Best Bra for Acid Reflux [2024 Review]

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Acid reflux is a persistent ailment caused by stomach acid or bile irritates the esophagus lining. Clothes that don’t fit properly may increase your symptoms in almost any situation. To feel more at ease, use the best bra for your acid reflux.

My Top Acid Reflux Bra Recommendations

Acid reflux may be quite bothersome, especially when you wake up or go to bed. You may also question if there is a link between gastroesophageal reflux illness and the daily bra you wear. If this is the case, you should try one of the acid reflux bras I’ve listed below.

Best Bra for Acid Reflux Overall: Fruit of the Loom Women’s Sports Bra

The Fruit of Loom sports bra is the best bra for ladies suffering from acid reflux. The low impact sports bra is composed of spandex and cotton. As a result, this bra is elastic and gentle to the touch, unlike the Playtex Seamless Smoothing Bra, which has fit concerns. The low impact sports bra does not squeeze your body. 

The band at the bottom of the low impact sports bra supports and positions the breasts. Furthermore, it does not make you feel tense. Unlike the Hanes Ultimate Wireless Bra, which lacks coverage and makes flat and curved breasts seem unattractive, this bra boasts a full-coverage crop top neckline. This allows it to be worn beneath blouses and tanks for a bright flash of color.

On the other hand, the strap placement may be too close to your neck, putting too much pressure on your cervical nerve, which travels from your neck to your shoulders. As a result, headaches, neck discomfort, numbness, and shoulder pain are common complaints among women wearing this bra.


  • This bra is made of high-quality materials, making it long-lasting, breathable, and extremely soft on the skin.
  • It holds your breasts together so you can move freely without difficulty, discomfort, or pain.


  • This bra is not suitable for those who have sensitive neck nerves.
  • This back design is visible beneath certain tops.

Best Plus Size Bra for Acid Reflux: Hanes Ultimate Wireless Bra

This Hanes ultimate wireless bra is one of the most incredible bras available. The bra has a simple style with a back fastening that allows for size changes. It contains a hook, eye back clasp, and a four-way stretch comfort band for all-day comfort, unlike the Playtex Seamless Smoothing Bra, which has fit issues. 

This wireless bra has moisture-wicking characteristics. Moisture-wicking bras are the ideal solution to your sweating problem. They provide full coverage, effectively absorb sweat, and keep you cool and dry. It has adjustable straps that allow you to customize the size to match your needs. This wireless bra flatters the breast and is seamless enough to be worn under any material. 

This bra’s drawback is that it cannot accommodate uneven breasts unless the cups are elastic and the wearer has petite breasts and erect nipples.


  • It has excellent stretch recovery. Thus, it improves posture and prevents a variety of body pains.
  • Well-washed with little shrinkage, lowering the possibility of the bra becoming overly tight on your skin.


  • This bra has no appropriate design. Because there is no built-in wire, it quickly loses its form.
  • Breasts that are flat or slightly curved will seem unattractive due to a lack of adequate support, in contrast to the Playtex Seamless Smoothing Bra, which provides greater coverage.

Best Seamless Bra for Acid Reflux: Playtex Seamless Smoothing Bra 

The Playtex Seamless is loose and will not aggravate your reflux. This bra boasts two two-ply soft cups and cushioned non-slip straps to keep you comfortable all day. This seamless model is both comfy and supportive.

This soft cup bra is machine washable and will be a terrific addition to your wardrobe. This soft cup bra has broader straps that don’t dig into the shoulders and thick side straps that may assist ease back discomfort if you have it. 

This bra also includes adjustable straps that are anti-slip to keep the cups close to the body. It also has attractive flower decorations around the sides and back and a delightfully smooth cup. The disadvantage of this soft cup bra is that it is not padded; however, it does have a double-layer fabric for further comfort.


  • This soft cup bra has greater side coverage, unlike the Hanes Ultimate Wire-free Bra, which lacks enough support, making flat and curved breasts appear unappealing.
  • Wider cushioned straps offer less digging into the shoulders.
  • There are rounder two fly soft cups are wonderful for drooping busts because two fly soft cups create a perky look.


  • The fit is a concern, unlike the Hanes Ultimate Wire-free Bra, which features four-way stretch comfort and can fit everyone.
  • It is too tiny for specific buyers, even though they purchased their typical sizes.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Bra for Your Acid Reflux

Graphic image of a blue bra that explains that bras that are best for acid reflux should be made with cotton, has wirefree bands and soft cups

These are the features that will guide you in choosing the best bra for your acid reflux:

DesignFabricStraps Style
Fruit of the Loom Women’s Sports BraWirelessCottonSpaghetti straps
Hanes Ultimate Wireless BraSeamlessNylon, Polyester, SpandexHook-and-eye closures
Playtex Seamless Smoothing Bra WirefreeNylonHook and Eye closure


This is one of the most important factors when shopping for the best bra. While acid reflux bras with underwires may provide additional support and lift, wearing them for extended periods may cause rib and breast pain. 

An underwire might cut into your tissues with the acid flow and aggravate your acid reflux. The best bra with no underwire will assist in alleviating soreness. Fruit of the Loom Women’s Sports Bra, Hanes Ultimate Wireless Bra, and Playtex Seamless Smoothing Bra are some of the best bras to utilize in this situation.

Woman wearing a nude wireless bra and denim shorts standing near a white table

Soft Cup Bras

Soft cup bras offer all the support you require while being gentle on the skin. The cups of the best bra for your acid reflux must be smooth to reduce excessive strain on your chest, as a tight model can aggravate acid reflux. The Fruit of the Loom Women’s Sports Bra is a fantastic choice because the fabric is smooth and elastic.


Finding the proper bra fit is critical when selecting bras. Incorrect bras or wearing the wrong bra size is dangerous if you have an acid reflux problem. Fruit of the Loom Women’s Sports Bra is the best bra if you want proper bra fitting that does not squeeze your body.

It is essential to find the best bra fitting that makes you feel comfortable. When you wear a bra, it should not annoy you. You should know how to measure your bra size correctly.


The fabric is the most crucial factor to consider when shopping for acid reflux bras, particularly if you have sensitive skin. Choose more comfortable and moisture-wicking fabrics because they allow for air circulation, making it possible for your body to be comfortable and relaxed. This also reduces the likelihood of skin infection and discomfort. Fruit of the Loom Women’s Sports Bra is an example of a cotton bra.

Tight Clothes

Clothing is typically your greatest friend when achieving a smooth, contoured, and firm silhouette in a form-fitting outfit. Yes, these compression-like undergarments help you slim down. A tight dressing can be detrimental to your health, even if it makes you look and feel great. Use these modern techniques to look and feel comfortable throughout the day.

Wear loose-fitting belts: wearing a belt around the waist enhances acid reflux. This is most likely caused by the belt putting too much pressure on the stomach. However, a belt is occasionally required to complete an ensemble. If you must wear one, consider a loose-fitting or broad style. Wrap a silky silk scarf around your waist instead of a tight-fitting leather belt, for example.

Use athleisurewear: avoid wearing tight-fitting yoga pants. Instead, choose soft, loose-fitting pants with an adjustable waist.

Wear long shirts and sweaters: wearing a garment that covers your waist allows you to wear the most comfortable pants. Long sleeve shirts and sweaters may even allow you to bypass the belt and unbutton your jeans after a larger-than-expected dinner.

Low-rider footwear comes in various designs, some of which are more form-fitting than others. Wear pants and underwear that sit lower on your waist to alleviate tummy discomfort. You should avoid wearing garments that lie on your stomach.

A woman wearing a wireless pink bra and green shorts is leaning on a white wall

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Having a Big Breast Induce Acid Reflux?

Sleeping on your side or stomach is painful for ladies with large breasts. This compels women to sleep on their backs, which can cause gastroesophageal reflux disease and heartburn at night. If you have larger breasts, try using the correct sleep bra.

Can My Bra Cause Acid Reflux?

Tight bras, particularly underwired bras, can cause gastroesophageal reflux disease. According to experts, wearing a bra, compression tights, or an excessively tight belt exerts pressure on the stomach, boosting the upward flow of stomach acid.

Can a Tight Bra Cause Digestive Problems?

It also causes the middle region of the ribs to stay dormant owing to bra resistance, causing the top portion to overwork. Due to the compression of the neuro-lymphatic plexus, a tight bra can also create stomach difficulties.

Wired vs Wireless Bra: When To Have and Wear Each Type of Bra


When it comes to personal clothes, women sometimes choose the wrong bra size that is too tiny out of arrogance. Tight bras can make the breast look larger by providing enough support and shape. Wearing a tight bra might harm your health since it restricts blood circulation and weakens lymph tissues.


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