Best Bra for Side Spillage [2024 Review]

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Isn’t it annoying when you have to readjust your breasts to stop bra spillage? To save you from this embarrassing moment, especially when you’re outdoors, I’ll help you pick the best bra for spillage and side support so you can go on with the day without worrying about bulges.

My Top Bra for Side Support Reviews

After trying out several bras, the Chantelle Women’s Revel Moi Bra gets my vote as the top bra for spillage because of its wide, smoother appearance, and band that does proper bra alignment to remove bulges. I also have more side support bras for containing side spills that cater to other needs.

Chantelle Women’s Revele Moi Bra

Side bulges can be unsightly, especially when you’re wearing sleeveless clothes. With the side support cups and sideband of the Chantelle Women’s Revel Moi Bra, you can prevent your breasts from spilling sideways and make your outfits look more flawless.

If you have large breasts or sagging skin, the underwire and side support in one such bra provide a snug fit and side support between your breastbone and the bra cups. You can rely on the side panels to push the breast tissues towards the center to avoid spillage.

This is my top bra for spillage because it mainly consists of polyamide, which is a tough yet abrasion-resistant material. It enables the bra to maintain form even if you get sweaty. Likewise, this ensures the bra doesn’t wear out quickly after several washing cycles.


  • Cup seams create a slimming effect
  • Ideal for sagging breasts or skin
  • Excellent side support, elasticity and recovery
  • Cups mold naturally without restraining the bust


  • Straps are narrower than the others 
  • Lacks padding

Elomi Women’s Plus-Size Energise Underwire Sport Bra

Whether you’re doing chores or working out, the constant movement of your upper body and arms can make bras misalign, causing spillage. That won’t be the case when you use the Elomi Women’s Energize Sports Bra, which has a non-compression design for bust side support, separation, and shaping.

Since it has adjustable straps, you can lengthen them or convert the bra to a racerback, depending on what you think would fit you better to avoid the formation of side bulges. Due to the cushion on the underwire, the side support bra helps you prevent jiggling as you move, preventing your breasts from trying to break free.

This is the best convertible strap bra for spillage if you are top-heavy and need extra side support for high-impact activities. Furthermore, the Elomi Energize Sports Bra contains microfiber material that wicks moisture away from the skin.

One such bra also enables the band and straps to stretch as you move so that the side support bra won’t limit your movements even as it smoothes side bulges.


  • Side support helps you have a smoother appearance
  • Cushioned inner band and padded straps for extra comfort on the shoulders
  • Customizable straps for a better fit
  • Microfiber material that’s good for sensitive skin


  • Not ideal for formal clothes
  • Pointy cups

Glamorise Women’s Full Figure MagicLift Embroidered Wirefree Bra 

There are times when less expensive side support bras tend to skimp on some materials, preventing them from fulfilling their purpose. That’s not the case in the Glamorise Women’s Full Figure MagicLift Embroidered Bra, which can keep things smooth underneath your clothes by offering bust definition, side support, and uplift. 

Instead of an underwire, this affordable lift and side support bra contains a wide, foam-cushioned band to lift and define the bust. Adjustable and padded straps provide side support and help in lifting while also saving your shoulders from getting sore.

The crossover style also keeps the band in the center. As a result, the side support bra pulls the breasts together instead of apart. This is also the reason why it can serve as a minimizer bra for ladies with full-figured breasts or extra weight around the torso.

Like the Chantelle Revele Moi Bra, the Glamorise MagicLift Embroidered Bra has full-coverage cups for total coverage, side support, and comfort. However, this wireless bra for flattening spillage is mostly composed of cotton rather than synthetic, which may add volume to your bust.


  • Criss-cross front design for lifting the breasts together
  • Padded adjustable straps for a custom-feeling fit
  • More cotton feel than synthetic
  • Wireless and seamless


  • Not enough stretch
  • Mesh lining tends to wear out easily

Wacoal Women’s Basic Beauty Bra

Are side bulges getting in the way of your arm movements? With the Wacoal Women’s Basic Beauty Bra, you won’t feel any spillage even if you only put your arms on your sides.

Unlike the bones and muscles, the bust doesn’t have supportive components, only fatty tissues, and mammary glands. This is why spillage is a common problem in women with fuller breasts or excessive side tissue.

The good thing is that this side support bra main feature is a Powernet mesh that creates firm side support. Being a bra for underarm fat side support, it works by giving the breasts a round shape and not squeezing them, which would usually cause spillage.

While the Wacoal Basic Beauty contour bra isn’t the sexiest or most visually appealing contour bra, this full-coverage bra for supporting the sides does make up for being stretchable and supportive enough for holding spillage.


  • Light contour bra with smooth padding
  • Mesh side wings for a firmer side support
  • Straps with a snug fit on the shoulders
  • Padded yet lightweight


  • Underwire tends to poke the skin
  • Not ideal for low-cut or V-neck shirts 

Olga Women’s No Effects Underwire Contour Bra

The Olga Women’s No Effects Underwire Contour Bra is a high-quality bra that features an underwire structure providing you with better lift and support that maintains the shape of your breast. The Olga Women’s No Effects Underwire Contour Bra is designed using stretchy spandex and nylon fabric, making it stretchable to fit even after gaining or losing extra weight. 

Like the Elomi Women’s Plus-Size Energise Underwire Sports Bra, the front-adjustable straps in this Olga Women’s No Effects Underwire Contour Bra allow you to adjust the length of the straps, preventing the bra from digging into your shoulder’s skin. 

With built-in side panels, the Olga Women’s No Effects Underwire Contour Bra strengthens the outer edges of the cup, preventing your breast side tissue from spilling out of the sides of the cup at the underarm. 

Like the Vanity Fair Women’s bra and other bras, this bra features full cups, making your breast invisible even when wearing see-through tops or dresses. However, the bra straps are too short, so they suit women with long torsos and broad shoulders.


  • The built-in side panels prevent your breasts from spilling sideways, making it ideal for wearing with sleeveless tops
  • The elastic-free sides and back deliver incredible side support and comfort. 


  • The bra straps are too short, making it unsuitable for women with broad shoulders and long torsos
  • The underwire might break off after some time of use, making your breasts spill out during your workouts

Vanity Fair Women’s Bra

If you are looking for a bra that temporarily reduces the appearance of your bust, you can’t go wrong with the Vanity Fair Women’s bra. 

This bra minimizes your bust line up to around one and a half inches, making it ideal for women with fuller busts and wants their busts to appear smoother and less pronounced. 

Unlike the Olga Bra, this side support bra is designed with a 4-way stretch fabric, lifting your bust while smoothening bulges and bumps along the sides and back, enhancing your appearance even when wearing tight-fitting tops or dresses. 

The side support bra features two-ply cups that create and enhance your cleavage, giving you a perfect silhouette when wearing deep-neck blouses or tops. Like the Wacoal Women’s Basic Beauty Bra, the cups also provide full breast coverage, allowing you to bend comfortably without your breast showing on the sides or top. 

However, the underwire might dig into the skin, making you uncomfortable when wearing it for a prolonged period.


  • The 2-ply cups give your breasts an appealing silhouette, making it ideal for wearing with V-shaped tops
  • Being a minimizer bra, it provides complete coverage without spillage, reducing breast bouncing


  • The underwire digs into the skin, which might make you uncomfortable if wearing it for an extended period.
  • The round hooks that attach the cups are made of plastic and might easily snap, reducing the durability of the bra.

Factors to Consider in a Side Support Bra

The best bra for spillage has cups that create the right shape, a smooth back, and straps that offer sufficient side support without digging into your skin. Regardless of the brand, the following are features that the best bras have in common.

Comparing Side Support Bras Features

Bra Cups Side and Back Panels Structure
Chantelle Revele Moi FullBroad sides and u-shaped backWired
Elomi Energise MoldedBroad sides and u-shaped backWired
Glamorise Plus Size MagicLift FullBroad sides and u-shaped backWireless
Wacoal Basic Beauty FullBroad sides and u-shaped backWired
  • Seaming: These side support bras feature good side support attached to the bra’s cup, helping lift the breast and keep their shape.
  • Wide fabric band and wings: Most women with larger breasts or extra weight around the torso might need bras that have wide fabric bands to provide side support and a secure fit. This ensures the breasts fill the cup and pointing forward.
  • Good material: In order to offer the required side support, the side panels of these bras are not made from stretchy fabrics to help avoid spillage. Bras designed with lighter fabrics often use inner slings or double lining to compensate for the light fabric.
  • Supportive side boning: Side boning is a strip of flex plastic sewn inside a bra giving it a definite structure. Side boning helps add firmness to your side tissue to push your tissues in front, allowing you to maintain a sleeker silhouette.

Supportive Cups

It offers side smoothening wings, has boning structure, and supportive cups, which are the things you look for in bras for side support

These are other points to consider when checking side support cups:

  • Opt for full-coverage cups if you are fuller or rounder in the top part of the breasts.
  • You may need bigger side support cups if wide set breasts spill out on the top or sides.
  • Try a smaller side support cup if you notice some gaping.
  • A molded cup, like in the Chantelle Revele Moi Bra will suit women with this issue, check if your bust size matches the bra’s sizes. Your breasts mustn’t push out of the cups’ top part. Otherwise, you may see noticeable bulges on the top and sides.
  • If there’s room between your breasts and the cups, go a size down or add bra inserts.
  • For ladies with uneven breasts, consider full-coverage bras in large sizes. You can also follow the larger breast’s size, then use inserts to fill the gap on the smaller breast.
  • Avoid demi-cup or balconette bras if you’re top-heavy. However, such styles would work for women that are rounder at the bottom.


Woman wearing a white full coverage bra

Aside from the side support cups, the band plays a role in this aspect. Besides, choosing the proper band can eliminate the possibility of back and side fat and spillage.

  • A bra for underarm and side fat with a too-tight band would compensate by stretching out, causing the cups to expand and the lining to dig into the bust tissues, which would form side bulges.
  • If you still notice some gaping, the bra may have a faulty band.
  • A stretched-out band may likely ride up, which would leave room for spillage.
  • The band shouldn’t press into the skin below the underarms.
  • Choose the right size so that the band won’t dig in, pinching your skin and encouraging spillage.


The straps help a bra for underarm and back fat maintain its correct position on the bust. The straps mustn’t slip off the shoulders. Otherwise, full-coverage bras won’t be able to do its job properly, prompting wide set breasts to sag and spill.

About the size, wearing the wrong cup size can cause the straps to slip away from the shoulders easily. On the other hand, you can consider cushioned straps, like in the Elomi Energize Sports Bra, if your straps usually dig into the skin.

Pink full-coverage bra and denim jeans are worn by a woman standing near a white wall


A bra for lift and side coverage can either be lined or unlined. A lined bra has additional layers of padding or fabric in the cups, whereas an unlined bra doesn’t have any form of padding.

  • Opt for a lined bra if you need help in sculpting your breasts into a nicely bell shape.
  • Lined bras also work great if you want better concealment for the nipples.
  • Choose partially-lined bras for spillage when you want to wear clothes with low necklines. In this way, you get to keep the extra padding for your sides.
  • An unlined bra is ideal if you want a bra to follow the natural shape of wide set breasts.
  • An unlined bra may be good for women who prefer a more lightweight lift.

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The right bras for side support must have full cups and broad panels. The Chantelle Revele Moi Bra is an excellent option because of its panels and side-shaping structure.

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The wrong cup size and an ill-fitting band are the common causes of spillage in bras. However, not choosing the ideal bra style for your breast type can also cause spillover.

How Do I Stop My Side Boob From Spilling?

The best way to stop your side boob from spilling is to wear a bra with shaping panels. It’s also important that the cups provide exceptional side support so the breast tissue stays front and center.

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Side bulges can be frustrating, especially when you have to readjust your bra and outfits constantly. Finding the best bras for spillage should depend on the level of coverage and side support. With the right bra, you can avoid side spillages to make you feel comfortable throughout the day.


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