the features that can fix the breasts’ side spillage or gap between breasts caused by a wide set chest that the best bras can fix. They can’t even give you great cleavage. In the following article I list my choices for the best bra for wide set breasts.

My Top Wide Set Breast Bra Recommendations

Based on the specifications that women with wide set breasts need, I researched the available bras for wide set busts on the market. I selected the best models that suit wide set breasts and the Elomi Banded Underwire Lace Bra tops my list of the best bra wide set breasts.

Elomi Banded Underwire Lace Bra

The Elomi brand is best known for its swimwear and lingerie products. If you have wide set breasts, the Elomi Banded Underwire Lace Bra is the best bra for your boob shape.

This comes with a banded underwire with a three-section cup and side panels. The banded underwire plays a vital role in lifting your breasts while the side panels direct your breasts forward.

As one of the best bras for wide set breasts, these features help eliminate the gap between your breasts and stop the side spillage of breast tissue caused by wide set breasts.

In comparison to Cleo’s Koko Bra and Natori Front Close Bra, this bra won’t help your cleavage. The Elomi Banded Underwire Lace Bra doesn’t have a racerback or plunge feature that will help lift your breast for more cleavage. If you’re after cleavage, the cups won’t be ideal for your side set boobs.

The Elomi Banded Underwire Lace Bra has a shorter gore, unlike Cleo’s Koko Bra. However, the gore is wider compared to regular bras and suit wide set breasts.


  • This bra is made of very soft and stretchy lace that gives comfort to the skin.
  • This bra has a banded underwire which gives support to your breasts without compromising comfort.


  • This bra is not recommended if you want better cleavage.
  • The band size at the back of this bra is thin and won’t work well if you have larger breasts.

Natori Front Close Bra

A bra with a front closure is actually a great choice if you have wide set breasts. The Natori Women’s Front Close Bra comes with a front closure feature that brings your breasts together. As the breasts press toward each other, the pressure is distributed evenly so that it doesn’t cause any discomfort.

Just like Cleo’s Koko, this bra also comes with racerback straps if you want improve your cleavage. The racerback design does a great job of lifting and pushing your breasts together. 

In comparison to the Elomi bras I reviewed, the side panels of the Natori Women’s Front Close Bra don’t offer as much support. Despite that, the side panels are still strong enough to support your breasts, and it’s very comfortable. Overall, the highlights of this bra are the front closure and its racerback design.


  • The front closure on this bra is very good in bringing your breasts together.
  • The racerback design of this bra lifts and pushes your breasts up for better cleavage.


  • The band size runs small and you will need to size up.
  • The side support on this bra is adequate, but not great.

Cleo Koko Bra

One notable feature of the Cleo brand is its wide gore in their bras. The Cleo Koko Bra comes with that wide gore, which suits your wide set breasts needs. If you have wide set breasts, the wide gore helps the cup sit at the right place on your bust, preventing any gaping in any cup size.

Similar to Natori Women’s Front Close, Cleo Koko has a racerback design which helps you get some great cleavage. The only difference is that Cleo Koko is convertible racerback, which means it can convert from racerback bras to plunge bras.

This accommodates sizes up to the H cup size. One highlight is its adjustable straps that you can convert both a racerback design and a plunge one to give you better cleavage. If you’re after more cleavage, then this is a great choice.

One issue among underwire bras is that the underwire can be uncomfortable, unlike the banded underwire of the Elomi Banded Underwire Lace Bra. If you do any bending, the underwire digs into your skin. 


  • This comes with a gore wider than those found in average bras, which allows the bra cups to accommodate your breasts without any side spillage or gaping.
  • This can convert to either a racerback style or a plunge one.


  • The underwire bra digs into your skin and is uncomfortable.
  • This bra does not have solid side support panels like the Elomi bras on my list.

Elomi Plus-Size Full Cup Bra

The Elomi Plus-Size Full Cup Banded Bra stands out among the other best bras for wide set boobs when it comes to its side support. The side padding panels ensure that your breasts are directed forward without causing any side spillage.

Elomi Plus-Size Full Cup features a wide gore, which is recommended for wide set breasts. The side panels are very secure, and help control any underarm and breast tissue bulging as well.

As a push-up bra, Cleo’s Koko has wider gore than this one. Since the side support on the Elomi controls your side breast tissue better, such bras push everything forward, while the thinner gore works just as well in this case.

Just like the Elomi Banded Underwire Bra, the Elomi Plus-Size Full Cup Banded Bra comes with a three-piece cup and elastic plunging neckline edge which allows a good fit for your breast tissue, without feeling too tight.


  • This bra comes with excellent side support that push your breasts forward.
  • This bra has banded underwire that doesn’t cause discomfort.


  • The gore on this bra is high enough that you won’t improve your cleavage.
  • The underwire bra may break if not handled carefully.

Features to Consider in a Bra for a Wide Set Chest

To help you find the best bra for wide set breasts, I list features to look for in finding the right bra below. Aside from the best bra styles, keep these features in mind to ensure you get the bra that is perfect for your body.

Comparing Bra for Wide Set Breasts Features

Bra Wide Gore? Structure Coverage
Elomi Morgan YesWiredFull coverage cups with cotton-lined side panel
Natori Feathers NoWiredContoured cups with mesh panels
Cleo By Panache Koko YesWiredFull coverage cups with elastane panels
Elomi Cate YesWiredFull coverage cups with polyester panels
It has wide support, full coverage, and an underwire are the things you look for in bras for wide set breasts

Side Support

If you have wide set breasts, your breasts tend to go sideways beyond the control of regular or wire free bras. This is often referred to as east west breasts.

To prevent this, you will need a cleavage-enhancing bra that comes with good side support. If you’re looking for the best bras for wide set breasts with great side padding support, choose an Elomi bra such as the Elomi Banded Underwire Lace Bra or the Elomi Plus-Size Full Cup Bra.

Wide Gore

The gore is the center material connecting the bra’s two cups. If you have a wide gap between your breasts, it’s best to get a fitting bra that features a wide gore, regardless of your cup size.

The wider the gore, the more it allows the bra cups to cover your breasts without any gaping at the sides. Cleo Koko is one of the best bras for wide set boobs that is well known for its wide gore.

Plunge Effect

A wide set chest or buttery shape can make bras gape at the sides of your breasts. A plunge bra solves this problem by directing your breasts forward, while covering the outer side of the breasts.

The plunge style bra deals with side spillage caused by wide set breasts in a pleasing manner as it also gives you more cleavage. Cleo’s Koko is a great example of the best bra style for any cup size.


There are two types of bra closure; the back closure and the front closure. Having a back closure is super common and widely used.

Bras with front closures make a great option for wide set breasts as they bring your breasts together in front and are extremely easy to close.  If you’re looking for bras with front-closure along the cups, the Natori Front Close Bra makes a good choice. 

An image of a bra for wide set breasts


The band serves as the overall support of the bra as it does the heavy lifting. If you have bigger breast shape, choose bras with a wider band. The Elomi Plus-Size Full Cup Bra has this feature.


Racerback style bras and push-up bras lift your breasts while pushing everything forward. If you have a wide set chest and you’re struggling to find a bra that gives you more cleavage, a racerback bra can help you with this problem. If you’re wanting a bra with a racerback style, the Natori Front Closure Bras or Cleo’s Koko is for you. 

Related Questions

How Do I Know If I Have Wide Set Breasts?

Put three fingers in the space between your breasts to see if you have widely spaced breasts. You have wide spread breasts if your three fingers can fit between them without contacting your breast tissue.

How Do You Make Wide Set Breasts Closer Together?

You can bring your breasts closer together by using bras with excellent side support panels, adjustable straps, and front closure bras. Wearing a plunge style bra, push-up bras, or a racerback bra instead of t-shirt bras can also help bring your breasts closer together.

How Do You Get Cleavage With Wide Set Boobs?

Choose bras with padding, contoured cups, and a plunge style to create cleavage. Other bra styles like a demi, balconette, or push-up bra may also give your bust more cleavage.

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Wide set breasts can be uncomfortable if you wear a regular bra. Choose a bra that is made for wide set breasts, which is specially made to support and give your side set boobs a more rounded shape. Choose a bra style that not only is comfortable for your breast shape, but also gives you good cleavage.


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