Best Bra for Under a Kurti [2024 Review]

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Kurtis can make you feel like a Bollywood diva, whether for daily wear or a special occasion. However, some bras can ruin the silhouette. For this reason, I’m providing styling advice for the best bra for Kurti tops that suit various breast shapes.

My Top Kurti Bra Reviews

With seamless cups, a pullover design, and a stretchable fit, the True & Co True Body Lift V-Neck Bra is the perfect bra to wear underneath Kurtis. A Kurti can range from blouses to shirts, and this bra is a versatile undergarment for most breast sizes and shapes.

A Kurti is famous for its stylish prints, varying cuts, and comfortable fabrics. The appropriate bra can help your outfits fit your body better, whether they have intricate or basic patterns.

Best Bra for Kurti: True & Co Women’s True Body Lift V Neck Bra

A Kurti can either have a flowy or a curve-hugging silhouette. Regardless, the True & Co True Body Lift V-Neck Bra will create a seamless form underneath while supporting and contouring the breasts. The bra’s flexibility will help emphasize your chest, whether you have an hourglass or pear-shaped body.

Its pullover design and soft cups give the bra a more seamless silhouette than the other bras. In effect, there won’t be visible bra lines, especially for white Kurtis.

The challenge of wearing Kurtis is that the fabric typically doesn’t stretch over the breasts, so bulky bras may cause wrinkles. Unlike the others, the True & Co bra uses soft cups for a smooth and well-fitted look underneath thin Kurtis.

Despite the wireless support, the knit fabric band lays flat along the rib section to lift and shape breast tissue. This means your breasts won’t look compressed even with tight-fitting Kurtis.

The downside is that you can’t adjust the straps because of the pullover design. Still, its exceptional comfort makes it a suitable undergarment for long-straight Kurtis for office wear or peplum Kurtis for parties.


  • Seamless cups, bands, and straps to avoid visible lines.
  • Lightweight yet molding bra for hoisting small or large breasts.


  • You may need to do sister sizing or size down.
  • Pullover design may be troublesome for some people.

Best Multiway Bra for Kurti: Leonisa Contouring Full Coverage Push-Up Bra

Princess cut, tulip, and reversible Kurtis are often sleeveless. The Leonisa Full Coverage Push-Up Bra is a good alternative if you prefer an all-in-one bra for most Kurti cuts.

Unlike the others, you can configure the bra straps into traditional center-pull, multiway, crisscross, or strapless. The silicone anti-slip boning along the cups will keep the bra in the proper position whether you wear it with or without straps.

This is the only bra on this list with foam padding, providing shaping and size enhancement. However, it won’t make the bra too bulky because the padding concentrates on the bottom part of the cups.

Even if you’re wearing a frock-style Anarkali Kurti that draws attention to the breasts, the softly foamed push-up cups can lend volume and a slight lift to petite boobs. While minimizing the waist for kaftan Kurtis, the underwire and molded cups guarantee separation for large breasts to prevent uni-boob.

However, there are limited sizes, as the Leonisa bra is only available from B to DD cups. Still, the soft fabric of polyamide and elastane makes the bra adaptable to different breast sizes and shapes.


  • Bustier style to contour the bustline for bottom-heavy breasts.
  • The wide band smoothens side fats while lifting saggy breasts.


  • It only has four cup sizes available.
  • Six hook-and-eye clasps may form a bulge underneath tight-fitting Kurtis.

Best Backless Bra for Kurti: b.tempt’d Women’s Future Foundation Bra

Do you prefer sleeveless, off-shoulder, or backless Kurtis? The b.tempt’d Women’s Future Foundation Strapless Bra is the ultimate solution for your open-back and shoulder-baring clothes. The low-set hook-and-eye clasps can expose the back flesh, while the cups and longline band offer modesty in front.

Compared to the others, the b.tempt’d bra uses a longline band to smoothen the torso and flatten love handles. This is an excellent alternative if you want to avoid wearing shapewear or a girdle for a Pakistani, asymmetric, trail-cut, or double-layered Kurti.

The stretchier demi cups are ideal for smaller boobs. You may experience gaping cups in some bras if your boobs are shallow at the top. With a demi style, your breasts can easily fill the cups, letting you highlight the chest even if you’re wearing an empire waist or cape-style Kurti.

The cups may exaggerate large breasts, causing top or side spillage. However, ladies with a DD cup can still enjoy the perks of this bodice-like bra to enhance the bust’s natural shape.


  • A backless and strapless bra for Kurtis with tricky necklines and sleeves.
  • Demi and stretch foam cups for shaping and lift.


  • It may not be supportive enough for bell-shaped or teardrop breasts.
  • It lacks separation between the cups and the band.

Features to Consider for a Bra Under a Kurti

Graphic image of a blue bra that explains that the best bras for kurti tops should have flexible fabric, seamless cups and a scoop neck

Finding the ideal bra is crucial because a Kurti comes in a variety of cut designs. When wearing Kurtis, the bra style, neckline, straps, band, and wire can affect how your body looks.

True & Co True Body Lift V-Neck BraScoop neckYesFixed, center-pull
Leonisa Full Coverage BraPush-upYesMultiway
b.tempt’d Women’s Future Foundation BraBustierYesStrapless

Bra Style

Bras can have different effects on the lift, support, and coverage depending on the style. These are among the most versatile bra styles you can choose for Kurtis.

A black push-up bra with underwire and adjustable straps worn by a woman standing near a brown door
  • Scoop neck: Although a scoop neck bra feels like a second skin, it provides natural shaping and support for both large and tiny boobs. The attractive neckline and soft cups simplify the silhouette, much like in the True & Co bra.
  • Push-Up: A push-up bra lifts the breasts higher and closer together. With the Leonisa bra, your wide-set breasts won’t look splayed out underneath thin Kurtis.
  • Bustier: For the band to stretch down the torso, a bustier combines a bra and shapewear. A slimming bustier like the b.tempt’d bra is suitable for those who want to push up the torso without excessively cinching the waist.

Seamless Cups

Cups with textured prints, lace, and other embellishments won’t look good on Kurtis. This is why I only choose bras with seamless cups, so there won’t be stitches that would bulge through a plain Kurti.


While the closure is more of a personal preference, clasps may ruin the smooth texture of Kurtis. Opt for the pullover style of the True & Co bra if you want to avoid small bulges at the back. The Leonisa and b.tempt’d bras use back clasps, although the latter has a low back.


Straps help lift and position the cups. However, some Kurtis can have an off-shoulder, cold shoulder, or sleeveless design. In these circumstances, you can adjust the fit with the Leonisa bra‘s multiway strap. The b.tempt’d bra, on the other hand, saves you time with its strapless style.

While you can’t remove or adjust the True & Co straps, you may still use the bra in most Kurtis.


Most Kurtis has chest cutouts that may emphasize the breasts. For instance, Anarkali, Angrakha, and Dhoti Kurtis taper at the waist and flare out at the hips. For this reason, you need a band that will push the breast tissue up and center for shaping.

True & Co uses a narrow knit band instead of an underwire to support both small and large breasts. Leonisa incorporates a wired underbust to lift pendulous breasts for a fuller look. In contrast, the b.tempt’d bra features a backless longline band to distribute support over the rib area.

A white full-coverage push-up bra with underwire and adjustable straps worn by a woman seated on a brown couch


For everyday wear, cotton is the most popular fabric for Kurtis. Meanwhile, chiffon and silk are frequently used for special occasions.

You need an equally breathable yet seamless fabric so the bra won’t feel or look bulky. True & Co and b.tempt’d mainly consist of nylon, making them highly stretchable and lightweight.

Leonisa, on the other hand, is less flexible due to the polyamide fabric, although the material helps the bra keep its shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Wear Underneath Kurtis?

Aside from a bra, you can wear trousers, denim jeans, or wrap-around pants underneath Kurtis. The trick is to pick a style that goes well with your Kurti, whether it has a flaring cut or a figure-hugging one. Additionally, you can accessorize with scarves, shrugs, sleeveless jackets, and accessories.

What Is the Difference Between Kurtis and Kurtas?

A Kurti is typically body-hugging attire with side slits that usually sit above the waist to reveal the midsection, whereas a Kurta is a collarless, loose-fitting, and knee-length shirt. However, they both take the shape of long draping tops.

How Do You Choose a Kurti?

Choose a kurta’s structure depending on your body shape, style, and even the occasion you’re going to wear it. The right fit is crucial because it can look too tight or loose on the body. It’s also vital to consider the colors, prints, and material.

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Kurtis are traditional clothing, yet you can wear them on almost every occasion because of their versatile style. You can choose any bra from this list to improve your chest and waist silhouette when wearing an eye-catching Kurti.


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