Best Bra for Sore Breasts During Pregnancy [2024 Review]

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Sore breasts or tender nipples are among the earliest indicators of pregnancy. Some bras at this point may exacerbate the hypersensitivity of the nipples and the swollen breasts. To help you feel better, I’ve collected a list of options for the best bra for sore breasts during pregnancy.

My Top Pregnancy Sore Breasts Bra Recommendations

After comparing features and trying out different bras, I found that the Cake Maternity Zest Sports Bra can bring comfort and support to your sensitive and swollen breasts. Its full-coverage cups, soft fabric, and adjustable back support can alleviate pain from the breasts.

I know that pregnancy can be physically and emotionally challenging. These are my best bra options during pregnancy, whether you’re seeking something to aid movement or provide relief for your aching boobs.

Best Bra for Sore Breasts During Pregnancy Overall: Cake Maternity Zest Sports Bra

As your breasts prepare for milk production, pregnancy hormones can cause breast tissue tenderness. Getting a comfortable bra like the Cake Maternity Zest Sports Bra will make you feel like there’s a cool embrace caring for your boobs.

Your doctor may recommend moderate exercise to regulate your mood and reduce swelling. This bra’s seamless yet shaped cups can hold your breasts close to the chest wall and control movement as you do light yoga.

Some bras have stiff cups and linings. The bra mainly consists of polyester spacer fabric, making it highly durable, lighter, and cooler on the chest than nylon bras. However, the shallow cups can have a minimizing effect, although this is pretty normal on sports bras.

If you have D cups or bigger, an underwire can direct and shape breast tissue without pain, especially as your rib cage expands during the third trimester. In contrast to the others, the Cake Maternity sports bra has a flexible and cushioned wire to ensure breast separation and prevent a uni-boob appearance.


  • Shaped cups contain sagging breasts and stretch marks.
  • An extended band provides back support and room for adjustment, particularly when your breasts expand.


  • Full-coverage cups can be a bit roomy for ladies with A to B cups.
  • Sizes run small, so you may need to use bra extenders.

Best Sleep Bra for Sore Breasts During Pregnancy: True & Co Women’s Soft Lace Bralette

After a tiring day, you may want to take off your bra as you sleep. However, unsecured breasts can exacerbate the discomfort of the breast tissue, particularly when you toss and turn in bed. The True & Co Women’s Soft Lace Bralette will make you feel like you’re not wearing any bra.

Due to the high nylon content, the cups are softer than those of the Cake Maternity bra. The cups can shield your delicate nipples from your pillow, bedsheet, or nightwear.

The unstructured cups and thin straps won’t do much lifting for bottom-heavy breasts. Even though it’s not the best choice for back pain, it offers adequate support and coverage to stop breast tissue from overflowing to the sides while you’re sleeping.

Unlike the others, the True & Co bralette features triangle cups. While it won’t provide complete bust coverage, the cups and lace fabric can improve air circulation to keep the chest cool, lessening your agitation from sore boobs.


  • Best to use it during your pregnancy’s first to the second trimester as your bustline grows in size.
  • It uses barely-there microfiber fabric for ultimate comfort.


  • Thin straps may not do much lifting for D cups or larger.
  • Breasts may hang a bit low due to the absence of center gore.

Best Everyday Bra for Sore Breasts During Pregnancy: Kindred Bravely Signature Sublime Contour Maternity Bra

In a short amount of time, fresh layers of fat will build on your chest as milk ducts develop. The Kindred Bravely Signature Sublime Contour Maternity Bra can distribute breast weight properly, easing the strain on your chest, shoulders, neck, and back.

Its V-neck also makes the bra easy to pair with most types. You can quickly pair it with your work or errand clothes, and the fabric of your outfit won’t add unnecessary friction to your already aching breasts.

Like Cake Maternity, this bra has easy nursing access that you can continue using as you pump milk. The bra can support changing band sizes from the first to the third trimester of your pregnancy because it includes an elastic band.

In contrast to the unstructured cups of the True & Co bralette, this bra features molded cups with fixed light padding. However, the sizes run large, so you may need to size down to avoid cup gaping.


  • Stretch foam cups accommodate bust size enlargement to relieve soreness.
  • Its broad U-shaped back can help alleviate backaches and stress by helping carry large tender breasts.


  • Fixed padding may be unnecessary for ladies who don’t want a push-up effect.
  • The delicate fabric is for hand-wash only, so you won’t be able to machine-wash it with regular bras.

Features to Consider for a Bra for Sore Breasts During Pregnancy

Most women endure physical changes during pregnancy, particularly bust tenderness and nipple swelling. Wearing the wrong clothes could make your pain worse and aggravate you further. To reduce breast pain, it is crucial to consider the fabric, cup type, and band adjustment.

Graphic image of a blue bra that describes that the best bras for sore boobs during pregnancy have wireless structure and light padding

Comparison Chart

Cake Maternity Zest Sports BraFull-coverage, contouredWiredWide with a high center gore
True & Co Women’s Soft Lace Bralette Triangle, unmoldedWirelessNarrow with no center gore
Kindred Bravely Maternity BraFull-coverage, contouredWirelessWide with no center gore


The cup design significantly affects the bra’s comfort level. However, your pick should depend on your breast shape, weight, and desired lift.

  • Full-coverage: Full-coverage bras like Cake Maternity and Kindred Bravely provide complete encapsulation of the breasts. The breast tissue maintains its proper place, reducing bouncing and further pain.
  • Triangle: The True & Co bra‘s triangle cups are a good alternative if a full-coverage bra seems too restricting. This design limits the fabric without completely sacrificing coverage.
  • Contoured: The contoured cups of Cake Maternity and Kindred Bravely bras can appropriately transfer breast weight if you have bell-shaped or teardrop breasts.
  • Unmolded: The True & Co bra’s unmolded cups are a great alternative if you find that contoured cups are too stiff for you.
Black wireless bra with thick straps and a wide band placed on a white mannequin

Padding and Lining

The lining and padding of a bra can enhance how well it fits your breasts.

  • Lining: A lined bra contains an additional layer of fabric in the cups to sculpt the breasts while covering the nipples. Cake Maternity and True & Co only use a thin lining as extra coverage for swollen breasts to avoid friction.
  • Padding: A bra’s padding can provide protection between the breast tissue and the band. Kindred Bravely only incorporates light padding to help shape the breasts.


The underwired band of the Cake Maternity bra might be a better choice if you require additional support to elevate your developing breasts, especially for F cups or larger.

If you only want the True & Co band to hold the cups in place, its thin and wireless design should be adequate. On the other hand, if you require extra back support, Kindred Bravely‘s wire-free, very elastic band would be more suitable.

As your breast veins start to show during the first trimester, it’s common to have fullness in the breasts and perhaps a faint pain up into the armpits. Wide bands can apply mild compression to the sides to improve blood circulation and reduce soreness.


The material determines how well the cups, band, and straps conform to your body. In addition, some materials feel softer against the skin.

  • Nylon: The True & Co and Kindred Bravely bras may adapt to your expanding chests thanks to this fabric’s good stretchability. Whether you choose molded or unmolded cups, nylon can adjust to your expanding bustline size to stop the cups from squeezing your breasts.
  • Polyester: Cake Maternity uses polyester to make spacer fabric, resulting in cups that are incredibly thin, light, and cool. The cups may conform to the curve of your breasts thanks to this material without applying excessive pressure.
  • Elastane: The bras we reviewed include elastane to retain shape. This lets the bras lift the breasts without making you feel too compressed because of the thin fabric.
Three pieces of wireless bras with thick straps and a wide band were placed on purple background

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do My Breasts Hurt So Much During Pregnancy?

Your breasts may hurt during pregnancy, mainly due to surging hormones. Estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin may increase blood flow to the breasts, causing the boobs to enlarge as the milk ducts develop.

Can I Use Regular Bras During Pregnancy?

Yes, you can still use your regular bras during pregnancy, although they may not provide comfort for your sore breasts. Some styles, like balconette bras, push-up bras, or even boob tapes, may only add unnecessary pressure at this point.

How Can I Ease My Tender Breasts During Pregnancy?

Aside from wearing a game-changer bra, you should avoid any pressure on the chest. For instance, sleep on your side or use pregnancy pillows to protect your bust from a firm mattress. You may also wear loose-fitting clothes, apply a cold compress, and take doctor-approved pain medication.

What Is a Nursing Bra?


Breast discomfort is unavoidable, whether in the first or third trimester of pregnancy. With some planning, you can develop ways to prevent and reduce breast discomfort. You can choose any bra on this list before you transition to pumping or nursing bras.


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