The Best Bra for Large Sagging Breasts in 2019

Woman with large sagging breasts wearing a red bra

Sagging breasts can be attributed to a number of things. Old age, menopause, breastfeeding, and many others are just a few. Some have natural downward-pointing breasts ingrained in their genetics, but the rest of us can't be perky forever. Breasts are bound to sag later in life.

Wearing the wrong bra can have as painful consequences as leaving saggy breasts bare and swinging to your every move. It's not easy to find the best bra for large sagging breasts. Hopefully, the process gets easier with our given list of features to look for and bra recommendations.

Top Reviews of Bras for Large Sagging Breasts​

The size of the breasts still vary. One pair of breasts also sag differently than another. It's still necessary to decide what would work best for you. With lift and support properties in mind, we've landed on four bras that deliver both to some degree.

Prima Donna's  Madison, Olga's Luxury Lift, Elomi's Caitlyn, and Chantelle's Rive Gauche bras are the four we hold in high regard. The first is an a big comfort in every area, an overall win for a woman with saggy breasts. The second is focused on lifting which, for its price point, does so well. The remaining two are set with other features that are also worth the extra bucks.

Our Top Recommendation

If you want our final vote (without all the reading), the Prima Donna Women's Madison Full Cup Bra will provide the best support and overall comfort.

Prima Donna Women's Madison Full Cup Bra

Saggy breasts are no issue when you’ve got the right features stacked up in one bra. Prima Donna's Madison Bra is a  one-hit wonder. Women who have experienced this bra have probably delved in deep by now, owning multiple colors of this particular model.

We can’t blame them, it’s like a bra made for the fullest, and downward cast pair of breasts out there. You can tell it’s done almost perfectly because you won’t bother to see past the luxurious lace and gingham combination of the cups. It already reels you in at first sight.

However, as soon as you wear this, the curiosity will wear in. What makes this bra so comfortable? It’s already in the material. That Leavers lace top part of the cup has some stretch in it that allows your breasts to breath and not feel like it’s trapped in a tight cleavage.


  • ​Full coverage cups
  • 32 - 46 band, C - H cup
  • ​Hook and eye closure at the back
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Partial lace top and cups
  • Unlined underwire for security

It’s a full cup bra, which simultaneously means it offers full coverage. This is ideal for saggy breasts because when you lift them up, they instantly becomes larger and more loaded, which the cups will be enough to hold.

It’s a 3-part cup with T-shaped seams that divide the cup into a top part, and equally divided bottom half. It might not have the side linings like other bras you’ve yet to see in our list, but this bra is equipped to handle the weight of your saggy breasts on its own.

The center gore is wide enough to allow ample separation of the cups, therefore providing some form of encapsulation. Individual support for each of your breast will allow more focus on preventing your boobs from drooping downwards.

Despite the underwires, this bra has flat seams that are nearly invisible under any type of clothing, even tight-fitting ones.

Alternatively, the full coverage bottom part is an unlined underwire that keeps your breasts from falling towards the floor uncomfortably. You can customize how lifted your breasts will be with the adjustable and stretchable straps and band that securely encloses with 2 hook and eye closure at the back.

These fastenings increase as the bra size gets bigger, which is very accommodating for women with already large breasts that are also saggy. Most would think bras for sagging breasts are tight and restrictive, but what makes this bra all the more supportive yet convenient is the stretchability in most of its construction.

It’s able to hold up the breasts without holding you down in discomfort. It might just leave a little gap in your wallet, but it’s nothing compared to the comfort you’ll feel in everyday wear for years since you invest in this bra.

Why Buy?

Beautiful print and material with equally satisfying lifting abilities and breathability.

Olga Women's Luxury Lift Underwire Bra

It takes a lot to create a bra for large breasts ​that lifts and provides support. So, it's extra special when you find something that works but is also within the budget.

Olga Women's Plus Size Luxury Lift Underwire Bra gives women whose breasts are a bit bigger than average a worthy piece for their buck. It has D and DD-sized bras that are well above normal when it comes to quality.

First off, the straps are positioned closer to each other to support the big cups. This is key in helping to keep your assets sitting high up! The neckline is lower at the center to work well with V-neck or slightly plunging tops.

Another key feature included in this bra is the underwiring. Historically, underwire has not been made to be comfortable. This bra overcomes that by wrapping the wires in padding. Not only does this increase the overall comfort, but it also reduces the likelihood of the wiring ever poking or prodding at your sides.

In addition to the underwires, there’s also an under-breast support panel to aid an old sagging breast that can’t hold its own. There’s also a soft lining on the inside too, increasing comfort where you need it. The leotard back puts the bra, most specifically the straps, in place the whole time.


  • ​Full coverage cups
  • ​36 - 42 band, C - DD cup
  • ​Hook and eye closure at the back
  • ​Adjustable shoulder straps
  • ​Partial lace ​overlay for design
  • ​Cushioned underwire for comfort

Except for the bottom part of the cups which is decked out with a partial lace overlay, the bra has a smooth and seamless texture all over. For this, you can consider this one a t-shirt bra that can be worn for everyday.

The trick is to make the straps as tight as possible on your body for it to act as the best push up bra for sagging breasts. Don’t worry, the comfort-inducing features will save you from the pain and discomfort anyway.

Unlike other molded bras that are most common nowadays, this bra from Olga is not extremely pre-shaped to the point of being unsupportive for different kinds of sagging breasts. There are different levels of droopiness, and this lifting bra seem to be accommodating for most of them.

Despite the daily wear quality of this bra, it’s not called “Luxury Lift” for nothing. A stable and reliable support system, this Olga bra is equipped with the right functions to resolve the sag while sporting clean details that justifies its name.

Overall, this bra gives ample support on every side which will keep your breasts from sagging. As an everyday bra, the Luxury Lift provides adequate requirements for functionality while also delivering on fashionability.

Why Buy?

Comfortable underwiring, paired with a lower neckline allows you to wear this bra all day.

Elomi Women's Caitlyn Underwire Side-Support Bra

At first sight, you'll be enamored by the Elomi Caitlyn Underwire Side Support Bra's pearlescent shine and fluid embroidered design. And, just like the bra from Olga, it fulfills the needed features for women with saggy boobs, making this a popular pick as the best bra for saggy breasts.

The adjustable straps are set closer to each other, ensuring the breasts are centered down below. The adjuster moves along the straps’ entire length, meaning it can be shortened or elongated to both of those extremes, catering to those with shorter and longer upper bodies alike.

However, if you ask us, the feature makes it the best bra for sagging breasts of women with shorter torsos. The shortened bra straps will make the problem of slipping straps almost disappear. Added to that is the leotard-like U-shaped back that enforces the same function of keeping the straps on your shoulders.

The attractive, round, and full coverage cups are cut and sewn to form a T with the stitching. This provides additional structure in the bra that helps to lift, shape, and support the breasts.

The material and structure of the bra do not allow for much stretchability, which is actually a good thing for women with saggy breasts! It’s made with a combination of polyester and nylon, which means the bra will hold your boobs in place more and longer.

It is less likely to stretch out throughout the day, to be more breathable but can return to its natural rigidness for the next wear.


  • ​Full coverage cups
  • ​34 - 46 band, DD - K cup
  • ​Hook and eye closure at the back
  • ​Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Satin bottom, sheer top cups
  • ​Supportive side slings

Like the other bras we reviewed, this one also has underwire but what sets this undergarment apart is the extreme side support it provides. It has a high top edge on the side of the band and side panels hidden on the extra fabric lining under the arms that push your breasts forward.

This helps to take strain off your shoulders and back, because the band is supporting most of the weight from your chest.

If your bust size falls under the extremely big side of the spectrum, you can rely on this bra to offer the support, lift, and shape. The sizes available are mostly higher than DD. You can be rest assured this is constructed specifically for women with large saggy breasts.

Why Buy?

This bra is supportive and won't stretch as much when worn often.

Chantelle Women's Rive Gauche Full Coverage Unlined Bra

Like the first bras, Chantelle Women's Rive Gauche Unlined Full Coverage Bra is another full coverage bra with complete features needed for women with sagging breasts. But, it has a completely different look.

You must know that the underwire is made with a more elongated width than average. A downside to this is that it only provides comfort for women with wide chests. Otherwise, the underwires are going to dig into your skin and poke underneath your arms. It will hurt especially when you have large breasts but a small band size. 

The benefit, on the other hand, for wide-chested women is a better distribution of your breasts. It actually makes use of your sagging breasts so instead of the majority of its weight falling downwards, it’s spread out across your chest, making it appear fuller. For this look-enhancing feature, we can also say this is the best bra for saggy deflated breasts on this list.

The full cups, made of dainty lace, are in turn going to shape them up rounder for definition. They’re constructed with unlined underwires and side panels for support. Together, they create a slimming illusion by pushing the breasts toward the center.

The seaming is the main thing that differs from the other bras. While the cups in the Olga and Elomi bras had seams that formed a T-shape, Chantelle's seams follow a half-moon shape in the cups.

This top portion of the cup is just lace, while the bottom portion includes the structured part of the cup (with lace covering it). Because of this design, this bra is not quite as supportive as the first two we reviewed.


  • ​Full coverage cups
  • ​32 - 34 band, C - H cup
  • ​Hook and eye closure at the back
  • ​Adjustable shoulder straps
  • ​U-shaped power mesh back
  • ​Side support panels for slimming

This bra has been known to run small. Consider sizing up as to not compress your boobs or cause bra bulge on the sides or back of your body.

Aside from its lifting powers, this bra adequately provides large-breasted women with cup sizes C to H. The big cups are joined by the stretchable and adjustable straps near farther and higher up from the armpit, so they're really narrower and closer to the neck.

Overall, we’d say the lace is enough to draw you into this bra. It’s hard to find an attractive bra in a big size. This one is it!

Why Buy?

If you're going for style, the dainty lace detailing on this bra stands out.

Our Pick for the Top Bra for Large Sagging Breasts

The Madison Full Cup Bra from Prima Donna has our vote as the best bra for large saggy boobs. It provides coverage and lift like the other bras, but it's the amazing supportive sides that set this one apart from the rest.



Check Price

Prima Donna Women's Madison Full Cup Bra

Olga Lift Underwire Bra

Elomi Women's Caitlyn Underwire Side-Support Bra

Chantelle Women's Rive Gauche Full Coverage Unlined Bra

Different Kinds of Breast Ptosis

There are different reasons for sagging, or ptosis. Some say breastfeeding or multiple pregnancies, genetics, smoking, or sometimes just good old aging and gravity beating your breasts’ ability in holding its own up. Regardless, women are bound to experience some sagging, for some sooner than later. Determining the degree of sagging can help you determine which bra might be the best bra for saggy breast.

Mild Sagging

Mild sagging is a slight amount of sag in which the nipple falls directly in line with your inflammatory fold. First off, you have to be familiar with the inflammatory fold, which is the point where your breasts meet your chest wall. It’s usually right at the underside of the breasts.

Mild sagging is also called grade 1 ptosis, which may not even look like your breasts are sagging. By definition, however, this is a very slight and workable case of sagging breasts. You can still choose among the wide array of bras that aren’t necessarily catered to women with saggy breasts.

Moderate Sagging

Moderate sagging is just a little bit lower than grade 1 ptosis. This level, which is grade 2 ptosis, is distinguished by breasts whose nipples fall below the inflammatory fold. It’s considered moderate because some part of the parenchyma, or the fibroglandular and fat tissue that make up the breast, are still hanging below the nipple. To a certain extent the shape and direction of the nipples are still close to that of a normal breast.

Significant Sagging

Grade 3 ptosis, or significant sagging, is where the nipple is found at the lowest point of the breast. Not only is it below the inflammatory fold, but it’s also at the lowest portion of the parenchyma. Majority of the breast tissue is found above it, but a major part of it is way past the inflammatory fold or the crease on the underside of the breasts. At this stage, the nipple is most likely pointing downwards as well.

This is what some of the full cup saggy breast bras from our top picks are catered to. Their lifting properties are meant to pull up the breast tissue and shape them into round mounds closer to the chest for a full breast appearance.

Lower Breast Sagging

Lower breast sagging, or pseudoptosis, is what its name describes. It’s not considered a fully sagging breast because the condition is only applicable to the lower part of the breasts. The nipples are still aligned with the inflammatory fold, or well above it even, but a major part of the parenchyma falls below the fold.

The shape with the nipples pointing upwards or outwards makes this type of sagging breasts look almost normal, and why it’s not considered true ptosis. However, this may be a case that women with saggy boobs need to notice in themselves, because a supportive bra for sagging breasts may be the option they should look for in bras.

Unusual Shape

The most severe type of sagging breasts is parenchymal maldistribution, or having breasts with an unusual shape. It’s unusual because the typical hints that determine a saggy breast, like the nipples and parenchyma falling below the inflammatory fold, are accompanied by a lack of volume in the upper part of the nipples and lower part of the breast.

This results in the nipples being closer to the inflammatory fold than normal. Deflated is also one word to describe what this kind of boobs look like from the outside without any bra support on. They just droop down and have no way of supporting themselves from the inside.

Features to Consider for Bras for Large Breasts that Sag

Saggy or pendulous breasts are ones that point downward rather than shoot outwards from your chest. Usually, they can't hold up and would need a bra to push them up closer to your chest than your stomach.

Woman with large boobs wearing a black lace bra

For this type of breasts, you'll need a bra to accomplish 3 things: support, shape, and lift.

Though there's no one kind of bra that could work universally for women with large saggy breasts, most of them would usually have these in common:

Straps that Sit Closer to Your Neck

Straps that are closer to the neck and to each other will focus their lifting purposes towards the center, where you want your breasts to go. Straps won't be as effective if they're wider apart and closer to the shoulders.

Strong, Non-stretchable Material

Pendulous breasts don't lose their sag when put into a bra. They're just lifted higher by it. But, they would still be drooping down inside it. That's why bras that use stretchable materials for the cups would just fall to the weight of large sagging breasts.

If you want to prolong your bra's lifespan, look for a one that has non-stretchable cups. It should be sturdy enough to lift your breasts without giving in to the pull of gravity and the push of your heavy saggy breasts.

Soft, Full Coverage Cups

Structured cups are usually constructed to work for certain breast shapes. If that's not how your natural breasts are, it would probably just hurt more than support them. Soft cups are the way to go if you have saggy breasts. You want to lift them, but you also don't want them squished by firm cups.

Simultaneously, the cup should give full coverage and accompanied by seaming that are divided into 3 or 4 parts. It would look like a T is spelled on the cups. This type of cup provides support on every side and forms a more rounded shape.

Made in Full Figure Sizes

A full cup wouldn't matter if the actual size isn't enough for your large breasts. Don't be fooled if your boobs look flatter than they are when they sag. It will be different when you push them up in a bra. The ideal bra would have available sizes in D to H at the least.

Wide Fitted Underband

One of the ways to measure a bra for saggy breast is to test its underband. If you can fit one finger, it’s probably only the natural stretchiness of the material that makes it leave a gap, but it’s not too big to be unsupportive.

However, if you can fit at least two fingers inside the underband, the gap is too big. Even if it fits like normal when it’s left on its own, constant wearing of the bra will only stretch it out more. This means the bra is too big. You have to size down which is determined by smaller sized cups.

T-Seamed Cups

The T-shaped seams on the cups are universal among all kinds of bras. They’re there for support. When there’s no seaming on the cups, they’re easier to just wither down and lose their rigidity. The T seams add structure to the cups, therefore strengthening their construction to continue lifting up huge saggy boobs.

Be sure to inspect the cups of pieces that claim to be the best bras for sagging breasts, because this feature can’t be missing on their cups. If it is, the only excusable exception would probably other more advanced technology that explains how it intends to carry and lift up big saggy boobs.

Side Boning

A regular bra with the basic supporting features are usually aided by the typical major parts: the band (with underwire sometimes), the straps, and the cups. However, some bras are meant to provide more support and hold up the breasts even more efficiently than expected from a regular bra.

More importantly, the best bra for large sagging breasts is only expected to provide more than the normal amount of support by having additional features like the side boning.

Boning is just extra panels on the side of the bra, usually placed beside the edge of the cups or further away right underneath the arm. This side boning are the ones responsible for projecting a saggy breast upward and forward. 

Woman with large sagging breasts wearing a red bra

Yes, the underwire or underband may be the ones that work the vertical lift, but the side boning prevents the excess of the boobs to just fall on the sides. They push your breasts to the center, reversing the drooping look and enhancing their shape in the process.

Sometimes, this side boning will come in the form of side slings or extra fabric linings that may not be as stern as actual boning, but it’s still support coming from the sides that will produce the same lifting effect.

Supportive Underwires

Large breasts are already too much to handle for bras. When they're also sagging, it would be almost impossible to support them upwards without the help of underwires. The underwires will reinforce the push to set the breasts higher on your chest.

A top bra for lifting large breasts will pretty much always have underwire. The key is finding one that doesn't have all the negative characteristics that come with wires.

Who is this Bra Meant for?

From the title, we can already infer that these features are catering mostly to women with large, saggy breasts. However, large or small, breast tend to sag with age, and so these bras can really help women of all shapes and sizes. 

​You also don't need to have sagging boobs to enjoy the benefits that come for bras that give you some push. As long as you're able to fill the cups fully, you can still find fondness for the lift it gives, like a well-sized and highly reviewed push-up bra does.

Our small-breasted ladies are better off with other kinds of bras, though. These bras have big cups and functions for big boobs, which isn't helpful if you fit an A or B cup. This is something that's reserved for big-breasted women to celebrate because it's them this bra caters to the most.


Large, saggy breasts may not be the comfiest or most attractive (at first glance). On the bright side, it gives you an excuse to wear the prettiest of bras, like the ones reviewed here.

More often than not, saggy breasts are inevitable. ​Pick a bra that helps your breasts get a little perk and shape, even though your boobs are already on the bigger side. Always make sure you're wearing a bra that is the right size and fits properly. 

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