Best Bra for Plus Size Sagging Breasts [2024 Review]

Pendulous breasts can be attributed to things like old age, menopause, and breastfeeding. While finding the best bras for sagging breasts is difficult, I’ve found my favorite options for reasonably priced and super comfortable bras.

If you want to skip the reading, my #1 recommendation is the Elomi Banded Underwire Stretch Lace Bra. Reasonably priced, this full coverage bra has rounded cups that are made from three different panels that are super comfortable. And, the straps don’t have wires!

My Top Bra For Large Sagging Breasts​ Reviews

Your breasts will change in shape and lift as you age. Surprisingly, breastfeeding and weight gain during pregnancy are not risk factors for breast ptosis or sagging boobs. The Elomi Banded Underwire Stretch Lace Bra provides the most support and comfort among the top bras for sagging breasts.

Best Bra for Large Sagging Breasts Overall: Elomi ​Morgan ​Stretch Lace

The Elomi Banded Underwire Stretch Lace Bra tops my list of the best bras for sagging breasts. It has a molded, three-part cup with an ultra-soft and stretchy lace material that forms a smooth, rounded shape.

The attractive, round, and full coverage cups are cut and sewn from 3 cotton molded panels that create a seamless and forward boost. This wire free bra is ​also made from polyester and nylon​ to allow for stretchability.​

What’s more, you can expect to feel the same comfort and softness​ the next wear. Unlike the Chantelle bra straps that support the big cups, the Elomi wire free bra straps ensure the breasts are centered down below. 

Compared to other bras that only offer comfort to women with a wide chest, the Elomi bra caters to those with shorter torsos. The adjuster allows you to shorten or elongate the bra. The feature makes it one of the best bras for saggy breasts and for women with shorter torsos.

Added to that is the leotard-like, U-shaped back that keeps the straps on your shoulders. This t-shirt bra has hidden side boning on the extra fabric lining under the arms that push your boobs forward. 

This helps to take the strain off your shoulders and back because the band supports most of the weight on your chest. This Elomi Stretch Bra is better than PrimaDonna and Chantelle bras as it offers sizes higher than DD to suit women with large, saggy boobs.


  • Three-section cups direct your breasts forward to prevent sagging
  • A high top edge on the side of the band and side panels provide support and lift your boobs


  • It doesn’t provide much cleavage because of the full-cup bra design
  • Delicate fabric may deteriorate due to frequent washing unless you use quality bra wash bags

Best Bra for Plus Size Saggy Breasts: Olga Luxury Lift

Olga Plus Size Luxury Lift is one of the best Underwire brassiere for large breasted women. It has D and DD-cup size that’s well above normal when it comes to quality.

First off, this bra is better than the Chantelle bra because the straps are positioned closer to each other to support the big cups. The neckline is also lower at the center to work well with V-neck or slightly plunging tops.

Compared to the Chantelle bra, the Olga Luxury Lift bra underwriting is wrapped in padding to make it comfortable. This reduces the likelihood of the wiring poking or prodding at your sides.

Additionally, there’s an under-breast support panel to aid an old sagging breast. There’s also a soft lining on the inside to increase comfort. The bra also has a smooth and seamless texture all over. 

You can consider this full-cup bra a t-shirt bra you can wear with most clothing styles. The trick is to fasten the straps tightly on your body to act as the best push-up bra for saggy boobs.

Unlike the other bras, the Olga Luxury is not pre-shaped to the point of being unsupportive for sagging boobs. Additionally, it has a stable and reliable support system to keep your boobs from sagging.


  • Cushioned underwire for comfort and breast shaping
  • It doesn’t add unnecessary bulk for those with petite bodies yet big breasts


  • Partial-lace overlay at cups may feel quite itchy at times
  • Straps run a bit short, which may sometimes cause the back band to ride up

Best Support Bra for Large, Saggy Breasts: Chantelle Rive Gauche

Chantelle Rive Gauche Full Coverage Bra is another one of the quality bras for sagging breasts with a full-coverage design. Although the underwire has a more elongated width, providing comfort for women with wide chests.

Similar to the Donna bra, this bra choice features an unlined underwire. However, the underwires can dig into your skin and poke underneath your arms. This can hurt when you have large boobs but a small band size. 

The full cups, made of dainty lace, shapes them up rounder. They’re constructed with unlined underwires and reinforced side support panels for an extra lift, even if this can serve as a t-shirt bra.

The seaming is what sets this full coverage bra apart. Unlike the seams in the Olga Luxury Lift and Elomi Morgan bras that form a T-shape, Chantelle’s bra seams follow a half-moon shape.  

Stretchable and adjustable straps join the big cups, so they’re narrower and closer to the neck. The Chantelle Rive Gauche is also like the PrimaDonna and Panache bras because it provides C-H cup sizes. Make sure you get it if you want a bra that helps your breasts get a little perk.


  • T-shaped seams carry and lift big saggy breasts
  • U-shaped power mesh back distributes weight to alleviate pain due to heavy breasts


  • Sizes run small so consider sizing up to avoid bulges on the sides
  • Cups tend to wrinkle because of the lace material

Best Wireless Bra for Large, Saggy Breasts: PrimaDonna Madison Full-Cup Bra

PrimaDonna Madison Full-Cup Bra also boasts several bra features that guarantee extra support. It’s ideal for droopy breasts because the full-cup bra instantly lifts and supports large breasts.

When it comes to band sizes, it’s slightly better than the Chantelle Women’s Rive Gauche bra whose size ranges from 32-42. It’s a 3-part cup with T-shaped seams that divide the cup into a top part and an equally divided bottom half.

Although this wire-free bra doesn’t have side linings, it can handle the weight of your saggy boobs perfectly. Unlike Chantelle, which runs small due to seams that follow a half-moon shape, this one has adjustable and stretchable straps that adjust as the size gets bigger.

Similar to the Chantelle bra, this t-shirt bra has a securely enclosed band with two hooks and an eye closure at the back. These fastenings increase as the bra size gets bigger, which is very accommodating for women with sagging boobs.

The PrimaDonna Madison Bra is similar to the Chantelle and Olga Luxury Lift bras because it has adjustable straps. However, it’s not as good as the Elomi Morgan lace bra that offers higher than DD sizes. 


  • The adjustable straps let you customize how lifted your breast will be
  • The supportive band and stretchable cups compensate for the lack of wire to hold breasts up


  • The seams and lace details may show through thin fabrics
  • The straps may loosen due to frequent adjustments, although you can use bra clips to improve the fit

Best Balconette Bra for Large Saggy Breasts: Panache Women’s Tango Balconette Bra

Some women have bottom-heavy, sagging boobs. This breast type can cause cup gaping in full-coverage bras. The Panache Women’s Tango Balconette Bra can provide enough support and shaping without causing the cups to curl.

If you have bell-shaped breasts, your bust is slimmer at the top and fuller at the base, creating a sagging effect. This balconette bra is one of the best bras for sagging breasts because its angled cups can form a beautiful cleavage underneath clothes with low necklines.

Unlike a full-coverage cup, the bra cup of this balconette bra only covers one-half to two-thirds of the breasts. The angle of this bra’s cups pushes the breast tissue up to achieve evenly rounded breasts. You won’t even notice that you have sagging boobs.

Furthermore, the side boning pushes your breasts to the center, reversing the drooping look and enhancing their shape. Like in a plunge bra, the side boning comes in the form of side slings or extra fabric linings that will produce the same lifting effect.

Similar to the Elomi Stretch Bra, the Panache Balconette Bra includes wide, lightly padded straps to keep the cups in place. Pendulous breasts may sometimes cause back pain, and the straps can help distribute weight across the shoulders and back. However, the wide-set straps may fall off if you have sloped shoulders.


  • Molded cups lift and shape bottom-heavy breasts
  • Mesh-lined side panels smoothen out bulges and create a slimmer silhouette


  • Embroidery may show through a thin shirt or tight-fitting dress
  • The fabric feels a bit stiff at first, although it can soften after a few washes 

Different Kinds of Breast Ptosis

Sagging can be caused by multiple pregnancies, genetics, and gravity beating your boobs’ ability to hold themselves up. Knowing the degree of sagging can help you determine which bra might be the best for droopy breasts.

Mild Sagging (Grade 1 Ptosis)

Mild sagging makes the nipple fall directly in line with your inflammatory fold (the point where your boobs meet your chest wall). It’s usually at the underside of the breasts.

Mild sagging may not look like your boobs are sagging. However, you can choose a bra that isn’t catered to women with saggy boobs.

Moderate Sagging (Grade 2 Ptosis)

Moderate sagging also makes the nipples fall below the inflammatory fold. Some part of the parenchyma (fibroglandular) and fat tissue that make up the breast, hang below the nipple. To some extent, the shape and direction of the nipples resemble that of a normal breast.

Significant Sagging (Grade 3 Ptosis)

With significant sagging, the nipple is below the inflammatory fold and at the lowest portion of the parenchyma. While the majority of your boob’s tissue is found above it, a major part of it is past the inflammatory fold or the crease on the underside of the breasts. 

Compared to mild sagging, the nipple points downward at this stage. This is what some of the saggy breast bras I’ve reviewed are catered to. Their lifting properties are meant to pull up the breast ligaments and shape them into round mounds closer to the chest for a full breast appearance.

Lower Breast Sagging (Pseudoptosis)

Lower breast sagging is not considered a fully sagging breast because the condition is only applicable to the lower part of the boobs. The nipples are still aligned with the inflammatory fold, or above it, but a major part of the parenchyma falls below the fold.

The shape of the nipples points upwards or outwards, making this type look normal. However, you can wear a support bra for pendulous breasts to decrease sagging.

Unusual Shape (Parenchymal Maldistribution)

This is the most severe type of saggy breasts. It’s unusual because the signs of a saggy breast, like the nipples and parenchyma falling below the inflammatory fold, are accompanied by a lack of volume in the upper part of the nipples and lower part of the breast.

Deflated is also one word that describes what this kind of boobs look like from the outside without a support bra on. They just droop down and have no way of supporting themselves from the inside.

A person holding one of the best bra for large sagging breast

What Causes Saggy Breasts?

Weight loss or weight gain can change your boob’s shape and stretch the skin around them. However, managing a healthy weight can help you prevent saggy boobs. 

Smaller breasts hold their shape better than larger boobs. This is because larger boobs succumb to gravity faster than smaller breasts. 

Meanwhile, smoking destroys elastin, which speeds up the aging process. In turn, your breast ligaments lose firmness and eventually sag. Running without the right support can strain your breast ligaments, making your boobs sag. 

Myths About Saggy Breasts

There are several myths regarding what causes saggy boobs. However, some of these misconceptions are not true. 

Breastfeeding Can Cause Pendulous Breasts

Breastfeeding doesn’t cause breasts to sag. Instead, boobs increase in size during pregnancy and stay enlarged while breastfeeding. However, they shrink back once you’re done nursing.

Wearing a Bra Can Prevent Saggy Breasts

There’s no proof that push-up bras or going to bed with a bra prevent sagging. However, wearing a supportive sports bra while exercising is recommended. 

The movement during exercise can stretch your breast tissue and cause sagging. If you need it, I have a review on the best sports bra for saggy breasts. If you work out a lot, this is a must.

Some Exercises Can Prevent Breasts From Sagging

There aren’t certain workouts you can do to target boobs because they don’t contain muscles. However, some exercises targeting the chest muscles can elevate your breasts.

Features to Consider in Bras for Large Saggy Breasts

Saggy boobs point downward rather than shoot outwards from your chest. Usually, they can’t hold up and need a supportive bra to push up closer to your chest than your stomach.

For bras for large sagging breasts, it is best if they have more than 3 hooks with good side support and full cups

You need a bra for saggy breasts to support, shape, and lift them. Though there’s no bra that can work universally for women with large saggy boobs, the best bras for sagging breasts must have these features.

Comparing Bras for Large Sagging Breasts Features

Bra Cup Design Structure Material
Elomi Morgan Full coverage, 4-panelWired77% polyester, 14% nylon, 9% elastane
Chantelle Rive Gauche Full coverage, stretch laceWired69% polyamide, 31% Spandex
Olga Luxury Full coverage, moldedWired83% nylon, 17% Spandex
PrimaDonna Madison Full coverage, 3-part unlinedWired83% polyamide, 17% elastane
Panache Tango Balconette, contouredWired76% polyamide, 20% polyester, 4% elastane
A close-up image of what a best bra for large sagging breast looks like

Bra Style

While some supportive bras are not perfect for saggy breasts, there are different types of bras you can wear every day to lift and shape your boobs.

  • Full-coverage bra: A full-coverage bra covers saggy boobs so that they stay put in one position. This is the best bra for sagging boobs because you don’t have to worry about your breasts slipping out at the top or to the side when wearing it.
  • T-shirt bra: T-shirt bras have sleek features and a seamless look to give large, saggy boobs good support. This is the best bra for sagging boobs, as you can pair it with a tight dress because it lifts your breasts.
  • Push-up bra: Unlike typical t-shirt bras, you can wear push-up bras with deep-neck dresses as they have the plunge feature. This type of bra also provides good support and makes your breasts look close together.
  • Balconette bra: Like a plunge bra, a balconette bra has a unique design that makes it a must-have bra for women with sagging boobs. This bra gives your boobs a rounded look, proper stability, and coverage.
  • Underwire bra: An underwire bra pushes your boobs up to provide you with the perfect cleavage and round shape. It holds your breasts in place, making it one of the top bras for sagging boobs.

Close-Set Straps

Bras for sagging breasts must have straps closer to the neck and each other, focusing their lifting purposes towards the center, where you want your breasts to go. Straps won’t be as effective if they’re wider apart and closer to the shoulders.

Strong, Non-stretchable Material

Pendulous boobs don’t lose their sag when put into a bra. They’re just lifted higher by it. That’s why bras that use stretchable materials for the cups fall to the weight of pendulous breasts.

If you want to prolong your bra’s lifespan, look for one with non-stretchable cups. It should be sturdy enough to lift your boobs without giving in to the pull of gravity and the push of your heavy, saggy boobs.

Soft, Molded Cups

Structured cups are constructed to work for certain breast shapes. If that’s not how your boobs are, it will hurt more than support them. Soft cups are perfect if you have saggy boobs, as they can lift your breasts without squishing them.

The cups should also give full coverage and be accompanied by seams divided into 3 or 4 parts. It would look like a T is spelled on the cups. Meanwhile, a balconette bra or plunge bra can also provide the necessary support on every side and form a more rounded shape.

Wide, Fitted Underband

One of the ways to measure a bra for a saggy breast is to measure its band size. If you can fit one finger, it’s probably the stretchiness of the material that makes it leave a gap, but it’s not too big to be unsupportive.

T-Seamed Cups

The T-shaped seams are universal among most bra styles and are for support. When there’s no seaming on the cups, they’re easier to wither down and lose their rigidity. 

The T seams add structure to the cups, strengthening their construction to continue lifting huge, saggy boobs.

Side Boning

A regular bra is aided by the band (with underwire sometimes), the straps, and the cups. However, the right bra for droopy breasts should have side boning to project a saggy breast upward and forward. 

While the underwire or band works the vertical lift, the side boning prevents your boobs from falling on the sides.

Supportive Underwires

It can almost be impossible to support big, sagging boobs without the help of underwires. The underwires reinforce the push to set the breasts higher on your chest.

Related Questions

How Can Supportive Bras Treat Saggy Breasts?

A supportive bra lifts and shapes the bust to give it a more rounded look. It can’t fully treat sagging boobs, although it can push the breast tissue up without sacrificing comfort.

How Can I Prevent Sagging Boobs in T-Shirt Bras?

In addition to wearing the proper bra, maintaining a steady weight can stop the breasts from drooping. Weight gain and loss can stretch the breast skin, releasing the tissue’s grip.

At What Age Do Breasts Start to Sag?

The breasts can sag at any age, regardless of the exact age. Breasts can sag depending on your genetics, lifestyle, and health, whether you are 16 years old and still developing your breasts or 55 years old and in the menopausal stage.

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Large, saggy breasts may not be the most attractive. However, you can still wear the prettiest bras for big breasts, like the ones reviewed here. Make sure to pick a bra that helps your breasts get a little perkier and more defined.


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