Best Bra for Uneven Breast Size [2024 Review]

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Some women have breasts that differ in size despite being on the same body. This makes it hard to choose a bra when one is smaller or larger than the other. Below, you can explore the best bra for uneven breast sizes to make your bust feel fuller and proportionate.

My Top Bra for Uneven Breast Size Reviews

After deliberating various factors and requirements, I recommend the Elomi Women’s Charley T-Shirt Spacer Bra as the best bra for uneven breast size. Its conforming cups, stretchable fabric, and adjustable straps enable it to accommodate asymmetrical breasts, regardless of the shape, volume, or position.

Having uneven boob sizes is common among women. However, some can be more obvious, making it harder to find a well-fitting bra. I’m listing more options so you’ll have other choices for varying needs.

Best Bra for Uneven Breast Overall: Elomi Women’s Charley T-Shirt Spacer Bra

As you gain weight or experience hormonal imbalance, a size change in each of your breasts may be inevitable. If you observe drastic and highly uneven changes, the Elomi Women’s Charley T-Shirt Spacer Bra provides smooth and exceptional shaping for an asymmetrical bust.

Unlike the others, this bra mainly uses spacer fabric. The material can add volume to the cups of your smaller breast while only conforming to the larger one so they would even out. Consequently, the fabric eliminates excess fabric found in typical padded push-up bras.

Like the Sloggi Zero Feel Bra, this spacer bra has a seamless construction. Even if you’re a busty lady, the lack of seams helps define and improve the shape of your smaller breast. However, the smallest cup starts at DD.

Despite that, this molded bra adds symmetry to the bust by providing a firmer structure. In effect, the cups won’t fold or crease even if one boob won’t fill the cups.


  • It uses a lightweight spacer padding to mold the smaller breast without exaggerating the other one.
  • It has a full-coverage style for good lift and separation on uneven breasts.


  • Available cup sizes are only DD to HH.
  • It relies on an underwire to compensate for the bandless frame. 

Best Full-Coverage Bra for Uneven Breast: Fantasie Women’s Fusion Full-Cup Bra

While breast growth happens at puberty, you can still experience size changes throughout your life. To be ready for such moments, the Fantasie Women’s Fusion Full-Cup Bra can make your uneven boobs rounder and proportionate, even during pregnancy or menopause.

While it uses full-coverage cups like the Elomi Charley Bra, this bra has a three-panel cup that divides the cups into three sections. This feature provides additional seams to the cups for firm support. The adjustable straps also ensure a customizable fit to keep the cups in place.

It has a narrower band than the Sloggi Zero Feel Bra. The downside is that the band is only available from 32 to 40 inches, so some ladies may need to use a bra extender. The bra makes up by having a deep flat elastic at the top of the cups to fill gaps.

In addition, side support panels keep the breasts facing forward, especially if your larger breast tends to veer sideways. As a result, you can have a fuller bust and more forward projection.


  • Stretch cups and side panels conform to breast size differences.
  • Mesh details eliminate side spillage and uni-boob look.


  • Thin paddings can make the nipples peek through the cups.
  • Textured straps can be itchy and leave a mark on the skin.

Best Bra With Removable Padding for Uneven Breast: Sloggi Zero Feel Invisible Bra with Removable Push-Up Pads

Some women can have naturally uneven breasts or undergo a unilateral mastectomy at some point. Regardless of the shape or size, the Sloggi Zero Feel Invisible Bra with Removable Push-Up Pads uses padding to mask the asymmetry of breasts.

The Sloggi Zero Feel Bra is the only bra on this list that includes removable pad inserts. This means you have the option not to wear padding on one cup to match the larger one. Likewise, you can try out other kinds of bra inserts.

Its seamless construction and highly elastic fabric result in a super smooth feel on the skin. It also has wide sides and a back band to keep the breasts in the correct position. However, its pullover design means you don’t have a hook-and-eye closure to adjust the fit if needed.

This bra is only ideal for women with small boobs because the sizing mainly uses extra small to large. Although when you check the size chart, they correspond to A to DD cup sizes.


  • It uses removable cup inserts to customize the volume and fit.
  • Lightweight yet stretchable fabric contours the bust perfectly. 


  • Cups aren’t as firm as molded and full-coverage bras.
  • Lacks adjustable straps and hook-and-eye closure.

Features to Consider for a Bra for Uneven Breast Size

Looking for a flattering bra can be tricky if your left boob is bigger than the right one, or both tend to change sizes when undergoing a drastic weight loss program. Consider the bra style, cup design, and fabric to find the perfect-fitting bra.

Comparing Bras for Uneven Breast Size Features

Bra Bra Style Coverage Support
Elomi Women’s Charley T-shirtSeamless full-coverage cupsWired with a bandless frame
Fantasie Women’s Fusion Side supportfully-lined three-panel cupsWired with a narrow band
Sloggi Zero Feel Invisible Push-upPush-up cups with removable paddingsWireless with broad, elastic band

Bra Style

The style significantly affects how the bra would provide lift and support while making the bust look proportional. These are some of the bra styles that work well for uneven boob sizes.

  • T-shirt: If your uneven breasts tend to lean towards the side, a T-shirt bra like the Elomi Women’s Charley Spacer Bra can bring them closer together. This style pushes the boobs toward the center while adding more volume to the smaller breast.
  • Side support: Opt for a side support bra if you’re struggling with side spillage. Like the Fantasie Women’s Fusion Full-Cup Bra, it can push the bust in to create a more defined look as it molds the breasts to proportionate sizes.
  • Padded: If you have smaller boobs and molded cups aren’t working, padded bras can let you choose the appropriate thickness to add volume. The Sloggi Zero Feel Invisible Bra uses removable push-up pads to solve slight differences in boob sizes while controlling bulk.


The best bra for uneven breast size must have cups supporting and shaping the bust. Different kinds of cups can provide these benefits, and some of them may be better suited for your needs.

  • Molded: Seamless bras like the Elomi Women’s Charley T-Shirt Spacer Bra rely on molded cups to fit the larger breasts to hide any size difference. The use of spacer fabric also allows the molded cups to hug curves while suppressing fat bulges.
  • Full-Coverage: A full-coverage cup design would be better if your breasts have a fuller bottom. Like the Fantasie and Elomi bras, the full-coverage cups distribute breast tissues proportionately to create a more shapely silhouette.
  • Stretch: A stretch cup prevents the larger breast from spilling into the smaller side. As seen in the Fantasie Fusion Bra, the cups stretch to fit each boob, despite having varying sizes.
  • Removable paddings: This design lets you remove the insert for the larger breast while keeping padding on the smaller boob. The Sloggi Invisible Bra with Removable Push-Up Pads is an excellent option if there’s a big difference in the cup sizes.

Aside from choosing the cup design, it’s crucial to follow the size of the bigger breast. In this way, you can prevent fit issues, particularly cup overflow.

It is made from stretchable fabric, offers supportive cups, has molded cups, and full coverage, which are the things you look for in a bra for uneven breasts


The fabric is another crucial factor to consider. Look for bras with soft yet supportive fabrics to accommodate boob size changes.

  • Nylon: The bras I reviewed include a blend of nylon for stretchability. This fabric lets the bras hold their structure while conforming to uneven breast sizes.
  • Spacer: What makes the Elomi Women’s Charley T-Shirt Bra unique is its inclusion of spacer fabric. This lightweight material is thin enough to avoid adding bulk to your larger boob while also providing extra volume to the smaller one.

Related Questions

How Do You Even Out Uneven Breasts?

The easiest way to even out the appearance of uneven boobs is to wear a bra with molded cups, paddings, or stretchable fabric that can conform to your desired shape and size. Getting breast implants is another solution, although this is an invasive procedure you need to think through.

Is There a Bra With Two Different Cup Sizes?

As dreamy as it sounds, there is no bra with two different cup sizes. However, some bras include molded cups or memory foam that enable them to adapt to breasts with uneven sizes.

Can I Make Adjustments for Bras for Uneven Breasts?

Yes, and while you can go to lingerie or tailor shops to get bras altered, these can be more costly on your part. For such reason, it would be more practical to find a bra with cups and straps that can accommodate changes in uneven breast sizes.

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Having uneven breast sizes is normal, and they usually don’t pose any risks. They can be a slight annoyance, especially when you can’t achieve the ideal cleavage for your outfits. You can solve your breast size problems and plan your wardrobe effortlessly with these bra options.


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