3 Best Bras To Wear With Tank Tops [2024 Review]

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There are times when you must hide the bra under tops, while there are also clothing styles that look good with a visible bra. For such reasons, I’m going to help you choose the best bra for tank tops, including the right kind to wear for different situations.

My Top Bra for Tank Tops Reviews

Considering style, design, contouring, comfort, and support, the SPANX Women’s Up for Anything Strapless Bra is the best bra for tank tops. Since there are other types of tank tops, scroll through to find the best match for your outfits.

SPANX Women’s Up for Anything Strapless Bra

Whether it’s a tight or loose-fitting tank top, the SPANX Women’s Up for Anything Bra keeps the breasts lifted, even without straps. While it’s a strapless bra, it also comes with convertible straps should you need extra support, and of course, for layering it with the tank top’s straps.

SPANX is famous for creating pillowy soft bras with wider-than-average bands that provide a natural lift. Besides that, it has unique memory foam cups that mold the body for a more personalized fit and natural shape. Tank tops are stylish pieces of clothing that go well with a variety of bottoms.

When worn without a bra, you risk flashing your breasts or protruding nipples. The elastane-nylon mix ensures the bra remains stretchable as you move while also managing to stay firmly against your chest.

The SPANX Up for Anything Bra also includes a SmartGrip technology that helps the elastic band smooth out in the back, which is perfect if you love wearing low-back tank tops. 


  • Memory foam cups for a natural contour
  • Wideband for removing creases and bulges
  • Includes convertible straps


Natori Women’s Hidden Glamour Bra

The great thing about t-shirt bras is that they have versatile designs and constructions that go well with different kinds of clothes. Among them is the Natori Women’s Hidden Glamour Bra, which uses scalloped contoured cups to create a natural silhouette of your bosom under tank tops.

Unlike the SPANX Bra that has semi-coverage, the Natori Glamour Bra uses full-coverage cups to lift the breast, removing sideboobs or bulges peeking through a tank top’s armhole. A wide flat lace frames the neckline, which makes the texture slightly visible through some tops.

If you choose vibrant colors for the bra, you can wear them as a layer under sheer or lace tank tops. Meanwhile, the band is low enough if you want to show off the backside or you want to pair a tank top with a back necklace.

Although a little flimsy, the thin straps blend well with the straps of tank tops, especially if you choose complementary colors.


  • Full-fit foam cups for a natural lift
  • Lace neckline design
  • Unlined yet stretchable


  • Straps feel a bit flimsy
  • Not ideal for those who need a push-up support

Cosabella Women’s Never Say Never Bralette

A bralette is one of the best layering undergarments. Even with spaghetti straps or a racerback style, the Cosabella Women’s Never Say Never Bralette won’t clash against your tank tops.

Despite having a fully floral lace design, the scalloped edge ensures that the bralette lies gently on the skin to avoid irritation and chafing. Aside from the broad, adjustable straps, it has an elastic band for an enhanced fit, making sure that despite having a soft material, you won’t accidentally show your breast as you bend or lift the arms.

Even if you have large breasts and a small ribcage, the Cosabella Bralette comes in large sizes that can support the bosom. Since it has a pullover style, the lack of clasp closure makes the bralette easier to wear. With that said, this bralette and tank top combo can be your go-to outfit for a quick beach trip.


  • Full lace design
  • Knitted yet molded bralette
  • Convenient pullover style


  • Soft lace band
  • Tends to smash the breasts together

Mirity Women Racerback Sports Bra

If you are looking for moisture-wicking brassiere to wear with tank tops, you can’t go wrong with the Mirity Women Racerback sports bra. 

The brassiere is designed with 92% nylon and 8% spandex moisture-wicking fabric, providing you with a cooling sensation even when doing high-impact gym sessions. 

Like the Cosabella Women’s Never Say Never Bralette, this brassiere features a pullover style that enhances ease of wear. Additionally, the built-in bra cups help to prevent your breast nipple from protruding over your tank top. 

Unlike the Natori Women’s Hidden Glamour Bra, this brassiere comes with wide shoulder straps and ventilation panels, making it super breathable and ideal for putting on under your tank top with summer dresses. 

However, it is unsuitable for women with larger breasts as the breasts may spill through the sides or top if you bend or engage in rigorous activities.


  • The moisture-wicking nylon and spandex fabric used to design this brassiere makes it comfortable during the hot summer
  • The brassiere features a pullover style without metallic parts, which enhances ease when wearing and taking off 


  • The breasts tend to bounce or spill during rigorous exercises
  • The brassiere tends to stick and become challenging to remove when you are hot and sweaty

Calvin Klein Women’s Bra

The Calvin Klein women’s bra is a high-quality brassiere made of 28% elastane and 72% nylon. These materials enhance flexibility, breathability, and durability, making the brassiere great for day-to-day wear. 

Like the Spanx Women’s Up for Anything Strapless Bra, this brassiere comes with unique memory foam cups that mold to the shape of your breasts, creating a perfect fit even during high-impact yoga exercises. 

Unlike the Mirity Women Racerback sports bra, the brassiere features a push-up style with added padding allowing you to show off your cleavage when putting on low-neck tops. 

However, the cups may start to curl after a few hand washes, which might result in visible bra straps through your tank tops.


  • The push-up style allows you to show off your cleavage when putting on low V-neckline tank tops
  • The super soft fabric of nylon and elastane makes the brassiere lightweight and soothing to the touch, making it ideal for putting on for prolonged periods 


  • The brassiere cups tend to curl after a few handwashes, making the brassiere lines visible over your tank top
  • The underwire connected to the cup may pop out after a few wears and might dig into your skin and make you feel uncomfortable

Maidenform Women’s Racerback Bra

The Maidenform Women’s Racerback bra is a high-quality brassiere designed with buttery, soft and moisture-wicking polypropylene fabric, allowing you to remain cool and comfortable when putting it on under summer tank tops. 

Unlike the Calvin Klein women’s bra, this brassiere features racerback design clips that help keep your straps in place, providing you with a great lift without the shoulder straps slipping off your shoulders. 

Unlike the Natori Women’s Hidden Glamour Bra, this brassiere features a racerback style that gently sits on your skin without digging or leaving marks on your back. 

The racerback style is also great when putting on racerback tank tops, as the tank top straps can help to hide the brassiere straps. However, the clips are plastic and might not be reliable enough for women with larger busts.


  • The clips help keep the straps in place, making you comfortable during workouts as the straps can’t slip off the shoulders and affect your movements 
  • The racerback design makes it ideal for hiding brassiere straps, especially when putting on racerback tank tops


  • The plastic brassiere clips are not strong enough to offer support to women with larger busts
  • It can be challenging to fasten the clips, especially if you are a beginner

Geyoga Neck Bralettes Wireless Bra

The Geyoga Neck Bralettes Wireless bra is one of the best bras that come as a package of four pieces of varying colors, enhancing versatility when you want to match with tops of varying colors. 

Unlike the Natori Women’s Hidden Glamour Bra, this brassiere features removable padded cups, making it ideal for activities that might require more relaxed busts, such as lounging. 

The brassiere is designed with breathable and moisture-wicking polyester and spandex fabric, allowing you to remain cool when wearing it under turtleneck tank taps. 

Like Cosabella Women’s Never Say Never Bralette, the brassiere features adjustable straps and a soft elastic band, providing you with a good fit even if you lose weight. However, the fabric around the latches is pokey and itchy and might leave you with irritating marks.


  • The seamless and wireless design provides gentle support without exerting pressure on your breasts
  • The removable cups give you a sense of relaxation, making them ideal for putting on at night or casually at home


  • The fabric around the latches is itchy and might cause irritating marks on your back
  • The cups are joined together, making it challenging to adjust each cup individually after reattaching them to the brassiere

Boao 3 Pieces Women’s Floral Lace Bra

If you are looking for a brassiere that can make you feel feminine and beautiful about your shape, you can’t go wrong with the Boao 3 Pieces Women’s Floral Lace bra. 

This bra features a lace design, making you flatter without the bra digging into your skin. Like the SPANX Women’s Up for Anything Strapless Bra, this bra features tiny rope loops that allow you to install shoulder straps, providing you with extra lift and support. 

Like the Geyoga neck bralette wireless bra, the elastic band makes the bra remain in contact with the body, preventing chances of accidentally showing your breast as you lift the arms or bend. 

However, the brassiere is transparent, making it unsuitable for use as a cleavage cover for low V-neck tank tops.


  • The lace design does not dig into your skin, making the bra comfortable even when worn for an extended period
  • The elastic band and adjustable straps allow the bra to fit and conform to your body movements, preventing breast side or top spillage


  • The brassiere is transparent and unsuitable for use as a cleavage cover under low V-neckline tank tops
  • The brasserie can’t be machine-washed, making it unsuitable for expectant and nursing mothers that might have problems handwashing clothes

What to Wear With Tank Tops

Although it’s technically possible to wear any brassiere with a tank top, the design of the tops makes them go well with some brassiere designs. The following are some brassiere designs that can blend with tank tops for a seamless look. 

  • Longline bras: longline bras have a deeper band that tends to extend down your torso. These bras can give you a slimmer appearance when worn with tank tops.
  • Multiple strap bras: Usually, these bras have two detachable straps that give you flexibility on the wearing options depending on the design of the tank top
  • Cropped bras: These are bras with a sized band without a noted cup size. Usually, these bras run halfway down, giving you medium coverage. 
  • Criss-cross or racerback bras: As the name suggests, criss-cross bras come with two shoulder straps that cross in an X-shape at the back. These bras are great for wearing racerback tank tops, as the tank top straps can hide the bra straps.
  • Strapless bras: Strapless bras are designed with an adhesive silicone lining that sticks to your breasts, holding them in place. Usually, these bras can go with a wide range of halter tops as there are no worries about straps showing. 

Features to Consider in a Bra for Tank Tops

Although bras fit differently in every woman’s unique body, these are the qualities you should check when looking for the right bra for your tank tops. It’s worth keeping in mind that an alternate option is to buy a tank top with a built-in bra.

Graphic image that has a drawing of a nude colored strapless bra with a supportive band that informs what bras are best for tank tops

Comparing Bras for Tank Tops Features

Bra Style Band Closure
SPANX Up for Anything Strapless WiredHook-and-eye at the back
Natori Hidden Glamour Full coverage WiredHook-and-eye at the back
Cosabella Say Never Bralette WirelessPullover style

Comfortable Cups and Band

Keep in mind that you may be wearing the bra for a long time, so be sure that the feel against the skin won’t make you feel too sweaty or irritated, particularly when paired with tight-fitting tank tops. The comfort largely depends on how well the cups and band rest against your body.

Choose a bra with cups that can give you just the right amount of lift without straining your chest. Aside from that, the band should support the cups and prevent your breasts from spilling out. Likewise, it should be wide yet elastic enough to smoothen lumps on your back and sides.

Supportive Straps, Closure, and Underwire

Tank tops are usually sleeveless. Some have big armholes, plunging necklines, or open-back designs. Wearing such designs means you also risk revealing your breasts.

Even if you want to show off the color or style of your bra, it should still provide support to ensure that the cups stay firmly placed against your breast. Such support comes from straps, closure, and underwire.

Woman wearing a nude colored strapless bra


The style is also an important factor as this may affect how well it would look when partnered with a tank top.

  • Push-Up: Some tank tops can make the chest look flatter. Like the SPANX Bra, the good thing about a push-up bra is that it uses soft yet molded cups to push the breasts upwards and closer together. If you’re wearing plunge tank tops, a push-up bra can visibly increase breast volume.
  • Strapless: If you want your shoulders to take a break from the weight of carrying a bra, consider wearing a strapless one like the SPANX Bra. This is also ideal if you’re wearing a strappy tank top and you want to lessen the number of visible straps.
  • Bralette: For ladies who love wearing tank tops with low-cut armholes, you can try exposing a gorgeous bra below the armpit, much like the Cosabella Bralette. This is also applicable if the tank top is backless or has a deep V in the front and back.
  • Full-Coverage: For extra wide tank tops, another option is to wear a full-coverage bra like the Natori Glamour Bra to ensure you remain well-covered while still showing off a nice style.
Pink strapless bra and pink shorts are worn by a woman reading a book near a window

Color, Print, and Texture

Wearing tank tops is a great opportunity to bring out your beautifully designed bras. Printed and textured bras can transform an otherwise plain tank top into a one-of-a-kind look! You wouldn’t have to worry about bumping into someone else who might be wearing the same top style.

If you prefer a virtually invisible bra underneath tank tops, then go for nude colors or smooth cups like the SPANX Bra. On the other hand, the Natori Glamour Bra and Cosabella Bralette are excellent options if you want the design and straps to blend with tank tops.

Related Questions

How Do You Hide Bra Straps Under a Tank Top?

You can wear a strapless bra like the SPANX Up For Anything Bra under tank tops. Another option is to use a bra strap holder to reconfigure the position of the straps.

What Do You Wear Under a Tank Top?

You can wear a strapless bra or bralette under a tank top. Depending on the outfit, you can either hide the straps or show them off as an accent.

Are Tank Tops With Built-In Bras Better?

A tank top with a built-in bra is better if you don’t want to think too much about the bra style. Meanwhile, it’s ideal to use a different bra if you require a special kind of lift, coverage, or support.

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Whether you want the bra to stick out of your tank or conceal it under your clothes, the right bra from this list will keep you fashionable and comfortable all the time.


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