Best Bra for Elvie Pump [2024 Review]

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Elvie offers wearable, self-contained breast pumps that enable you to pump milk hands-free. However, their efficiency would also depend on the bra you’re wearing. I’m listing options for the best bra for an Elvie pump to collect milk comfortably while multitasking.

My Top Bra for an Elvie Pump Reviews

My top choice for the ideal bra when using an Elvie pump is the Kindred Bravely Sublime Hands-Free Pumping Bra. The wireless band, dual-clip layer, and full-coverage stretch cups make it easier and entirely hands-free to pump milk.

Elvie pumps are among the lightest and smallest wearable electric breast pumps. If you pair it with the right bra, you can relax or accomplish other tasks while knowing you can collect breast milk for your baby.

Best Bra for Elvie Pump Overall: Kindred Bravely Sublime Hands-Free Pumping Bra

Your concerns about milk spills will vanish thanks to the Kindred Bravely Sublime Hands-Free Pumping Bra, which makes pumping more comfortable and manageable. The bra keeps the pumps in place so you may carry on eating, using your computer, or relaxing.

Similar to the Momcozy bra, it includes a dual-clip layer for unobstructed nursing and pumping access. You can quickly unlatch the clip whenever you need to pump and do it anywhere. This is something you can do in public without anyone noticing.

The Kindred Bravely bra has unmolded cups like the others for ultimate comfort. However, what makes it better is its four-way stretch fabric that improves the bra’s flexibility and recoverability. The bra would retain shape even when you change the sizes of the pump flanges, or your baby pulls the fabric.

The downside is that the unmolded cups and wireless band may cause uni-boob for large breasts. Despite that, the bra’s centered slits prevent the pumps from hanging at awkward angles, making sure the pump can finish collecting milk in minutes.


  • Has two clips for pumping and nursing access.
  • Snug fit securely holds the Elvie pump flanges of various sizes.


  • Doesn’t offer much shaping and breast separation.
  • Fabric thickness can make the bra feel a bit hot when worn for too long.

Best Sports Bra for Elvie Pump: Cake Maternity Lotus Hands-Free Pumping Bra

Are you bothered that some pumping bras can’t sustain your breast weight when you wish to perform light exercises? Instead of switching bras, you can save time by attaching the Elvie pump to the Cake Maternity Lotus Hands-Free Pumping Bra.

This bra is the only one on this list that offers a pull-on style, eliminating the difficulty of adjusting rear clasps. This tight fit keeps the Elvie pump flanges close to the chest, improving milk suction.

However, unlike the other bras, the bra doesn’t have a removable layer. To access the hidden pockets for the Elvie pump flanges, you can swiftly slide the top layer to the side of the breasts. After that, you can use your free hands to perform other chores.

If you have sensitive skin, you’ll also appreciate that the Cake Maternity Lotus bra is OEKO-TEX certified. This certification ensures the bra is free of dangerous chemicals in any harmful concentrations. The bra also includes nursing pads to catch leaks after pumping and prevent spill stains.


  • Pull-aside cups make pumping easy and help you build a consistent pumping schedule.
  • Features a double-layered cross-back for support for low to medium-impact exercises.


  • Pull-aside cups can hinder breastfeeding.
  • The V-neckline may cause large breasts to spill out.

Best Everyday Bra for Elvie Pump: Momcozy Hands-Free Pumping Bra

The struggle with some pumping bras is that they tend to be too snug or thick for everyday wear. The Momcozy Hands-Free Pumping Bra will help you avoid changing bras throughout the day. It’s also exceptionally comfortable, even if you unconsciously fall asleep after a tiring day.

Unlike the others, this bra mainly consists of cotton. While this won’t make the bra highly stretchable, the cotton provides a tight yet comfortable fit. In this way, you won’t have to worry about the flanges losing support to stay upright.

The Elvie pumps are easy to fasten because there aren’t any tricky straps or challenging hooks. Additionally, the shape keeps the pumps from feeling shaky or slippery even when you walk or lean forward. However, if you don’t utilize pad inserts, the seams could chafe the nipples.

The Momcozy bra has larger X-slits, allowing the flanges to access the nipples quickly. You can simply slip the Elvie pump flanges into the flaps at the center of the cups. In effect, you can still pump without exposing your breasts.


  • Cotton fabric alleviates pain from sore nipples after hours of pumping.
  • Vertical slits enable you to adjust the hold of the flanges comfortably, even if you have asymmetrical breasts or large nipples.


  • You may need to consider sister sizing because of the unmolded cups.
  • It may require pad inserts to avoid a uni-boob look.

Features to Consider for a Bra for Elvie Pump

Some mothers can pump their milk in as little as 15 minutes, while others may need to spend hours doing so. In either case, an Elvie pump’s hands-free pumping system can help you save valuable time. However, only bras with easy access will help you get the most out of the pump.

Graphic image of a red bra that describes that the best bra for Elvie pumps have full coverage cups and adjustable straps

Comparison Chart

BraFlange AccessStyleAdjustability
Kindred Bravely Sublime Hands-Free Pumping Bra Dual-clip layerFull-coverage cupsBack hook-and-eye closure and front adjustable straps
Cake Maternity Lotus Hands-Free Pumping BraSide-pull flapsHalter cupsFixed straps, pull-on design
Momcozy Hands-Free Pumping Bra Dual-clip layerFull-coverage cupsBack hook-and-eye closure and front adjustable straps

Size Range

Breast size may increase two to three times during lactation. Because of this, a pumping bra must be able to adapt to variations in size or shape. The bras I reviewed start at B cups, with Kindred Bravely having the largest at an I cup.

Two hands-free pumping bras colored cream placed on a blue background

Pump Compatibility

Most pumping bras are universally compatible with manual and electronic pumps because of their universal design. However, the stretch of the bra and the slit design have a significant role in this.

The bras have big slits that can accommodate pump flanges. While Momcozy‘s fabric is less flexible than Kindred Bravely or Cake Maternity, you may still move the flaps or slits for easy access while adding support to the flanges to keep the breasts firmly in place.

Cup Style

Pumping bras often have full-coverage cups to enclose the breasts and guarantee a snug fit for the flanges.

The Kindred Bravely and Momcozy bras feature full-coverage cups to minimize space between the pump and the breasts, improving the suction. In contrast, the Cake Maternity bra has halter-like cups that allow you to show more skin and help the chest cool off faster.

Furthermore, the bras have unmolded cups since the priority is to provide comfort for sore nipples. In addition, this ensures you can conveniently pull the fabric as you adjust the Elvie pump.

Adjustability and Access

Flaps are essential in nursing bras because they provide access to the nipples to connect the pump flanges. It’s important that you can open the cups even while using one hand.

Most Elvie pumps enable you to double pump, so it’s also vital you can access both slits at the same time. As you adjust the flaps and slits, the straps assist in keeping the cups in the correct position.

  • Flaps: The front-adjustable, center-pull straps on the Kindred Bravely and Momcozy bras make it easy to customize the length and fit without pushing the breasts out when the flanges latch onto the chest. Meanwhile, the side-pulls of Cake Maternity do away with the necessity to work on hooks.
  • Straps: The Kindred Bravely and Momcozy bras provide front-adjustable, center-pull straps so you can conveniently adjust the length and fit without pushing the breasts out as the flanges latch onto the chest. Meanwhile, the Cake Maternity bra has fixed cross-back straps.
A black spaghetti strap pumping bra with a front zipper placed on a pink background


The bra’s material needs to have enough give so that Elvie pumps may latch onto the breasts. Similarly, it shouldn’t be too tight to prevent milk duct obstruction. To help lift the flanges and enhance milk suction, you must still strike a balance between tightness and looseness.

The Kindred Bravely and Cake Maternity bras mainly consist of nylon to balance stretchability and comfort. Momcozy, on the other hand, uses cotton to put comfort first without compromising support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use the Elvie Pump Without Nursing Bras?

No, you can’t go braless when using the Elvie pump. The pumps are specifically designed to latch firmly against the breasts with the help of nursing bras.

How Do I Know if the Bra Holds the Pump Correctly?

You’ll know that the bra holds the pump correctly if the pump’s flange is pressing firmly against the chest. Some bras with stretchable fabric or clip-down flaps can also cover the pumps completely.

What’s the Difference Between a Pumping and a Nursing Bra?

The structure of pumping bras keeps the flanges securely in place, so there’s little to no risk of milk spillage. On the other hand, a nursing bra focuses on quick access for breastfeeding.

What Is a Nursing Bra?


Pumps help you multitask like an expert, reducing stress when caring for a newborn child. This collection of bras will make pumping more comfortable for you. By keeping the Elvie pumps in place, the right bra will help you get the most out of your pumping session.


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