Best Bra for Teardrop Shape Breasts [2024 Review]

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Can’t achieve the silhouette you want because of teardrop-shaped breasts? Various breast shapes need different types of support and coverage, and that’s the case if your bust has a fuller bottom yet narrower top. Ditch your old bras as I help you find the best bra for teardrop shape.

My Top Bra for Teardrop Shaped Boobs Reviews

After considering several features and comparing different styles, I found the Wacoal Women’s Red Carpet Full-Busted Bra as the best bra for women with teardrop-shaped breasts. Its stretch foam cups, smoothening sides, and cushioned band provide more volume at the top without dragging the bottom.

Teardrop breasts are common among women, so you can usually choose any bra style. However, this list trims down your options to ensure you only wear a comfortable yet flattering bra.

Best Bra for Teardrop Shape Overall: Wacoal Women’s Red Carpet Full-Busted Bra

While teardrop breasts are normal bust shapes, they have a fuller bottom with a narrower top. The cups, band, and straps of the Wacoal Women’s Red Carpet Full-Busted Bra can give you a fuller top while providing additional support to hoist the bottom part.

Similar to the Leonisa Contouring Bra, this bra uses convertible straps to make it versatile to wear under different styles of clothes. You can wear it in six ways, including cross-back and haltered. Even when you wear it strapless for shoulder-baring tops, the band will add an extra push for the breasts to ensure there are no gaps.

Since it uses 91% nylon, the bra has stretchier material than the other bras. The seamless fabric gives the bra a stretch-foam cup to enhance the fullness of the bust for a more desirable look.

Additionally, there are strips of silicone along the bottom of the band to keep the bra in the correct position. Although, this may feel a bit snug to some ladies.


  • Molded and lightly padded cups provide the right amount of perkiness, even if you have large, sagging breasts.
  • The lining and band beautifully contour the bust without risking side spillage.


  • The silicone strips on the band may feel a bit snug at first.
  • Doesn’t offer A cup size.

Best Balconette Bra for Teardrop Shape: Panache Women’s Envy Balconette Bra

If you notice more fullness below your nipples and slightly less above them, the Panache Women’s Envy Balconette Bra can balance the weight to give you a fuller bust. The balconette cups won’t gape despite having top-shallow breasts; it will only mold your bust to improve support and shape.

The Panache Envy Balconette Bra doesn’t use paddings, unlike the other bras. Instead, it has four-section balconette cups with two sections on the bottom to lift the bust and bring the breasts inward. This is also ideal if you want to avoid full-coverage cups from digging into your skin.

However, this is the only bra on this list that doesn’t use multiway straps. While you may not be able to wear this on strapless dresses, the bra provides enough cleavage for low-cut tops. 

Besides that, it offers more cup sizes than the other bras on this list. The wide and elastic underband can accommodate the bust to ensure all-day comfort, whether you’re petite or plus size.


  • It uses sectioned cups to even out the breast shape without too much padding.
  • The standard strap style is suitable for women with broad shoulders.


  • Noticeable seams may add bulge underneath tight-fitting clothes.
  • The sheer lace material in the cups feels a bit stiff.

Best Push-Up Bra for Teardrop Shape: Leonisa Strapless Contouring Bra

If you need to add volume and subtle lift, the contouring cups of the Leonisa Strapless Contouring Full Coverage Bra can make your teardrop-shaped breasts look rounder at the top. This style evens out the breast tissue distribution to eliminate cup gaping while improving bust shape.

The contour cups with thin foam padding give shaping and size enhancement without making the bra too bulky. It features a longline design, resulting in a broader band than the other bras.

Like the Wacoal Full-Busted Bra, the Leonisa Contouring Bra includes silicone anti-slip lining in the band and side boning to improve grip when worn without straps. While you may find yourself with limited cup sizes, the four-level adjustable hook-and-eye closure modifies the fit and lift.

The soft fabric blend of polyamide and elastane makes the bra stretchable and breathable. What’s more, the multiway straps let you wear it in the traditional way, criss-cross, or strapless. Regardless of the strap design, the material envelopes the breasts comfortably and ensures the bottom part won’t make the bust feel heavy.


  • Longline bustier style to contour the bust and waistline.
  • Wide and elastic band help lift bottom-heavy, teardrop-shaped breasts.


  • It only has four cup sizes available.
  • A bit fiddly to put on since it has several hooks.

Features to Consider for Teardrop Shape Bras

It’s not enough to know your breast type when choosing a bra. Whether your teardrop shaped breasts are natural or come from implants, having ample support in your bra is essential.

Graphic image of a blue bra that describes how bras for teardrop shaped breasts have three quarter coverage cups and underwire design

To ensure the perfect fit, you also need to consider aspects such as the bra style, underwire, straps, band, and fabric.

Comparing Bras for Teardrop Shape Breasts Features

Bra Support Padding Straps
Wacoal Red Carpet Stretch foam full-coverage cupsLightConvertible
Panache Envy Four-section balconette cupsNoneTraditional
Leonisa Contouring Demi-shaped contour cupsFullMultiway

Bra Style

If you feel like your teardrop shape boobs aren’t resting comfortably in the bra, you’re likely wearing the wrong kind of bra. While this breast shape is pretty common, some cup styles still offer better support and contouring.

  • Full Coverage: Like the Wacoal Women’s Red Carpet Full-Busted Bra, a full coverage bra helps cover the whole breast tissue, giving a supportive lift for bottom-heavy breasts. This is ideal if you want modest coverage for your large breasts.
  • Balconette: A balconette bra provides subtle coverage an inch above the nipple line while giving a push-up effect without paddings. This is why the Panache Women’s Envy Balconette Bra is ideal if you want a natural lift to small or large breasts without the unnecessary bulk.
  • Push-up: If you want to put an extra volume on your breasts, a push-up bra like the Leonisa Strapless Contouring Bra is a great option. This style pushes teardrop breasts to the center while boosting the cleavage.
A black full-coverage bra with an underwire and lace floral design


The band does most of the lifting. You need a wide band to push the breasts up and keep them from dropping too low. It’s vital that the band doesn’t feel too tight, especially since teardrop breasts are fuller on the bottom.

The Leonisa Contouring Bra has the broadest band because of its longline design. Meanwhile, the Wacoal and Panache bras incorporate elastic underbands to accommodate larger breast sizes.


All of the bras I reviewed include underwire since you need better shaping. The wired structure ensures the band stays in place and the cups won’t weigh down the bra straps.


Straps assist in lifting and positioning the cups, ensuring your breasts and nipples are pointing in the right direction. The best bra for teardrop shape should have straps that anchor the cups to prevent gaping. This guarantees you’ll get a molded lift even if your breasts have shallow tops.

The Wacoal Red Carpet and Leonisa Contouring bras offer convertible straps. This lets you transform them into strapless bras for shoulder-baring clothes or criss-cross bras for tricky tops.

While the Panache Envy Balconette Bra has a standard design, you can still modify the strap length to improve fit and hold.


The Wacoal Full-Busted Bra mainly consists of nylon, making it more durable than the others because of its synthetic component. Despite its durability, the addition of spandex makes the bra lightweight yet molded to prevent the boobs from sagging.

The Panache and Leonisa bras combine polyamide and elastane, giving them a soft feel on the skin. They are also incredibly flexible, allowing the bras to accommodate breast weight changes while recovering their original form. This factor can be beneficial if you’re in between sizes or experiencing weight fluctuations.

A close-up of a black balconette lace bra with an underwire worn by a woman

Related Questions

Why Do Women Have Teardrop Breasts?

Women have teardrop breasts since breast tissues and fats tend to hang low at the bottom of the breasts. Consequently, the bust would have a shallower top. Breast augmentation can also put implants shaped like teardrops to have a fuller bottom.

How Do I Stop My Boobs From Spilling?

Measure your bust and choose the right cup size to avoid your boobs from spilling. You can do sister sizing and go up a size cup. However, you must consider gaps at the top of the cups, especially if you have teardrop-shaped breasts.

How Can I Adjust the Bra’s Fit?

You can change the strap style, use bra extenders, or put on breast tapes to adjust the bra fit. Changing the strap style or using tape can help lift the breasts. Meanwhile, bra extenders are suitable if you want to adjust the band’s fit.

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Don’t let a teardrop-shaped bust prevent you from wearing a comfortable yet beautiful bra. You can rock any outfit confidently and in style with these bra options. Take time to compare features until you find the right one with proper fitting and support.


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