Best Bra for Golfers [2024 Review]

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The best golf bras will lift your boobs while still being flexible, comfortable, and breathable allowing you to stay cool on the field. The last thing you want while playing golf is a huge disturbance like a droopy bra while you hit your ball.

My Top Golfer Bra Recommendations

Golf is best played when you are relaxed and can breathe freely and deeply. Hitting the ball’s cover requires precise cooperation of the head, arms, shoulders, and hips. In this post, I discussed some of the best bras for golfers, the factors to consider while selecting one, and the benefits of each bra.

Best Bra for Golfers Overall: ENELL High Impact Sports Bra

The ENELL Impact High Sports bra is ideal for golf. It’s comprised of a high-performance, breathable microfibre that wicks sweat away from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable. The flat, seamless cups give solid support for the breast, even in bigger sizes, and mold to the body’s curves to avoid interfering with your swing.

This bra also boasts large elastic bands that give excellent support, reducing back strain and improving posture. It’s also high-quality LYCRA spandex, which keeps the girls safe and comfy. 

This bra also has a drawback. It’s meant to be paired with a loose-fitting shirt. Some find it unattractive from the front. The bra clips may be seen through the majority of clothing. As a result, this bra isn’t appropriate for a wide range of shirts and top clothing.


  • The low cut back and cross-straps improve posture.
  • It is suited for high-intensity workouts, unlike the Panache Bra Underwired Sports Bra, which may not be suitable for such activities.
  • It includes wide straps that, like a Back Support Posture Corrector Bra, help to reduce shoulder strain and give all-day comfort.


  • The bra silhouette isn’t appropriate for a wide range of tank and tee designs.
  • The design is a little compact hence causing back and neck pain.

Best Comfortable Bra for Golfers: Panache Bra Underwired Sports Bra

This Panache Women’s Underwired Sports Bra is made to fit like a regular bra, unlike other sports bras that compress your breasts. It has ventilation mesh panels on the shoulders and bust and padded shoulder straps.

It strikes the perfect combination of elegance, breathability, and effectiveness. Its easy-to-use clasp lets you wear it as a conventional bra or as a racer back, based on the outfit you’re wearing and whether you prefer your bra straps to be visible.

It has molded seam-free cups which envelop every boob to provide comfort and a defined shape and are composed of breathable performance fabric in a fashionable design. The racer back strap adds extra comfort and support when needed, allowing it to be used as an excellent choice for low-impact exercises apart from high-intensity workouts.


  • It helps to contour the natural form of your breasts.
  • Gives you a more appealing appearance. This is due to the wire’s ability to elevate the breasts while keeping their form, as opposed to the Back Support Posture Corrector Bra, which has limited cleavage.


  • It might be uncomfortable, mainly when worn for a long day.
  • It may not be suitable for high-intensity activities, unlike the ENELL High Impact Sports Bra, which can be utilized for high-impact workouts.

Best Front Closure Bra for Golfers: Back Support Posture Corrector Bra

This amazing Back Support Posture Corrector Bra is suitable for providing back support. This supportive wireless bra provides exceptional coverage by compressing and shaping your bust to a naturally rounded shape. It has PowerSlim fabric bands that crisscross to enhance your posture and give all-day protection. 

This bra’s broad elastic underbust band provides the extra support you need to work out, play sports, or do anything else. It also has double-layered DuraFit Leonisa fabric cups that offer support and a comfortable fit without increasing volume.

It comprises special fabrics that allow for better ventilation, resulting in absolute comfort and freshness. It includes comfortable, broad, cushioned straps with three adjustment levels that do not dig into your shoulders.

This bra has some downsides. The bra straps have no supporting lining and are not very flexible. The shoulder strap hooks are easily unhooked.


  • It relieves back, shoulder, and neck stiffness like the ENELL High Impact Sports Bra does.
  • It provides more even support for your breasts, reducing pressure on your shoulders.
  • It enables you to stand up straighter, giving you a more confident image and feel, much like the Panache Bra Underwired Sports Bra.


  • The straps are not cushioned. Therefore, they are excessively tight and provide just limited support for your breasts.
  • Because the straps lack adjustable hooks, this bra is not flexible enough.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Bra for Golfers

Graphic image of a blue bra that describes that the best bra for golfers should be made from nylon or spandex, racerback style with high impact support

Getting the most out of your workouts requires comfort, and the key to comfort is selecting the right sports bra. Choosing the right bra takes time and thought, just like a conventional one. The following are some of the criteria that may help you acquire the support you require:

BraMaterialSupportStrap Style
ENELL High Impact Sports BraNylon and Lycra SpandexPolyamide, Polyester and ElastanePolyamide and Elastane
Panache Bra Underwired Sports BraHigh-support sports brasHigh-support sports brasHigh-support sports bras
Back Support Posture Corrector BraComfortable wide strapsCushioned shoulder straps3-level adjustable straps


When looking for sports bras, you’ll see three support levels: low, medium, and high. Your support may vary depending on the activity and your cup size. Consider:

A green racerback bra with lace design and front clasp is worn by a person standing near a white wall
  • Sports bras with low support: These bras give minor support. These bras are best for low-impact activities. Women with A or B cups may be able to engage in more strenuous activities while wearing a low-support sports bra without discomfort.
  • Medium-support sports bras: Even for low-impact sports, women with bigger busts may choose to wear a medium-support bra. Medium support bras may be suitable for even high-impact exercises for A and B cup sizes. Those with C or D cup sizes, on the other hand, may generally utilize a medium-support bra.
  • High-support sports: Bras offer the most support during high-impact activities, particularly for women with larger busts. The ENELL High Impact Sports Bra is one example of this.


Getting a well-fitting bra is the most significant factor when picking a sports outfit. You must determine the right bra size to achieve the best fit. You may accomplish this at home by measuring your bust using a tape measure. 

Finding a well-fitting bra may improve the appearance of your clothing. It might also enhance your confidence because of how fantastic you feel wearing it. If you want a bra that is a perfect combination of elegance, breathability, and effectiveness, choose the Panache Bra Underwired Sports Bra. 

The following tips on finding the right fit:

  • Test the straps: One finger should be able to fit comfortably between the strap and your shoulder. Straps should not fall off or obstruct movement. To get a better fit, try adjusting the straps.
  • Check the band: The underbust band should be tighter than your regular bra and stay in place when you raise your arms or twist your body. If your breasts or back protrude, consider a larger size.
  • Check the support: The cups should not wrinkle, have holes at the top or behind the arm, or let your breasts spill out for the most excellent fit. To test the support, bend forward, leap, and lift your arms.
Woman wearing a green sports bra


You can concentrate on playing the best game possible if you dress as coolly as possible. Whenever it relates to sporting clothes, this is the most crucial factor. If you’re looking to replace your bra, choose advanced materials with breathable properties to keep you cool and relaxed while working out. Look for cotton, nylon, spandex bamboo, and polypropylene in your workout clothes. ENELL High Impact Sports Bra is an example of a spandex bra.

Straps Styles

I know that getting the perfect fit is essential; however, my bras are more than simply cups and supporting bands. The bra strap is another critical component of optimum comfort. Bra straps, like bras, come in a variety of styles.

For aesthetic and practical purposes, golf bras come in various strap designs. Choose the Panache Bra Underwired Sports Bra, which features a traditional racerback style if you want a bra with straps that join in the back for a supportive fit. Spaghetti straps are also a popular style that may have adjustable pulls to allow you to customize the fit of your bra.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Golf Bras Supposed to Feel Tight?

Golf bras are designed to be snug yet not too tight. Your sports bra should be tight, but if it constricts your ribs or breathing, it’s too tiny. Another clue that your bra is overly tight is if your straps dig deeply into your flesh.

How Should I Clean My Sports Bras?

You can easily wash and dry them in the washing machine and dryer. Of course, before dumping a sports bra in the washing machine, double-check the care directions. However, you should be able to machine-wash and dry your sports bras most of the time.

What Is a Sports Bra? (And How To Pick One For Various Activities)


If you enjoy golf and want your breasts to be comfortable, relaxed, and supported while on the course, I hope I’ve given you many ideas for what to look for the next time you’re in the market for a new sports bra.


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