Best Bra for Small Yet Sagging Breasts [2024 Review]

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A bra that fits well and offers good support is vital for a woman with small boobs. It should fit around your ribcage and provide enough coverage to the bust area to prevent sagging. I’m discussing options for the best bra for small yet saggy breasts.

My Top Small Sagging Breasts Bras Reviews 

After comparing several features, I’m rating the Maidenform Wonderbra Demi Bra as my top pick for the best bras for sagging breasts. Its demi cups, plunge neckline, and supportive underwire provide maximum lift for a more contoured bust.

Many women with small breasts suffer from sagging. This can happen because their breast tissue is not as ‘full’ as other women’s and does not have enough support to stay in place. These bras can minimize sagging while achieving a more projected look.

Best Bra for Small Sagging Breasts Overall: Maidenform Underwire Wonderbra Demi Bra

My top pick for a bra made for small, saggy breasts is the Maidenform Underwire Wonderbra Demi Bra. This bra supports the underbust using Wonderbra technology for maximum lift, letting you add a full cup size while preventing sagging.

If fat has migrated to the sides or the bottom of the breasts, there’s ample padding to hoist your boobs to achieve a rounder look. Unlike a normal bra, the padding pushes the breast tissue up and center to enhance your assets.

This makes an excellent bra for ladies with east-west boobs or an uneven breast shape. Adding a sturdy underwire helps shape the bust, so there’s an even distribution of breast tissue.

In contrast to the other brassieres, the Maidenform T-shirt Bra uses demi cups to cover only half or three-fourths of the cups. While it isn’t a balconette bra, this feature allows the contoured cups to push the breast tissue up and make the top of the bust appear fuller.

Furthermore, this bra is available in cup sizes A – D, and it comes with push-up cups that offer lift and natural cleavage — a great feature to help with small, saggy boobs. This makes it the perfect bra for tops with plunging necklines.

The Maidenform Wonderbra features smoothing side wings similar to the Vanity Full Coverage Bra. These side wings hide any bulges under your arms. The bra also has convertible and adjustable straps that allow you to wear it as a traditional bra or as a racerback style bra.

While it’s lightly padded, those with A cups may want something thicker. However, this versatile bra compensates by giving you a natural lift. Besides, you can add chicken cutlet inserts if you’re going to increase bust volume further.

Additionally, the Maidenform Underwire Wonderbra is a plunge bra that remains invisible under low-cut tops or dresses, giving the appearance of a natural, lifted bust without any visible bra lines. However, the underwire in this bra tends to feel uncomfortable after around 6 hours of wearing. 


  • Push-up cups that can lift your small, pendulous breasts and create cleavage
  • Smoothing side wings with lace panels that hide underarm bulges
  • The design makes the bra invisible when wearing revealing clothes 


  • The padding is pretty firm, so it may not give you that soft feel
  • Sizing runs smaller, so you may need to size up

Best Side-Support Bra for Small, Saggy Breasts: Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit T-Shirt Bra

Just because you have a small bust size doesn’t mean you won’t struggle with side bulges. The Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit T-Shirt Bra is another supportive bra for uneven, droopy breasts because it smoothens the sides to redirect breast tissue to the chest.

Among the options on my list, this is the one you could find yourself wearing among the options on my list daily. If you don’t need that much padding and you want to prioritize comfort, the soft cups of this bra are a much better option than the other bras.

Calvin Klein incorporates lightly lined innovative memory foam cups that mold quickly to your body’s shape, creating a personalized lift and natural, boosting effect for your bust. The molded cups perfectly hug your bust’s shape for a more natural fit.

It combines nylon and elastane, fabrics that are super soft, lightweight, and flexible. In effect, the bra provides a smooth and seamless finish that molds to your bust.

Aside from that, it uses vertical seams from the bra’s band up to the top of the cups to reinforce bra shaping. There are also diagonal seams between the straps and underwire to help ensure the boobs stay at the center.

Unlike in other styles, the underwire is in the outer part of the cups and not in the band. The wire also does a great job of adding lift and definition. Meanwhile, light padding covers the underwire, so there’s no compromise in comfort.

The downside is that the straps are too long, even on the shortest setting. However, you can use a bra clip or J-hook to adjust the fit of the straps.


  • It uses lightly-lined memory foam cups that shape and lift your boobs
  • It features wide, stretchable side-support panels to conceal bulges


  • Straps are thinner and may dig into your shoulders
  • It uses glued seams instead of the typical sewed ones

Best Wireless Bra for Small Yet Saggy Boobs: Vanity Fair Women’s Body Caress Full Coverage Convertible Bra

Some women have genetically small, saggy boobs. Growing up, you may feel more comfortable wearing wireless brassieres. In that case, you may like the Vanity Fair Women’s Body Caress Full Coverage Convertible Bra because it only uses a wide, elastic band to keep your boobs from sagging.

Suppose you’re at the age where you don’t have large breasts, yet you would like exceptional support that you won’t get much from a balconette bra. With this bra’s reliable band, you can wear a wireless bra to let your underbust breath better.

Most bras for sagging breasts like this one feature an extra fabric lining on the inside of the cups as extra support because there is no wire. Even if it doesn’t have a plunge style, the center gore and lining help ensure breast separation.

If you have a small frame, then a no-wire bra for your small sagging boobs might work perfectly. The band is incredibly secure that even if you want to convert to a strapless bra, you won’t have to fidget trying to keep the bra in place.

Like Wacoal, this bra style uses nylon and spandex to create ultra-soft padding that appears soft underneath clothing, even figure-hugging dresses. The cups cover the bust properly without causing top spillage or side bulges. You won’t even struggle with curling cups because of the sturdy molded cups.

The shoulder straps don’t cut in, reducing the chances of pressure and friction that can result in soreness, redness, and irritation. As a bonus, Vanity Fair has comfortable two-way convertible straps that are also adjustable, similar to Maidenform. Unfortunately, the straps slip easily, so you must readjust them at some point. 


  • Banded-frame gives excellent support to support the underbust
  • Features microfiber bra fabric suitable for sensitive skin
  • The shoulder straps don’t cut in, making the bra comfortable and ideal for wearing for extended periods 


  • Shoulder straps on this bra slip off easily, and you will need to use bra clips to readjust fit
  • The sizing on this bra is inconsistent. Make sure you check the bra sizing chart before purchasing

Best Contouring Bra for Small, Saggy Breasts: Warner’s Women’s Tailored Underwire Bra

The best bras for sagging breasts must have a contouring bra cup. When it comes to comfort, the Warner’s Women’s Tailored  Underwire Bra is hard to beat. This full-coverage brassiere for small saggy boobs comes with a satin-wrapped underwire that doesn’t dig into your skin.

Unlike Vanity Fair, Warner’s only has a short center gore. This feature ensures breast separation without making your bust look like you have a wide-set breast shape. As a support bra, there’s just enough to show that you have two evenly-shaped boobs.

Because of the soft cups, this t-shirt bra can also serve as a sleep bra. This is a great alternative if a bralette lacks support, yet you want to avoid going braless while going out or lounging.

The Warner’s Tailored Bra has light padding like Maidenform. Whether you have an A or B cup, the padding helps provide lift and extra comfort to your underboobs. Likewise, the padding makes the bra more adaptable to most body shapes, especially if you have a broader torso.

In contrast to a balconette bra, the full cups keep your bust well-cushioned and give them a nice rounded shape without making it look like you’re overstuffing your bra. It won’t necessarily make you one cup bigger, although you’ll get a subtle lift.

More than that, it combines nylon and elastane for a soft feel on the skin. A small chest size can sometimes make it irritating that you can easily feel the cups. With the comfortable full-cup bra, your sensitive underbust won’t struggle even if there’s an underwire.

It may not have the high elasticity that some other bras have. Still, there’s enough support and coverage for day-to-day usage.


  • Full-coverage cups secure your overbust and help prevent any breast overflow
  • Front-adjustable straps that are easily accessed


  • Thin straps can fold up, and you will need to re-adjust them
  • It may run small in the band size yet prominent in the cup area

Best High-Impact Bra for Small, Saggy Boobs: Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra

Even if you have small, sagging boobs, you need excellent support to keep your bust safe from injuries. The Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra is among the best bras for sagging breasts as it features a supportive underwire that provides lift and support.

Unlike a t-shirt or balconette bra, this design features two-ply, full-coverage cups. This serves as an extra layer for the cups despite having light padding. Additionally, this does a great job of concealing the nipples when sweating too much.

Some ladies with small breast sizes may also find it challenging to keep boobs at the center of the chest, causing a conical or asymmetrical breast shape at times. A wireless bra helps bring the weight to the center to create a perkier silhouette.

The covered underwire shapes the bust, so the breast tissue doesn’t concentrate on the bottom while you’re planking, bending, or doing push-ups. This also ensures the underwire doesn’t cause chafing, especially for ladies with flared ribs or sensitive skin.

However, you might sometimes feel quite overstuffed because of the cups’ minimizer style. This full-cup bra compensates using sweat-wicking fabric and a mesh back to keep your bust cool and dry during workout routines or hikes.

Similar to Vanity Fair Caress, Wacoal uses nylon and Spandex to have a lightweight structure despite the cups’ thickness. In addition, these materials guarantee high recoverability, so the cups don’t get deformed even as you do complicated exercises or sports movements.

This sports bra also has adjustable straps that allow you to adjust to your preferred length and tightness. The straps help prevent the cups from gaping even if you have minimal breast tissue at the top of the bust.

The main issue you might face with this bra are the longer wires  around the center, which usually makes the bra peek out when wearing V-neck shirts. That means if you are wearing low-cut tops or dresses, then a plunge bra such as the Maidenform Underwire Wonderbra Demi Bra might serve you better than the Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra. 


  • The full-cup design contains the boobs completely to prevent breast bounce
  • A sturdy band and underwire shape the breast to stop sagging


  • It should be hand-washed and air-dried only because washing machine cycles can affect the band’s elasticity
  • It has short band measurements, so you may need to use a bra extender

Features to Consider for Bras for Small Saggy Breasts

Finding a well-fitting brassiere for small, pendulous boobs takes time. To help you find the best bras for sagging breasts, we list some features below that you should consider before you purchase your next bra.

Comparing the Features of Bras for Small Sagging Breasts

Bra Cups Structure Center Gore
Maidenform Wonderbra Demi push-upUnderwiredShort
Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Full-coverage t-shirtUnderwiredShort
Vanity Fair Caress Full-coverage moldedWirelessHigh
Warner’s Tailored Full-coverage moldedUnderwiredShort
Wacoal Women’s Two-ply full-coverageUnderwiredShort
It has a breathable fabric, offers full coverage, and supportive underwire are the things you look for in bras for small sagging breasts

Right Size

You will need the right fit to get the most support for your bust. The band should be hugging your body, not too tight but not too loose.

For supportive bras to be highly functional, the shoulder straps should be adjustable and able to be tightened enough to stay on your shoulders without slipping. The straps should be wide enough to be comfortable without digging onto your skin.

Moreover, the cups should be lightly lined or padded and have full coverage. It also helps if the cups cover and support your overbust while lifting and shaping.

Measuring For Your Bra Size

Whether you want full coverage or a balconette bra, it’s essential that you know how to measure your size so your bras will have the perfect fit.

  1. The first thing you need to determine is the size of the band. To do this, get a measuring tape and wrap it around the area under your bust. If you’re wearing a bra during measuring, place the measurement tape near the brassier’s bottom part.
  2. Determine the size of your band. To do this, get a measuring tape and wrap it around the area under your bust. If you’re wearing a bra during measuring, place the measurement tape near the bottom of the bra.
  3. Next, get your bust size. Using the measuring tape, wrap it around your bust at the fullest part of your breasts. If the measurement falls on an odd number, round up to the nearest even number.
  4. Lastly, get your cup size. Subtract your band size measurement from your bust size measurement. The difference will give you your cup size. A one-inch difference is an A cup, a two-inch difference is a B cup, and so on.
Woman wearing a black bra and jeans

Supportive Underwire

Underwire bras can give a generous amount of lift to your breasts. Bras for sagging breasts must have a wrapped wire for the most comfort and to prevent chafing.

Warner’s Women’s Tailored contains an underwire wrapped in satin. This feature helps keep the underwire from digging into your body. 

Other great examples of underwire bras include the Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra. This bra features an outside underwire which doesn’t cause any discomfort.

Bra Style

Bras for sagging breasts can come in various styles. There are different band and cup sizes, as well as breast shapes. For this reason, it’s crucial that you find the appropriate style to maximize the fit.

Demi Bras

Demi bras cover only half or three-fourths of the bust. Compared to full-cup bras, this cup style exposes the top part, giving a more revealing look. Demi bras can also act as t-shirt bras because of the low cut and narrow cup shape.

The Maidenform Wonderbra is mainly a demi bra. The contoured cups hoist the breast tissue concentrated at the bottom of the boobs.

Push-Up Bras

The push-up bra is an excellent choice for women with saggy boobs, regardless of cup size. Push-up bras work against gravity by lifting your underbust and creating more cleavage.

Push-up bras can also serve as supportive bras because they distribute breast weight throughout the chest. The Maidenform Underwire Demi Bra is a great example of a push-bra that works well for smaller breast sizes.

Woman wearing a white bra with lace

Balconette Bras

Balconette bras have cups with a horizontal neckline that cuts straight across the bust, creating a more open look compared to other bra styles. They offer less coverage than their full-cup counterparts, covering about half to three-quarters of the breasts. This design exposes more of the upper chest, making it an ideal choice for low-cut tops and dresses.

Most balconette bras include underwire beneath the cups to provide additional support and shape to the breasts. The shoulder straps of a balconette bra are set wider apart on the cups, which helps to lift and push the breasts toward the center, creating a subtle cleavage effect.

Full-Cup Bras

A full-cup bra will help lift your underbust if you have small, pendulous breasts. Unlike a balconette bra, a full-cup bra provides extra support by keeping everything contained without anything spilling out the sides of the bra. 

Full-cup bras also shape your bust with molded cups while giving your bust a gentle lift. My article’s two best examples of full-coverage bras are Warner’s Women’s Tailored Underwire and the Vanity Fair Women’s Body Caress Full Coverage Convertible.

T-Shirt Bras

T-shirt bras are an excellent choice for your small, droopy boobs, especially if you want to wear tight-fitting dresses. This style of bra offers lift and support for your pendulous breasts. Although named after T-shirts, these bras are suitable for various types of tops and outfits, including form-fitting shirts, blouses, and lightweight fabrics.

The cups of a T-shirt bra are typically molded into a rounded shape, providing a natural and even look to the breasts. That means a t-shirt bra can also make your bust look naturally round. The Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Lightly Lined T-Shirt Bra is my top choice in this category.

Related Questions

Can Saggy Breasts Be Firm Again?

Breast lift surgery can help to firm up pendulous boobs. Exercise and other natural methods may help your chest look better, although it may take some time. A balconette bra or boob tape can also help lift the breasts for a firmer look.

How Do You Find the Right Size Bra for Sagging Boobs?

To find a bra with the right size for your droopy breasts, focus on the band, cups, and straps. The band should comfortably encircle your torso. If the bra seems too tight, go up a cup size; if it feels too loose, go down a cup size.

Why Are My Small Breasts Sagging?

Factors such as aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and hormones can cause smaller breast sizes to sag. Wearing the wrong kind of undergarment can also affect the distribution of breast tissue.

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Picking the perfect brassiere for your small, saggy breasts isn’t hard if you know what you’re looking for. Focus on bras that offer the right amount of lift, support, shaping, and comfort.


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