Best Bra for Underarm Fat [2024 Review]

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Choosing the right bra is crucial for many reasons. A bra needs to be comfortable, easy to put on and take off, and not show any underarm fat.

Underarm fat can be caused by genetics, weight gain, or an ill-fitting bra.  If the bra that you are wearing is not the correct size or bra type for you, it can cause any underarm fat you have to squish out the sides of your bra. I have researched multiple bras and compiled a list of the best bras for someone who has underarm fat.

My Top Bra for Underarm Fat Reviews

Wearing the wrong type or size of bra can cause breast tissues to spread in the wrong direction. This could be a  big factor in why you are having underarm fat coming out the sides of your bra. To help you battle the underarm bulge, here are my top picks for the best bras that can tame your underarm fat.

Glamorise Women’s Wire-Free Support Bra

Number one on my list is the Glamorise Women’s Wire-Free Support Bra which is made of polyamide, polyester, and elastane fabric that provides both elasticity and breathability, allowing you to feel more comfortable. It is made with magic lift technology that can lift your breasts without compressing them too much.

The magic lift technology is also responsible for shaping and supporting your breasts while helping to prevent underarm fat from spilling out the sides of the bra. It is the only bra on my list that has a wide cushioned band that supports your back and helps to contain side fat. The cups of this bra offer full coverage for added breast support and comfort.

The Glamorise Women’s Wire-Free Support Bra has adjustable, cushioned straps that don’t dig into your shoulders. The straps are also thick enough to prevent them from sliding off your shoulders, unlike the Warner’s Women’s Wire-Free Contour Bra, which I will discuss later in my list. On the downside, the very thick straps may prevent you from wearing a sleeveless top or camisole as the straps would show.


  • This bra has 3 rows and columns of hook and eye closures for a more adjustable fit.
  • This bra is best for full-figured and curvy women because of the availability of different sizes.
  • The band on this bra will not ride up because of its width.
  • This bra is machine-washable.
  • This bra has a crisscrossed design over the cups for more secure support.


  • This bra has a  top lace design that can be visible under thin clothes.
  • This bra has seams that can also be visible under tight clothes.

Maidenform Women’s Full Coverage Underwire Bra

Second on my list is the Maidenform Women’s Full Coverage Underwire Bra. This bra is made of a combination of nylon and elastane fabrics that provide proper elasticity and breathability, just like the Glamorise Women’s Wire-Free Support Bra. 

This bra also provides extra coverage for your underarm fat while keeping your breasts in shape. This bra is extremely comfortable, soft, and stretchy, while also giving you a smoother, streamlined look under your clothes due to the supportive back and side soft lining.

This bra is considered one of the best push-up bras with an underwire for a better lift and support. This bra also has a racerback convertible and adjustable straps that are thick enough to stay on your shoulders without slipping. The straps on the Maidenform Women’s Full Coverage Underwire Bra are not as thick as the Glamorise Women’s Wire-Free Support Bra so you can still wear sleeveless or thin-strapped garments with this bra.

On the downside, the underwire on the bra may come out after being used for a time. If this happens, the shaping and support this bra give your breasts will also lessen.


  • This bra offers a wide variety of sizes to choose from.
  • The back of this bra stays in place and provides extra comfort and support.
  • This bra has two sets of hook and eye closures to provide a better fit.


  • This bra should only be hand-washed with cold water and line dried as it has an underwire.

Bali Women’s Underwire Bra

The least expensive bra on my list is the Bali Women’s Underwire Bra. This bra is mostly made of nylon, polyester, and spandex fabrics. These three materials are combined to provide elasticity, flexibility, and breathability to the bra.

This bra offers full coverage for your breasts and helps you to avoid underarm fat spillage. When compared to the rest of the bras on the list, the Bali Women’s Underwire Bra is the only bra that has an inner side sling. This feature provides support and lifts the breasts to give them a natural shape without any bulging on the sides.

This bra is a contour bra, so it not only lifts your breasts upward, it also gives them more definition by moving your bust forward. Similar to the  Maidenform Women’s Full-Coverage Underwire Bra I discussed above, the Bali Women’s Underwire Bra has comfortable thin straps that can be crossed at the back. These straps are fully adjustable and will not dig into your shoulders. 

On the downside, the underwire on the bra may come out after being used for a time. If this happens, the shaping and support this bra give your breasts will also lessen.


  • This bra has an underwire which gives your breasts great separation and definition.
  • This bra has 3 sets of hook and eye closures for easy adjustment.
  • The underwire cups on this bra have angled seams and mesh insets for a better fit and more comfortable experience. These features also help control underarm fat.
  • This contour bra adds style and emphasis to the shape of the breasts.


  • This bra should only be hand-washed with cold water and line dried as it has an underwire.

Warner’s Women’s Wire-Free Contour Bra

Last on my list, I have the Warner’s Women’s Wire-Free Contour Bra. This bra is made from spandex and nylon fabrics. Similar to the Bali Women’s Underwire Bra mentioned above, this bra is a contour bra. This means the bra gives your breasts a nice, natural shape while preventing underarm fat from showing.

Just like the Glamorise Women’s Wire-Free Support Bra, the Warner’s Women’s Wire-Free Contour Bra bra is wire-free. This bra has wider, easily adjustable straps to help support your breasts. This bra has extra fabric on the sides of the cups to prevent underarm fat from bulging out and is offered in a  very wide range of sizes.

This bra is seamless, so it does not show under your clothing. This bra is also very thin, lightweight, and breathable. It is so comfortable you could wear it every day. On the downside, it has no padding so it is possible that your nipples may show. 


  • With a wide range of sizes available for this bra, it is easy to find your size. The correct bra size can prevent visible underarm fat.
  • This bra hugs your back and bust snugly without compressing them.
  • This contour bra keeps the sides and top of your breasts contained and allows no spillage.
  • As this bra is wire-free, it is machine-washable.


  • This bra has a chemical smell to it which may take a while to disappear. It needs to be washed a few times for the smell to be gone. 

Another bra that is worth highlighting is the 24/7 Lace Contour Plunge Bra from Third Love.  This bra is an excellent option for the best bra for underarm fat. This plunge bra has extra coverage and memory foam cups, which bring you the comfort and support you need while keeping your breasts secure throughout the day. 

Features to Consider for the Best Bra for Your Underarm Fat

A bra that fits you perfectly can mean that you don’t have to worry about your underarm fat showing. There are still some features that you need to consider before you choose the bra you plan to buy. I have provided a comparison table to help guide you.

Comparing Bras for Underarm Fat

Bra Side Panels Cup Style Band
Glamorise MagicLift High and broadFull-coverage, contouredWireless
Maidenform Comfort Devotion AverageFull-coverage, foamedWired
Bali One Smooth High and broadFull-coverage, thinly linedWired
Warner’s No Side Effects AverageFull-coverage, foamedWireless
It offers cup separation, has a snug cup, and has tall side-boning, which are the things you look for in bras for underarm fat

Fabric Used

The fabric used in a bra can either make you feel comfortable under any circumstances or be hot, itchy, and irritating. Choose a bra with a soft, stretchy, breathable fabric with no seams. The bra should support your breasts without over-compressing them to avoid having underarm fat bulges. If the fabric of the bra is too loose, it will be unable to support your bust and will do nothing to help control your underarm fat. 

The Glamorise Women’s Wire-Free Support Bra and Bali Women’s Underwire Bra are great examples of bras on my list that use amazing fabric to keep you comfortable and supported at the same time. The stretchy fabric on these two bras definitely gives your breasts the support they need.

Style and Type of Bra

Certain kinds of bras can make a great difference when it comes to your underarm fat. To hide any underarm fat you may have, you should choose the correct style and type of bra for your body. Most people end up getting a push-up bra, wire-free bra, sports bra, or t-shirt bra.

These bras offer full coverage for your breasts, helping to conceal and control any underarm fat side bulges. You should avoid using a demi-cup bra or balconette bra as they tend to have lesser coverage.

Cup Coverage and Separation

When selecting the best bra to help control your underarm fat, make sure that the bra you choose can cover your breasts without over-compressing them. A full-coverage bra will provide support and lift your breasts. In return, there will be little or no fat protruding out the sides of your bra. You will want to make sure whatever bra you choose is not too tight. If it is too tight, you will have visible underarm fat.

A bra that lifts, separates, and defines your breasts keeps your bust from sagging. The Bali Women’s Underwire Bra and Maidenform Women’s Full Coverage Underwire Bra provides full coverage and separation at the same time, allowing your breasts to look their best.

Correct Size

Another common mistake when choosing a bra is picking the wrong size. Having the incorrect size of bra will cause your underarm fat to bulge out even more. The best practice is to get your latest measurements before buying a new bra. 

If you have the correct bra size, the underwire of the cups should not be on your breasts but on the sides of your ribs. The bra cups should not be overflowing and the band should not be too tight.  The center of the bra should be touching your sternum. 

Woman wearing a red printed bra that hides her underarm fat

It is also important to consider if the bra that you are going to buy runs small or big. Always try on your bra before purchasing, as different brands can be of different sizes. Communicate with the seller about their product sizing. 

Band and Wire

The band of your bra plays a very important role in hiding your underarm fat. Similar to the cups of your bra, the band shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. A nice snug band can help keep everything in place.

You can also choose between a bra with an underwire or a wire-free bra. If you are not comfortable wearing a bra with underwires, I have two examples of bras that are wire-free. 

The Glamorise Women’s Wire-Free Support Bra and Warner’s Women’s Wire-Free Contour Bra do not have an underwire. Even without the wire, both bras provide support and lift to your breasts, while helping to control your underarm fat.

Related Questions

What Is the Best Type of Bra to Wear for My Bulging Armpit Fat?

The best type of bra to wear to hide your armpit fat must have a wider band, full-coverage cups, and a tall side-boning structure. A specific example of this on my list is a push-up bra like the Maidenform Women’s Full Coverage Underwire Bra.

How to Properly Wear My Bra to Avoid Underarm Fat Bulging?

Determine which hook and eye closure will work for you. Adjust the shoulder straps on the bra to give you the best level of support while not being too tight. Pick up your breast inside the cup and adjust everything within the cup.

What Causes Armpit Fat in Bras?

Incorrect fit, particularly in the band and cups, is the primary contributor to armpit fat in bras. Genetics, hormones, and lifestyle factors may also play a role in the development of excessive side fat.


Underarm fat happens. You can’t control your genetics, but you can keep from wearing an ill-fitting bra. By choosing the best bra for your body you can beat underarm fat. Make sure to consider the coverage and type of bra you need, the best size of bra for your breasts, and the best material for your comfort.


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