Best Bra for Side Fat [2024 Review]

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Some women have a little more fat in their armpit region. This extra fat is commonly known as underarm or side fat. It is important to find the best bra that can accommodate and help contain this extra fat so you can have a sleeker, smoother silhouette. 

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best bras for women who have side fat. First off, it is important to determine what type of bra you need – whether it is full, low coverage, or no-wire. Then you must determine the cup size and band size that will work best for you.

In the article below, I have put together a guide to help you pick the best bra for containing and controlling your side fat.

My Top Bra for Side Fat Recommendations

The bestbra can contour the sides of your breasts and help to keep everything centered so there is no bra spillage from the sides of the cups of the bra. Follow along as I review the top 4 side support bras that help manage side fat.

Warners Women’s No Side Effects T-Shirt Bra

The Warners Women’s No Side Effects Bra smoothes the sides of your breasts and eliminates fat bulges by using extra-wide side panels, full-coverage cups, and flexible material.

Side fat can sometimes be caused by an ill-fitting bra that digs into your skin and pushes extra flesh under your arms, causing unsightly bulges. Full coverage bras like the Warner’s Women’s No Side Effects Contour Bra use flexible foam cups to cover the breasts fully, which helps to contain all of your breast tissue and keep it from going out the sides of the bra.  These cups help create a streamlined look without restricting your movements.

Full coverage bras like this one are composed of 80% nylon and 20% elastane which makes an extremely elastic, lightweight fabric. This flexible fabric molds to your bust,  while moving with your body. The bra will not become stretched out or overly loose while you wear it either. 

The bra’s gore keeps the cups in the center and the side panels flat against your skin, which creates a shapely bust while hiding any side boob fat. This bra stays in place, even if you twist, bend, or raise your arms.

Similar to the Olga Women’s No Side Effects Underwire Contour Bra, which I discuss later in the article, the Warner’s Women’s Effects T-Shirt Bra uses an underwire to help contour the shape of your breasts. The underwire lacks cushioning but it does bring your breasts closer together while lifting them up. This causes your breasts to look both firmer and more round due to the breast tissue being held away from the sides of your chest. 


  • This bra has wide side panels and a side-boning structure that helps to contain excess flesh under your arms.
  • This bra has a snug fit with flexible foam cups.


  • DD is the biggest cup size for this bra.
  • Deodorant may stain the fabric if sprayed directly onto the bra.

Delimira Women’s Bra

Poor posture can often contribute to the appearance of side fat. The Delimira Women’s Full-Coverage Bra has a great back and side support, utilizing an x-shaped back which helps to distribute the weight of your breasts evenly. This bra uses stretch cups to provide lift and side support without squashing breast tissue. This bra also has a wide band and side panels to help hold wide set breasts and smooth out any side fat.

If the Warner’s Women’s Effects T-Shirt Bra nylon-synthetic fabric blend feels too stiff, but you like its shape contouring benefits, the Delimira bra’s softer 90%  polyamide and 10% elastane fabric will suit you better. This bra can even be an alternative to a sports bra, so you can get the most out of your workouts without a tight-fitting band digging into your sides.


  • This bra has back and side support to smoothen excess fats becoming prominent due to poor posture.
  • This bra distributes the weight of your breasts evenly without putting pressure on the back.


  • This bra has minimal breast separation due to the absence of a center gore.
  • This bra has a front-clasp design which means you can’t adjust the strap length.

Playtex Women’s Ultimate Lift and Side Support Wire-Free Bra

The Playtex Women’s Ultimate Lift and Side Support Wire-Free Bra is a great option if you have a larger bust size. This wire-free bra not only offers great lift and side support, but it also helps smooth out any side fat you may have.

This bra uses molded cups to conform to your natural breast shape which allows the bra to move with your body without gaping. The cups have multiple seams, which help hold your breasts up and prevent sagging. The texture of the fabric and stitching on the bra can be quite obvious underneath curve-hugging clothes, so you may choose to wear this bra when you are wearing a loose fitting outfit. 

This bra is different from the other side support bras on my list as it is made of a  jersey-knit fabric that ensures comfort without sacrificing stretch. This fabric also has a cooling and moisture-wicking effect that keeps you feeling fresh. The bra cups have a rounded and contoured shape to enclose your breasts and prevent any side-fat spillage. 

A higher bra band can sometimes exacerbate any side-fat bulges. The Playtex Women’s Ultimate Lift and Side Support Wire-Free Bras have lower panels than the Olga Women’s Effects Underwire Contour Bra, which I discuss next on my list. Due to these lower panels, the Playtex Women’s Ultimate Lift and Side Support Wire-Free Bra is a better option if you have a shorter torso.


  • The seams on this bra reinforce the panels to keep breast tissue from moving outward from the armpit.
  • This bra has full-coverage contoured cups for additional front and side support and separation for larger breasts.


  • This bra is wireless, which may mean less support for more voluptuous breasts.
  • The texture of the fabric and stitching on the bra can be quite obvious underneath curve-hugging clothes.
  • The seams on the cups of this side support bra may cause discomfort.

Olga Women’s Effects Underwire Contour Bra

The Olga Women’s Effects Underwire Contour Bra uses a wide band and full-coverage cups to help stop breast tissue and fat from accumulating on the sides of the bra.

Wearing the best bra with larger breasts can cause temporary tissue migration to the sides. Like the Warner’s Women’s Effects T-Shirt Bra, this bra uses full-coverage and foam-lined cups to push everything towards the center of your chest. This design helps to prevent excess breast tissue from spilling out the sides of the best bra while creating a perkier silhouette for wide-set breasts. 

Compared to the other bras on my list, Olga’s sides match the height of the cup on the bra, forming a higher side panel that smoothes out any lumps. The band on the best bra is fully connected to the cups, going almost all the way up to the armpits. Even if you were to gain weight, the flexible band and cups will hold everything in and accommodate any body changes.


  • This side support bra has higher panels to hide any side-fat.
  • This side support bra has contouring foam cups for a push-up effect.


  • The higher band on this side support bra may show through sleeveless clothes.
  • The smallest size available for this side support bra is a C cup.

Another well-fitting bra I’d like to highlight is the 24/7 Perfect Coverage Bra from Third Love. This one such bra has a micro jersey fabric that is incredibly soft and durable, with a double layer ballet back. The hidden elastic smoothes your sides and back while the hybrid foam cups contour your breasts. The supportive foam on the outside of the cups also helps you achieve a more shapely silhouette.

Features to Consider for a Bra for Side Fat

Now that you’ve read my reviews for the best bra for side fat, it’s time to take a look at the features you should consider before you buy your next bra. Below is a table to help guide you.

BraCup CoverageSide Panel/SupportBreast Separation?
Warner’s No Side Effects Full WideYes
Delimira Women’s FullWideNo
Playtex Ultimate Lift and Support Full AverageYes
Olga No Side Effects FullWideYes


For great side support, you will want an elastic yet firm bra. The best bra for side fat should not be too tight or too loose as this can change the distribution of your breasts. There are multiple fabrics and fabric blends that can help you get the right tension and compression for your bust.

  • Nylon: To help avoid braspillage, your bra will need elasticity to be able to adjust to your bust size and firmness to hold and support your breast tissue. Nylon bras recover their shape well and have great flexibility and stretch fabric.
  • Polyamide: The best bras for side fat are made of soft and thin coverage yet provide double lining for more side support. The polyamide fabric can offer a softer touch on the skin yet with better elasticity than natural fibers like cotton.
  • Polyester: This synthetic fiber wears well, and will not become stretched out and loose even if your breasts change in size. 
  • Elastane: This fabric has unparalleled elasticity, which allows it to move with your body. A bra band made of elastane will stretch as needed and will spring right back into its original shape.
It has adjustable straps, has full coverage cups, and has a wide band and side pannel which are the things you look for in bras for side fat

Band and Side Panel 

An ill-fitting bra won’t keep the band and panels in place, which can form side bulges that are most definitely avoidable. The best bra for side fat will feature awider band and side panel can cover more of the sides of your breast and help contain any side fats without making your chest feel overly compressed.

Full-Coverage Cups

A full-coverage bra gives your bust a well-defined shape while supporting your breasts. This is essential if you have large or uneven breasts. All the contenders for the best bra for side support on this list all have full-coverage cups that ensure the fabric goes around your whole bust while giving no space for your boobs to spill out of the bra.

Woman wearing a red lace bra

Adjustable Straps

Adjustable straps allows you to customize the width and tightness which can lift the breasts and control side fat. Make the straps sufficiently taut to pull the shoulders back smoothly without digging in. Convertible and multi-way bras also allow you to cross the straps into a racerback design for extra support and lift.

The Warner’s and Olga women’s bras come with front-adjustable straps, so you can easily see how the tightness and length affect the fit of the band and cups.

Causes of Side Fat

Underarm fat, often referred to as side fat, often comes as we age (it certainly has for me). Here are a few causes that might help you understand it better.

Weight Gain

Gaining weight can contribute to side fat as excess fat accumulates along the bra line and underarms. The bulges form as the adipose tissue expands in those areas. I recommend addressing the weight gain through diet and exercise as well as finding a bra style that provides compression and support.


Hormonal changes like menopause, pregnancy, and menstrual cycles can encourage side fat development. The fluctuations lead to increased fat storage along the torso. I suggest getting properly fitted regularly as hormones shift to find the best bra fit for your changing body.


Some women are simply predisposed to carrying weight in their underarm and side regions. The propensity for side fat can run in families. As a bra expert, I assure women this is normal and recommend choosing bras with wide bands, side slings, or racerback styles to smooth and support this area.

Related Questions

Why Does My Bra Bulge at the Sides?

There are a few reasons why your bra bulges at the side, including improper fit or wrong bra size. If your bra is too tight, it will push your breast tissue outward, causing bulges. In some cases, it happens to older women because of hormonal changes.

How Can I Hide Side Fats?

The best way to hide side fat is to wear properly-fitting bras. Besides wearing the best bra for side fat, you can also wear outfits that highlight other body parts and draw the eyes away from your bustline. Choosing clothes with narrow, vertical stripes can create a sleeker look, while wearing bras with darker colors can also help to camouflage any problem areas.

How Should a Bra Fit on the Sides?

A bra’s fit on the sides shouldn’t form wrinkles or creases. The boning structure of the best bras should also be flat against the sides of your breasts.

What Is a Plunge Bra? (And EXACTLY When You Need To Wear One!)


The best bra for side support should be supportive yet still allow your breasts to maintain their shape. With the options I have reviewed, you will be able to choose the best bra for your body, and can beat the side-fat bulges that are ruining your otherwise perfect outfits.

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