Best Bra for Sloping Shoulders – Straps that DON’T Fall Down! [2024 Review]

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Some ladies have sloped or narrower shoulders due to medical conditions, poor posture, or excess weight, making it difficult to keep a bra in place. This is why I’m helping you pick the best bra for sloping shoulders, to help align your bra and prevent the bra straps from falling off narrow shoulders.

My Best Bra for Sloping Shoulders

After vetting several of the best bra, I’m giving the Elomi Women’s Matilda Plunge Bra my seal of approval as the best bra for sloping shoulders because of its close-set tight straps, smooth molded cups, and supportive back. However, I also have the best bra for low-set or narrow shoulders that would suit several preferences and needs.

Best Bra for Straps that Don’t Fall Down: Elomi Women’s Matilda

Sloping shoulders might make bra adjustable shoulder straps slip off even if the band and full coverage cups fit you perfectly. The beauty of the Elomi Matilda Plunge Underwire Bra is that it uses adjustable straps, full coverage cups, movable fastening, and a supportive wing to ensure the band keeps the adjustable straps in place. 

Adjustment is a key factor in choosing the best bras when you have sloping shoulders. The good thing is that this unlined bra for narrow shoulders features close-set straps that you can also transform into racerback bras using a connector.

However, consider going a cup size bigger since racerback bras might pull the full coverage cups tighter against the chest. If you prefer thick straps or wider straps, you can stick with your usual cup size. 

This is a better-fitting and comfortable bra for narrow or sloping shoulders because a movable J-hook fastening and back-sweep construction help in the effortless adjustment to racerback bras. Meanwhile, a Powernet wing reinforces the adjustable straps, ensuring the comfortable bra does not ride up the back.

With the plunge style, you get to enjoy a full-figured bra for narrow or sloping shoulders that won’t cause double boobs even if the center gore sits lower than usual.

Having a 3-part cup, the Elomi Matilda Bra focuses most of its support on the side panels and the stretchable mesh materials at the top to prevent the breasts from spilling out. As a result, ladies with saggy breasts get a forward shape even without padding.


  • Suits well on ladies with barrel or top-heavy chests
  • Racerback and close-set straps for narrow or sloping shoulders
  • Three-section lightly padded cup with elastic side panels for good uplift and separation


  • The J-hook is a bit tricky to hook and undo
  • No lining

Panache Women’s Wire-Free Sports Support Bra

One of the problems of having sloping shoulders is that they impact your physique and make the breasts saggy. If you prefer firmer support and more convertible straps, the Panache Women’s Non-Wired Sports Bra provides maximum support, stability, and comfort for women of all cup sizes.

The ideal strap position for bras for sloping shoulders should be away from the shoulder edge and the edge of the collarbones. Although this wire-free bra uses cushioned straps instead of elastic ones, it makes up for having more ways to convert the bra straps until you find the perfect fit.

As opposed to the wired Elomi, this wireless bra that doesn’t slide off narrower shoulders is better for women who are sensitive to metal. Instead of metal, it uses plastic for the strap holder and adjusters as a convertible bra into a cross-back or racerback style.

In effect, you can transform the Panache Sports Bra depending on the intensity of your activity. This is ideal for straps slipping that tend to fall off while working out or doing yoga. Meanwhile, the full coverage cups reduce bounce without squeezing the breasts out of the bra.

While most sports bras tend to compress the breasts, the full coverage cups in this plus-size bra for sloped shoulders does more encapsulation, making it fit like a regular bra and preventing slipping straps. Even if you have softer breast tissue, you still get enough support, lift, and contouring from all sides.

Besides, the ventilating side mesh panels and flat seams help the band distribute the tension.


  • Adjustable straps that can shift into a cross-back and racerback style
  • The full coverage cups encapsulate the breasts instead of compressing
  • Wire-free bra – ideal for those sensitive to metal and wires


  • Back-closure hooks tend to come out easily
  • Cushioned adjustable broad straps instead of elastic ones

Wacoal Women’s Soft Embrace Front-Close Bra

It feels awkward in public when you constantly have to slide your hands through the neckline of your clothes to adjust straps. Despite being affordable, the Wacoal Soft Embrace Front-Close Bra uses a smooth-back style to ensure there’s no opening for the straps to fall off your sloping shoulders.

Even with camisole straps, the use of a front hook-and-bar closure keeps the wide straps closer in this seamless bra together at the back. In effect, the straps gather inwards and closer to the neckline, preventing the straps from slipping off the sloping shoulders.

Although not as stretchy as Elomi and Panache, this support bra’s straps can transform into a racerback style. Besides, the pretty lace details look charming for your everyday wear or off-shoulder clothes.

With a low-center front, the band of comfortable bras for sloping shoulders can pull the wide straps better even as you bend or raise your arms. If you have a large bosom, the center gore and front-closure style also encourage breast separation.

Aside from that, the Wacoal Soft Embrace Contour bra Bra contains unlined cups for a supportive and better fit. Regardless of your cup size, there’s a two-ply breathable fabric that feels like cotton for extra support.

However, this wired bra for down-sloping shoulders seems to have a thin material despite having an extra layer, so keep this in mind when choosing your clothes. In addition, the cups run small, so consider going a bra size up.


  • Camisole yet adjustable straps for lifting and support
  • Front-open closure to support the straps 
  • Cottony soft cups for a gentle lift


  • Has soft cups yet they’re not padded cups
  • Underwire tends to dig into the skin

Wacoal Women’s How Perfect Soft Cup Bra

Isn’t it annoying when bra straps fall off sloping shoulders and then decide to go all the way to the arms? It’s equally frustrating when the straps bundle under the sleeves of your shirt. With the Wacoal Women’s How Perfect Bra, sloping shoulders remain comfortable without sacrificing your style.

Aside from having the traditional strap position, you can convert the bra straps to have a smooth leotard back. While it does have a narrower band than the other bras for sloping shoulders, the hook-and-eye closure holds the band well to ensure the straps remain in place.

Moreover, convertible bras like this have minimal elasticity like the Wacoal Soft Embrace, as it uses soft brushed breathable fabric for the front straps. Although the back straps are more elastic, enabling you to adjust them.

Being a t-shirt bra, this bra for down-sloping shoulders has a clean tailored finish, especially at the neckline and underarms. While it lacks an underwire, the light boning at the side seams does help in holding the bra. As a result, the t-shirt bra has a snug fit and won’t stretch out anytime soon. 

If you have asymmetrical or shallow breasts, convertible bras such as the Wacoal How Perfect Convertible Bra cups keep the breasts from bubbling over, preventing you from volumizing the cleavage that looks too tight on shirts.


  • Can transform from traditional to leotard back style
  • Ideal for ladies who don’t need much lifting
  • Soft cushioned cups
  • Soft and breathable fabric


  • Plastic boning on the side of the cups
  • The lining is a bit thin

Features to Consider in a Bra for Sloping Shoulders

Muscle imbalance or poor posture habits can cause sloping shoulders, which may sometimes affect a bra’s functionality. Nevertheless, there are some aspects you need to consider to find the best bra for sloping shoulders to prevent strap spillage.

It has supportive and close set straps, has a well fitting cups, and a supportive band are the things you look for in bras for sloping shoulders

Comparing the Best Bras for Sloping Shoulders Features

Bra Style Straps Front Closure?
Elomi Matilda PlungeClose-set, adjustableNo
Panache Women’s SportsCriss-crossNo
Wacoal Soft Embrace RacerbackConvertible, adjustableYes
Wacoal How Perfect T-shirtAdjustableNo

Firm Straps

In general, the straps of the best bras for sloping shoulders should not be at the endpoints of the collarbone. Otherwise, they would easily slip off your sloping shoulders as you stretch or bend. The straps’ position would also impact your overall comfort, as straps can poke, rub, or pinch the skin.

There are various types of straps, and knowing their differences can help you pick the best bras for sloping shoulders.

  • Close-Set Straps: As the name suggests, close-set straps rest closer and away from the shoulder edge and the edge of your collarbones. As evident in the Elomi Matilda Bra, this style reduces tension off sloping shoulders while still supporting your breasts and back.
  • Adjustable Straps: Another way to get the perfect fit is to use adjustable straps. In this way, you can modify the length and tightness against sloping shoulders. As you can see in the Wacoal How Perfect Bra, you can easily adjust the straps as long as you get the correct band and cup sizes.
  • Convertible Straps: Like in the Wacoal Soft Embrace Bra, this type enables you to wear a bra underneath in different ways, letting you experiment with various styles until you find what works best for your shoulders. The important thing is the position of the straps won’t sacrifice support for sloping shoulders.
  • Criss-cross Straps: Similar to the Panache Sports Bra, some bras for sloping shoulders have fixed criss-cross straps, which have a pattern of lines that cross or intersect, removing an opening for the straps to fall.
  • T-Back Straps: This style contains narrow straps that run down the spine. For ladies with sloping shoulders, it’s ideal that the straps rest firmly on the center of the back, which is also common in racerback bras.

While it’s better to opt for close-set or T-back straps, you can choose bras for sloping shoulders with straps with a distance between them as long as they’re not non adjustable. If you avoid bras without these features, you can still move, bend, or stretch without all the straps falling off the shoulders.

A woman wearing a green lined underwired bra with a lace design is leaning on a white wall

Supportive Back and Band

The band secures the straps for ultimate comfort, minimizing tensions in the back and shoulders. A firm and supportive band pulls the straps together so that they won’t fall off the shoulders as you lift, bend, or stretch.

The band of bras for sloping shoulders should lay flat against the sternum while allowing a two-finger space under the elastic. However, the wide straps on the U-shape in the back, the looser the straps become.

Additionally, if the band keeps riding up, it may mean you’re wearing the wrong bra size. For a front-closure bra, like the Wacoal Women’s Racerback Bra, there’s no hook-and-eye closure at the back.

Meanwhile, when the straps don’t do much help, the band would do most of the lifting, so it’s essential to get a broad and well-fitting band to distribute the pressure.

Comfortable Yet Well-Fitting Cups

Keep in mind that the breasts consist of tissues and fat. If you don’t provide the necessary support for your bosom, the weight may pull downward and cause strain on the neck and shoulders.

  • While keeping the measuring tape parallel to the ground, measure the fullest part of your bust. After that, measure the band size, which is the area from the ribcage to your back.
  • Subtract the band size from the bust size. The difference should denote your cup size. For example, 0 = AA, 1 = A, 2 = B, 3 = C, and so on.
  • If you have sagging breasts, you may lose muscles at the top part, causing more spaces in the cups that can loosen the shoulder straps. In the cased of sagging breasts, you may opt for small cup sizes.
  • You may be using too large cups if you see side bulges or spillage.
  • Try a larger cup size if the wires are digging. The same idea applies when the band or underwire veers away from the body at the center front.
  • The gore, which is the centerpiece of the bra, helps prevent strap slippage and keeps the band positioned against the sternum. A well-structured gore holds the band, which then holds the shoulder straps.
Woman sitting in a couch while wearing a white bra and black pants

Bra Style

Choosing the style can influence a bra’s straps, cups, and bands. Hence, you must know the various types of bras for sloping shoulders.

  • Plunge: These bras for sloping shoulders feature demi-cups or half-coverage contoured cups, creating a plunging neckline. A great plunge bra is ideal for sloping shoulders because its straps are usually set closer to each other, limiting the distance. Like the Elomi Matilda Bra, this is suitable whether you have small or large breasts.
  • Racerback: This bra style has tank top-like backs, making them suitable for pairing with clothes that have a similar back style. These bras for sloping shoulders are a great option for women with sloping shoulders because the straps feel light on the back, leaving no space for straps to slip off from the shoulders.
  • Sports: Like the Panache Bra, a sports bra for down-sloping shoulders supports the breasts to minimize bounce while preventing strap slippage. By keeping a firm press to hold the bust, the cups stay in place and do not strain the straps.
  • Leotard Back: The best bras for sloping shoulders focus on the back band than the front. As seen in the Wacoal How Perfect Bra, it has simple U-shape curvature for the straps to connect with the back band and prevent strap slippage. This is an excellent alternative for women with sloping shoulders who don’t want to wear sports bras or push-up bras.
  • Front-Closure: This type of bra for sloping shoulders has clasps in front, at the center gore between the cups, instead of the traditional hook-and-eye closure in the back. Like in the Wacoal Soft Embrace Bra, this construction results in a smoother back band to stop bra straps slipping.
  • Strapless: You can also choose strapless bras for sloping shoulders if you’re uncomfortable with straps, strap slippage, or the straps can ruin your outfit. However, make sure that it has supportive and firm cups to prevent strap slippage as you move.

Related Questions

Why Do My Bra Straps Keep Slipping Off My Sloping Shoulders?

Because of your hunched shoulders, loose straps and gaping cups can easily cause the straps to fall from your shoulders. It’s also possible that you haven’t adjusted the strap length properly.

How Do I Stop Bra Straps From Slipping Off Sloped Shoulders?

The best way to stop bra straps from slipping off your sloping shoulders is to wear a well-fitting bra. Another way is to use a bra clip to hold the straps closer together.

Where Should Bra Straps Sit on the Shoulders?

The bra straps should sit no higher than the bottom of the shoulder blades. It should be snug yet not too tight that the straps leave marks on the skin.

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Having sloping shoulders can make it hard to keep the best bras in place. However, finding the best bra for sloping shoulders doesn’t have to be time-consuming. As long as you remember my tips and options, you can invest in the best bra that would suit you much better.


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