Best Bra for Bell Shape Breasts [2024 Review]

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If you have bell-shaped breasts, there would be a lot of volume at the bottom and minimal tissue at the top. A heavy bust can feel dragging or bouncy as you move. I’m listing options for the best bra for bell shape to lift and support your breasts.

My Top Bra for Bell Shape Boobs Reviews

After considering various factors and testing out options, I’m rating the Simone Perele Women’s Caresse Plunge Bra as the best bra for bell shape. Its cup shape, lifting band, and supportive straps can provide a beautiful silhouette for your bell-shaped breast, regardless of the size.

A bell-shaped chest would be fuller at the bottom and slimmer at the top. Since there are various sizes and outfit preferences, I’m giving more bras to enhance comfort and confidence in carrying bell breasts.

Best Bra for Bell Shape Overall: Simone Perele Women’s Caresse Plunge Bra

The Simone Perele Women’s Caresse Plunge Bra is the ultimate t-shirt bra for women with bell-shaped breasts. Its seamless 3D woven fabric, adjustable straps, and plunge cut make it extremely comfortable while enhancing your bust silhouette.

If your breasts are narrow at the top yet rounder at the bottom, it’s ideal to wear a bra covering the whole breast. However, if you want better air circulation, especially on hot days, the plunge cups of this bra can balance that.

This is the only bra on this list that uses an innovative spacer fabric. It’s a lightweight and breathable material that forms a flattering rounded shape without adding bulk to the bottom part of the bust.

Unlike the others, the structured cups of the Simone Perele Plunge Bra are deeper than the others. This ensures the bra can scoop all of the breast tissue and distribute the weight evenly to push up the top part despite your boobs having a bell shape.

While it’s not much of a dealbreaker, the lace detailing on the band can be quite itchy when it’s humid, and you’re sweaty. However, the spacer fabric makes up by providing coolness in the cups.


  • Full cup design provides the right amount of shaping and support even for ladies with G cups.
  • Lifts the heavy part of bell-shaped boobs to even out the weight up top.


  • Lace may create a slight wrinkle at the base.
  • It may form cup gaps if you’re in size A.

Best Activewear Bra for Bell Shape: Panache Women’s Underwired Sports Bra

Bell breasts have evident and rounded bottoms. Suppose the heavy bottom of your bell-shaped boobs feels like you are dragging heavy fruits. In that case, the full-coverage style of the Panache Women’s Underwired Sports Bra can significantly reduce bounce while distributing the weight across the bust.

Compared to the others, this bra’s wired band connects to the center gore. If you have I or J cup sizes, this feature can ensure breast separation despite the rounded bottom.

Instead of compressing your bell breasts, this bra individually encapsulates each one to lift and shape the bust for a fuller look. Additionally, smooth inner molded cups reduce friction even as you wear the sports bra for long hours.

Panache went the extra mile by wrapping the underwire in silicone and sewing it between fabric layers for comfort. However, this adds bulk to the band, which you may feel whenever you bend.

This bra uses lightweight microfiber fabric, unlike the others. In effect, the bra can wick away moisture from the skin, particularly sweat that can form on the creases of the bust’s bottom.


  • Full cups minimize bounce whether you’re doing relaxing yoga or high-impact sports.
  • Lined cups for support and modesty, yet not heavily padded to avoid bulk.


  • It may leave some marks when you clip the straps together for a racerback style.
  • May form cup gaps if you have forward shoulders.

Best Contouring Bra for Bell Shape: Skarlett Blue Women’s Minx Balconette Bra

Bell-shaped chests are softer on top and firmer at the bottom. This can sometimes happen due to breastfeeding, weight loss, and hormonal imbalance. With the Skarlett Blue Women’s Minx Balconette Bra, you can accentuate the cleavage while lifting the heavy bottom part.

This is the only bra on this list with demi cups. The bra’s structure is suitable for revealing necklines when you want to flaunt your curves. The addition of double-lined sides helps flatten the sides for a smoother silhouette.

However, this contouring bra has unlined cups, which means there’s no padding or foam. This is an excellent option if you don’t want to add volume to the lower part of your breasts.

Similar to the Simone Perele Plunge Bra, the Skarlett Blue Minx Balconette Bra has a high center gore. The center gore ensures breast separation for sagging bell-shaped boobs, whether you have an A or H cup size.

The only downside is that lace details may form some texture underneath see-through and tight-fitting tops. On the plus side, they make gorgeous and more supportive alternatives to bralettes when paired with oversized blazers.


  • High center gore lies flat on the chest to avoid a uni-boob effect.
  • Balcony cups make bell-shaped breasts look fuller at the top.


  • Pronounced lace details are visible underneath clothes with thin fabrics.
  • You may need to wear nipple covers because of the unlined cups.

Best Lounge Bra for Bell Shape: True & Co Women’s Triangle Lace Racerback Bra

If you have very little soft tissue at the top of the bust yet lots of volume at the bottom, you need a bra with firm support and reliable hold. True & Co Women’s Triangle Lace Racerback Bra feels like you’re wearing nothing even if you have large bell-shaped breasts.

Like the Panache Sports Bra, this racerback bra includes curve-hugging elastic cups with thicker foam pads. What’s more, the seamless bra provides removable pads, so you can also try out pad inserts of various thicknesses and materials.

Compared to the others, the True & Co Racerback Bra has a higher percentage of nylon. This provides exceptional elasticity to contour any breast shape. It doesn’t form wrinkles despite having a stretch fabric.

If the hook-and-eye closure of the other bras seems troublesome for you, you’ll like the pullover design of this triangle bra. However, this means you can’t use bra extenders in case you change band sizes.

Note that you can’t modify the fixed racerback straps. Hence, you can’t adjust the length or use bra clips. Despite that, the lace gives a pretty versatile design, allowing you to wear the bra on its own or underneath camisoles, sheer tops, or windbreakers.


  • It has a buttery soft fabric that balances comfort and shaping.
  • It has a wide elastic band for optimum lift and support.


  • You can’t adjust the racerback straps.
  • Sizes range from extra small to extra large.

Features to Consider in Bras for Bell Shaped Breasts

While different breast shapes are equally beautiful, they can sometimes make it a struggle to find a proper-fitting bra. If your bosom is heavier at the bottom with little tissue at the top, the best bra for bell shape should have cups, a band, and center gore that can support, lift, and contour.

Graphic image of a blue bra that explains that the best bras for bell shaped breasts have spandex material, light padding and thick bands

Comparing Bras for Bell Shape Features

Bra Style Padding Band
Simone Perele Caresse PlungeMinimalWired
Panache High-Impact SportsMinimalWired
Skarlett Blue Minx BalconetteUnpaddedWired
True & Co True Body TriangleRemovableWireless

Bra Style

There are various types of bra styles, although these are the ones that can cover boobs with a bell shape and not exaggerate the bottom part.

  • Plunge: A plunge bra like the Simone Perele Caresse Bra can bring your breasts together to the center while gently lifting them to create cleavage.
  • Balconette: Like the Skarlett Blue Minx Balconette Bra, the half cups of the balconette provide the top part of bell-shaped breasts for a fuller look while preventing spillage.
  • Sports: If you prefer more support for high-impact activities, you need sports bra compression, much like what the Panache Women’s Underwired Sports Bra can provide.
  • Triangle: If you have smaller breasts and prefer a more lightweight material, the True & Co Women’s Triangle Lace Racerback Bra will let your bell breasts fully sit in the cups.
Brown underwired full-coverage bra with floral lace design, wide band, and adjustable straps


The cups should provide comfortable shaping without squeezing or flattening the boobs. Each type may result in a different effect on fit, although they all provide the necessary lift for heavy bell breasts.

  • Molded: The Simone Perele Women’s Caresse Plunge Bra mainly uses molded and lightly padded cups to give a more rounded look despite having little breast tissue on top.
  • Full Coverage: If demi cups aren’t your style, you can opt for full-coverage cups for modest coverage, as seen in the Panache Underwired Sports Bra.
  • Balconette: Balconette bras such as the Skarlett Blue Women’s Minx are perfect for ladies with wider shoulders and firmer breasts because they can contour the bust to a narrower figure.
  • Stretch: If you need an on-the-go type of bra, the stretch cups of the True & Co Triangle Bra will make dressing up a breeze as it can minimize breast bounce.


The band is among the most crucial elements of a functional bra for boobs that shape like bells. It shouldn’t feel too loose or tight, whether you’re wearing a clasped or pullover bra.

If the band is too tight, it can distort the shape of your bell boobs and make them drag lower than expected. This is why the bras here have elastic bands to rest gently on the bust without tightening the bra’s compression.


While pads can add volume to the cups, they serve as shapers to distribute the breast tissue to the bust’s top part. However, you have to make sure you won’t feel too stuffed, particularly if you have large breasts.

For this reason, we picked the Simone Perele and Panache bras because they only have minimal padding. With the seamless design of the Simon Perele Plunge Bra, the pads also offer a more rounded shape if you need to fill cup gaps.

On the other hand, the True & Co Triangle Bra has removable pads for a custom fit. If you want to avoid paddings altogether, you can select the Skarlett Blue Minx Balconette Bra.

Center Gore

The center gore is the panel on the bra’s front that should lie flat on the sternum. A high center gore like the Simone Perele and Skarlett Blue bras prevents spillage once the cups hoist the bell boobs.


When you have bell breasts, you can either wear wired or wireless bras. However, it should still depend on your comfort and desired effect. What’s important is that the wire shouldn’t poke or dig into the skin.

For instance, the wire-free design of the True & Co Triangle Bra is enough for ladies with small bell-shaped boobs because the stretch cups would compensate.

Meanwhile, if you need more structure to the cup and help provide forward projection, the wired bands of the Simone Perele, Panache, and Skarlett Blue bras would be better for you.

Full-coverage underwired bras in three different colors with adjustable straps and wide band

Related Questions

How Can I Lift My Bell-Shaped Breasts?

The easiest way to lift your bell-shaped boobs is to wear a well-fitting, supportive, and lifting bra. Aside from that, it pays to do exercises that target the upper body to strengthen chest muscles and improve posture to make the breasts perkier.

Which Bra Is Best for a Perfect Shape?

Styles such as balconette, plunge, sports, and triangle bras are generally versatile to achieve perfectly-shaped breasts. As long as the bra has the proper fit and can give your desired output, it can form the perfect shape you want.

Which Type of Bra Is Best for Daily Use?

The best bra for daily use would depend on your needs, yet molded, stretch-cup, and t-shirt bras are ideal for everyday wear. Be sure to consider what can contribute to your daily needs to find the right bra, especially if your breasts shape like bells.

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Different breast shapes should receive the right treatment, including choosing the appropriate bra. However, you should still consider the features and your needs. When you pick any of my bra recommendations, you can take better care of your bell-shaped breasts while learning how to love them more.


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