3 Best Sports Bra for Dancing [2024 Review]

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The breasts can shake and bounce uncontrollably as you dance. Whether you’re a professional dancer or someone who does dance workouts, a proper bra can support and contain the breasts. I’m listing options for the best bra for dancing so it won’t be painful for the chest as you hit the dancefloor.

My Top Bra for Dancing Reviews

After comparing different factors, I found the True & Co Women’s True Body Lift Convertible Bra as the best bra for dancing. Its high neckline, seamless construction, and moisture-wicking properties make it a versatile bra for different types of dance.

Various dance genres have different movements and clothing requirements. Whether you need support, coverage, or something minimizing, I’m giving top-rated options to help you dance more confidently and gracefully.

Best Bra for Dancing: True & Co Women’s True Body Lift Convertible Bra

If you need smoothening and support while dancing, the True & Co Women’s True Body Lift Convertible Bra can keep the boobs in place so you won’t have to worry about spillage. Its seamless cups, mesh panels, and longline design guarantee sculpted coverage and breathability.

This is the only wireless bra on this list. This feature is ideal for dancers who would do lots of bending and don’t want wires digging into their skin.

The True & Co Women’s True Body Lift Bra has a higher neckline compared to the other bras, making it suitable for ladies who want more compression to contain large breasts. Additionally, it has a rounded ballet-inspired back that makes it easier to wear underneath low-back costumes.

While this isn’t the most restrictive for hip-hop or cheer dance, the bra is perfect for low to medium-impact movements like ballet, ballroom, contemporary, and folk dance.


  • Light-padded cups and band are supportive for twirls, leaps, and bounces.
  • Made with smooth, buttery fabric for a flawless silhouette underneath leotards.


  • Only available in standard A to DDD cup sizes.
  • Bra straps may be too short for those with long torsos.

Best Support Bra for Dancers: Le Mystere Women’s Active Balance Sports Bra

The Le Mystere Women’s Active Balance Sports Bra is another top-rated bra for dancing, especially for high-impact movements. Unlike the other bras, it uses plunging contoured cups for better containment and shaping.

Similar to the True & Co Wings Body Lift Bra, this bra wraps into a ballerina’s back to stay anchored to the body even as you flip or roll. This also makes it a reliable option if you need a supportive bra with a pleasing design for pole dancing.

The Le Mystere Sports Bra doesn’t have full-coverage cups that are typical in sports bras. Despite that, the mesh keeps the breasts from falling out.

Besides, this bra will remain hidden if your dance outfit has a low-cut neckline. The band reinforces the top part, ensuring the bust won’t jiggle as you perform aggressive breakdancing moves.


  • Light compression minimizes breast bounce while removing tension on the back and shoulders.
  • Demi coverage is ideal for those who want to avoid cup gaps.


  • It may be a bit bulky for leotards and tight-fitting costumes.
  • A prominent underwire makes the band thicker.

Best Dance Bra for a Large Bust: Plusexy Women’s Convertible Support Bra

Plusexy Women’s Convertible Support Bra is an excellent option if you need minimal undergarment while ensuring coverage, especially if you have a larger bust. Its seamless shaping is perfect when wearing backout dresses for waltz, tango, and belly dancing.

This is the only bra on this list that includes two primary straps, two extra back straps, and another clear back strap. This makes the bra a versatile undergarment for various types of dancing outfits. However, the clear back strap can cling to the body much when you’re sweaty.

Compared to the other bras, the Plusexy Convertible Bra mainly uses polyester, enabling it to have lightly-padded cups and a wide smooth back. The center gore also ensures the bra stays in position to encourage separation for large boobs.


  • It comes with interchangeable straps that you can modify to various configurations.
  • Non-slip knit at the cups keeps breasts in place even when worn strapless.


  • You can’t use the transparent back and clear straps at the same time.
  • No loops for the clear back strap.

Features to Consider for a Bra for Dancing

Dancing has different ways to make the body move. It can be anywhere from doing side steps in cha-cha, twirls in cultural dances, or backflips in street dancing. The bra style, cups, straps, band, and material are crucial components for efficient dance bras.

Graphic image of a blue bra that describes that the best bras for dancing have longline designs, medium to high compression and contoured cups

Comparing Dancing Bras Features

Bra Cups Style Structure
True & Co True Body Lift Mesh Full cups with removable padsHigh neckline with mesh backWired
Le Mystere Women’s Active Plunging contoured cupsSports bra with ballerina backWired
Plusexy Women’s Lightly padded cupsMultiwayWired

Bra Style

There are different bra types to choose from, although particular ones can better improve mobility while dancing.

  • High-neck bra: High-neck bras such as the True & Co True Body Lift Bra are suitable for dancers who need more coverage as they bend, do a handstand, or swing into the air.
  • Sports bra: It would be better to opt for sports bras like the Le Mystere Women’s Active Balance Sports Bra if you need to minimize breast movement in hip-hop or lyrical dances.
  • Multiway bra: If you need a virtually invisible bra underneath tight-fitting dance costumes, you need a multiway bra with a seamless finish like the Plusexy Women’s Convertible Support Bra.
Wireless sports bra gray in color placed on a peach background


The support of a dance bra comes from a number of components, including the back design, straps, and band.

  • Band: The band will do most of the lifting, which is why you can still wear strapless bras while dancing. Among the three, the True & Co Body Lift Bra has the broadest band for support and lifting. It also has mesh panels to smoothen side spillage and encourage proper blood circulation.
  • Cups: The cups balance support and coverage. True & Co uses removable soft cups, Le Mystere has plunging contoured cups, whereas Plusexy includes lightly padded cups.
  • Back: If you’ll be wearing the bra for dance workouts or rehearsals, having a high back won’t be a problem. However, if you need to wear it underneath costumes, a low ballet-back would be preferable. While only the Le Mystere Sports Bra has a ballerina back, the other two bras still have deep backs.
  • Straps: The straps can reinforce the band when lifting the cups. The Plusexy Convertible Bra has more options to modify the straps than the True & Co Body Lift Bra.


When it comes to dancing, it’s advisable to wear moisture-wicking fabrics to keep the body cool as you sweat. The cups should allow air to circulate to avoid harboring moisture that may cause skin irritations.

The True & Co and Le Mystere bras primarily consist of nylon. This fabric enables the bra to prevent odor from sticking into the cups even when you’re dancing for hours. On the other hand, Plusexy mainly uses polyester, making it a smooth and lightweight bra.

Aside from that, these bras include spandex and elastane blends to retain shape without making them feel too restrictive in the chest.

Pink full-coverage underwired bra with polka dots design and adjustable straps

Related Questions

What Type of Bra Should I Wear While Dancing?

It’s best to wear padded bras with contoured cups while dancing. These features keep the breasts in place to avoid jiggling as you do high-intensity movements.

How Can I Avoid Breast Bounce When Exercising?

Wear a supportive yet comfortable bra to avoid breast bounce when exercising. Particularly when incorporating intense dance movements in your workout routines, you may need something compressive to avoid excessive bouncing.

What Undergarments Do Dancers Need?

Dancers may need to wear a bra, seamless panty, or leotard, although this depends on the genre and production. Most dancers require designs that secure their private parts without ruining complex outfits.

What Is a Sports Bra? (And How To Pick One For Various Activities)


These bras are versatile to different genres and clothing needs. I hope these bra options can motivate you in dance training or workouts.  As long as you feel supported and comfortable, you can do intricate dance movements with beauty and ease.


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