Best Bra Liners for Sweat [2024 Review]

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Have you ever felt too sweaty to work? Sweating is the body’s natural cooling mechanism and should not make you feel uneasy, anxious, or uncomfortable. Bra liners wick and absorb sweat at the base of the bra, keeping the skin and clothes cool all day. This article discusses the best bra liners for sweat, which come in various designs.

My Top Bra Liners for Sweat Reviews

Sweaty boobs may cause embarrassment, chafing, and underboob rash. Bra liners are cotton sheets placed under the breasts to absorb sweat. These liners are perfect for those with sensitive skin or who don’t want to use powders or lotions. Below is a list of the best bra liners for sweat.

Best Overall Bra Liner for Sweat: Bamboo & Cotton Liner

This Bamboo & Cotton Liner consists of breathable and pure-cotton padding, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Wearing this liner daily enhances comfort across the torso by relieving the bra band and underwire discomfort.

The outer layer of this liner is a blend of soft and silky bamboo and cotton that feels gorgeous against your skin. The inner layer is absorbent and breathable cotton that wicks moisture away from your skin, keeping the region beneath your breasts dry, clean, and free of chafing and pain.

This liner is available in three distinct colors, allowing you to use them beneath almost any bra or item of lingerie. This liner is made from a tagless, soft, and supple bamboo viscose and cotton mix and also features rounded edges for added comfort. 

It also has invisible seams, so you may wear them without drawing attention to yourself. The only drawback about this bra is that it can wrinkle easily, and the fibers can weaken when wet.


  • This liner has a little padding hence making it lighter.
  • It is as comfortable and seamless as the Sweat Wick Liner.


  • When wet, the viscose fibers might become weak.
  • Like the Sweat Wick Liner, which shrinks when washed or when it becomes wet, this one might also shrink when washed.

Best Super Soft Bra Liner for Sweat: Sweat Wick Liner

This Sweat Wick Liner is incredibly comfortable and made of hygienic material. It is made of a bamboo and cotton fiber combination that is extremely soft to the touch. It is significantly softer than cotton or any other type of polyester.

The moisture content of bamboo may be increased by its weight, often due to its capacity to wick and retain the moisture. It has a great reputation for being very soft and absorbing large amounts of moisture without feeling damp. 

The cotton filling in this liner wicks away sweat so you can go about your day feeling comfortable and dry. Do you ever feel upset by clothing’s rough seams and itchy tags? This liner is meant to have no uncomfortable parts protruding. 

This liner is machine washable for easy cleaning and maintenance. To improve your comfort, it is seamless and tagless. The only flaw about this liner is that one must exercise caution while washing this cloth because of its rapid shrinkage.


  • It is made from an eco-friendly material hence biodegradable
  • It is ultra plush and soft to the touch


  • This liner does not have any elasticity, unlike the Moisture Wicking Bra Liner, which is made of stretchy fabric that is channel-knit to give warmth. 
  • The liner is not sustainable, unlike the KimYoung Cotton Liner, which is naturally sustainable.

Best Comfortable Bra Liner for Sweat: Moisture Wicking Liner

This Moisture Wicking Liner eliminates perspiration and gives comfort. This liner offers a soft, absorbent cotton barrier between the bra and the skin. The antibacterial and antifungal characteristics of this liner assist in keeping you fresh and dry. 

This bamboo liner minimizes marks on your clothes and adds a cushion for your bra band for a comfortable fit that eliminates rubbing and discomfort. It likewise consists of three coextensive, cup-shaped layers that are joined together, with each layer having a circular perimeter. Its package contains three machine-washable and reusable liners. 

Also, it is made of a channel-knit, breathable, and stretchy fabric that keeps you warm, unlike the Sweat Wick Liner, which is not stretchy. This liner’s only flaw is that it can shrink in the wash. To avoid this, wash it on a delicate cycle and follow the care instructions on the label.


  • It is very breathable because the bamboo fibers have tiny holes in them.
  • It does not cause any allergic reactions, so it is hypoallergenic.
  • The bamboo fibers in the liner keep you from getting sweaty and help you feel fresh.


  • The fabric of this liner is very easily pilled.
  • Compared to other cotton liners such as KimYoung Cotton Liner and Sweat Wick Liner, the rate of shrinking of this liner is generally high.

Best Cotton Bra Liner for Sweat: KimYoung Cotton Liner

This KimYoung Cotton Liner is a barrier between the bra and your skin, reducing chafing, rashes, and irritation. It has high absorbency and is breathable. It also maintains your bra, which means you don’t have to wash it as often as you used to, increasing its life.

This liner improves comfort by relieving strain on the bra band and underwire. It also has an invisible characteristic. It’s a creamy white color, so unless you wear a thin top, no one will know you’re wearing it. All bras with a front closure will work with this liner, which is sturdy enough to remain in place. 

Even though this bra is made to last, it shrinks in hot water. In addition to being comfortable, this liner is fluorescer-free, so there will be no skin irritation or chafing. This liner is also hypoallergenic in the same context as the Moisture-Wicking Liner. This liner is all-natural and doesn’t contain any chemicals because it is made of cotton. Natural fabrics like cotton let air circulate through and are breathable.


  • Has inward-facing seams for added comfort.
  • This liner is naturally sustainable, unlike Sweat Wick Liner.
  • It is fluorescer-free, so there will be no skin irritation or chafing.


  • It wears out more quickly.
  • Compared to the above liners, this liner absorbs moisture longer. This is because the fabric is made of cotton.

Features to Consider When Selecting the Best Bra Liner for Sweat

Bamboo & Cotton Liner70% Viscose From Bamboo, 30% Cotton S – 14” M – 18” L – 26” XL – 30” XXL – 36”Machine Wash, Do Not Bleach
Sweat Wick LinerRayon viscose cottonS – 14” M – 18” L – 26” XL – 30” XXL – 66”Machine Wash
Moisture Wicking Liner70% Viscose from Bamboo, 30% CottonS – 14” M – 18” L – 26” XL – 30” XXL – 36”Machine wash with no bleach or fabric softener
KimYoung Cotton Liner100% CottonA -Small B- Medium, Large B – C ,Large: D – FMachine Wash


Finding the ideal moisture-wicking liner requires careful consideration of the fabric from which it is designed. The fabric should be moisture-wicking and comfortable. Cotton does a great job of wicking moisture away from the body and drying quickly when perspiration does escape. KimYoung Cotton Liner is an example of a cotton liner.

Graphic image of a white bra liner that explains that the best sweat bra liners are naturally sustainable and hygienic

Bamboo fiber liners may help you stay dry and comfortable if you want a more efficient and environmentally friendly option. However, this substance may cause skin irritation in certain people. My Bamboo & Cotton Liner is a great all-around option since it is 70% bamboo.

The types of fabrics on the market can help you choose the best liner. Here’s a quick look at the fabric and what it looks like.

  • Cotton is excellent at wicking away sweat
  • Bamboo is all-natural, soft, and airy
  • Nylon is resistant to water
  • Spandex can stretch and bend


Bra liners come in a variety of sizes. Select a liner that complements the size of your bra. Determine your requirements and purchase the appropriate size. Experts advocate measuring across your chest or just dividing your band size in half to discover your optimum size.

Then, choose the liner size that best fits this measurement. To get the greatest fit, ensure the liner isn’t too long and can rest comfortably over your chest. The liner should be snug enough that you don’t have to tug or adjust it during the day. They fit firmly with little chance of sliding down when tucked such that just a small amount appears below the underwire.

How to measure:

  • Just above the elbows and under the breasts, measure the length from under one arm to under the other. This should be about half the size of your bra band.
  • Find the liner size that fits the length the best without being too small or too big. If you’re not sure, round down.
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Bra Type

When choosing the best liner for a particular event, you should also consider the bra’s shape and how it will go with your outfit. Take into account the bra you’ll be wearing the liner with. My Bamboo & Cotton Liner is a great all-around option.

You’ll want something a little more classy if you’re mainly wearing dressier bras. If you typically wear sports bras, you’ll want a liner made for them. Nursing liners and strapless liners are also available.

Bras can be made from a wide range of materials. The best bra material for you depends on a few things, like how sensitive your skin is and how much you want to spend. Some of the most common materials for regular bras are:

  • Cotton
  • Rayon
  • Bamboo viscose

Even though each material has its pros and cons, bamboo viscose is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite. The Bamboo & Cotton Liner and the Moisture Wicking Liner are two of my most popular liners, both made from bamboo and viscose.


Bra liners come in a variety of colors. Choose a color that complements your bra. In this manner, the liner will blend in with your bra and not pop out. The color of your liner can also change how your whole outfit looks. Choose from three different color options from my overall liner, the Bamboo & Cotton Liner, which may be worn under almost any bra or piece of clothing.


Before completing your order, check the quality of these detachable liners. Liners should be both comfy and breathable. Look for liners that are lightweight and will remain in place.

Bust Size

Another factor to consider is the size of your bust. You’ll need a more supportive lining if you have a bigger bust. If you have a smaller bust, you may not require as much support and can opt for a lower-weight lining. Remember that most liners are meant for women with smaller busts, so finding one that fits properly may be challenging if you have a wider chest.


Since they can be laundered in a washing machine, liners are suitable for regular usage. To maintain their absorbency, toss them in the washing machine and air-dry them without adding bleach or fabric softener. Also, follow the care instructions found on the label.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Function of a Bra Liner?

The most common reason is to get additional support. If you find that your bras don’t give you the adequate support, wearing a liner can help. A bra liner helps reduce the discomfort caused by a tight bra band or an uncomfortable underwire. Using sweat-wicking liners also helps you avoid embarrassing wet spots on your shirt caused by sweat from your breasts.

Who Should Wear a Bra Liner?

Bra liners are appropriate for women of all sizes, ages, and activities. Regardless of your bra, they are the ideal method to keep you dry and comfortable during the day. Liners can also avoid chafing, underwires from poking the skin, discomfort, and rashes.

What Is a Sports Bra? (And How To Pick One For Various Activities)


If you’re looking for something more sophisticated, consider investing in a professionally designed bra liner, which helps to prevent discomfort by pulling moisture away from your skin. It will absorb perspiration, prevent chafing, and keep sweat stains away. Several popular variations employ cotton or even bamboo.


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