Best Bra for Rib Pain [2024 Review]

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If you have a high rib cage, it can be pretty troublesome to find comfortable bras for the ribs. This is why I’m listing options for the best bra for flared ribs to get rid of your bra woes and keep both your breasts (and ribcage) happy.

My Top Bra for Rib Pain

After trying out several types of bras, I found that the Wacoal Women’s How Perfect Soft Cup Bra is the best bra for combatting rip pain. Its seamless cups, center gore, and stretchable band ensure support and coverage for the bust without digging into the rib area.

You may deal with bras with gaping cups or poking wires when you have such ribs. For this list, I’m giving bra solutions to make sure you have a well-fitting bra yet won’t feel any pain in your ribcage anymore.

Best Bra for Rip Pain: Wacoal Women’s How Perfect Soft Cup Bra

If your ribs constantly hurt from your bra and you find wired bras too painful, the seamless and wire-free design of the Wacoal Women’s How Perfect Soft Cup Bra will fit you perfectly. The soft material and stretchable band prevent pressure on the ribs while lifting the breasts.

Unlike the other bras, soft bras use compression to minimize breast movement. Since it only uses a broad band instead of a wire, there’s nothing to dig into the skin as the bra encages the breasts.

A too-tight bra can feel stiff and rigid around the ribcage, adding pain to your ribs. This is why the Wacoal Soft Cup Bra is my top pick because it primarily consists of nylon, which is more stretchable than the polyester used in other bras.

While not a total dealbreaker, the boning at the side seams is more prominent than in the other bras. Regardless, this helps push the breast tissues toward the front for a sleeker silhouette.


  • The microfiber material makes the bra gentle on the skin and bones.
  • Seamless foam-lined cups keep the breast tissue from spilling over, even with shallow or asymmetrical breasts.


  • Boning under the arms.
  • Small band sizes.

Best Plus Size Bra for Flared Ribs: Glamorise Women’s Full Figure Wonderwire Sports Bra

If you have a plus-size body and need extra support to lift the bust, the Glamorise Women’s Full Figure Wonderwire Sports Bra can do this while preventing unnecessary pain to your flared rib.

While this is the only bra with wire on this list, the Wonderwire technology comfortably molds to the shape of the ribs. Even if you have a high rib cage, you’ll feel more of the cushion instead.

Unlike the others, the Glamorise Wonderwire Bra utilizes a camisole design with a breathable open-air mesh for a more secure fit. This also provides a minimizing effect without the bra having to press too much on the chest.

The downside is that the cups have a thin lining, so you may need to add some paddings to prevent the nipples from protruding. It makes up by having a hook-and-eye closure to avoid applying extra pressure on the ribs as you align the band.


  • It uses a moldable wire to prevent wire poking in the ribs.
  • Outer mesh on the seamless cups holds down the breasts.


  • The side panels nearly reach the armpits.
  • Sizes run small, so you may need to go sister sizing or one size up.

Best Contouring Bra for Flared Ribs: True & Co Women’s True Body Triangle Bra

The sternum becomes more prominent when you have flared ribs, which can be hurtful if the bra is too restrictive. The True & Co Women’s True Body Triangle Bra uses molded cups to lift the breast without a wire or thick band pressuring the muscles and nerves.

If your ribs are too high, tight-fitting bras will dig into the skin around your ribcage. The True & Co Triangle Bra combines nylon and spandex to better contour the breasts without jabbing the rib section. This also makes it equally stretchable as the Glamorise Wonderwire Sports Bra.

Like the Wacoal T-Shirt Bra, this bra’s plunging neckline won’t peek through low-cut tops. This makes it a sexy alternative to padded wire-free bras.

Its thin straps may apply pressure on the shoulders if you have large breasts. Although this shouldn’t be much of a problem for ladies with petite frames or small bra cups.


  • It uses a lift fabric to eliminate bulky and line-disrupting seams.
  • The molded cups prevent the breasts from slipping out despite not having a wire.


  • The softer material is not ideal for those with D cups or bigger.
  • It may look too pointy on some breasts.

Features to Consider for a Bra for Flared Ribs

It’s vital to look out for specific elements when choosing any kind of bra. To ensure comfort for your ribs while supporting the breasts, consider these features in selecting the right bra to remove tension on the ribs.

Comparing Bras for Flared Ribs Features

Bra Gore Length Wire Design Cups
Wacoal Soft Cup AverageWirelessSoft, seamless
Glamorise Wonderwire Sports TallFlexible wireFull-figure
True & Co Triangle TallWirelessContouring and seamless


If the flare exists in the area where the wire rests, you’ll feel a stabbing pain in the chest. Even when you have a normal rib structure, bra wires can sometimes poke through and tighten the bra’s feel. This can feel worse when you have a high ribcage.

In such cases, you can opt for wire-free Wacoal and True & Co bras if you don’t need to enhance cleavage. However, if you need a wire to reinforce the lift for large breasts, the flexible and cushioned wire of the Glamorise Sports Bra can also work for you.

Center Gore

The center gore is a panel that connects the two cups close to the chest. It should lie flat on the breastbone to eliminate cup spaces or gaps. The Glamorise and True & Co bras both have tall gores, ensuring encapsulation despite protruding ribs.

It has adjustable straps, has tall center gore, is wireless, and has a wide band, which are the things you look for in a bra for flared ribs


The band should remain parallel to the ground in any kind of bra to ensure support. This is why I only chose bras with elastic bands so they can adapt to your rib area while lifting the breasts.

All of the bras I reviewed have wide bands to handle sagging breasts to prevent back pain.

Cups and Straps

You don’t need to sacrifice cup comfort even if you have a flared rib. The soft fabric of the bras won’t put extra pressure on the torso. With the elasticity of the cups, they can cover and lift the breasts without pricking through the rib section.

The bras on this list use stretchable and adjustable bras. When you have flared ribs, and you reach the arms overhead as you exercise or touch something from above, the ribs would become more prominent. 

This is why it’s vital that the straps and cups work together to ensure the bra can accommodate the expansion.

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Related Questions

Can I Wear a Bra Everyday Even If I Have Flared Ribs?

Yes, you can wear a bra daily despite having flared ribs as long as you’re using the proper size. The Wacoal Women’s How Perfect Soft Cup Bra is an excellent option because of its seamless cups, wire-free design, and soft material.

What Does a High Rib Cage Look Like?

A high rib cage means the lower portion at the front of the rib cage protrudes or flares out. It looks as if the bottom ribs are popping out of the skin. You may feel a hard bump around that section, which is why bra bands may rest on that area.

How Can I Remove Pain From Having Flared Ribs?

To remove pain from having flared ribs, you should choose a well-fitting bra that won’t apply pressure to the ribs. It’s also essential to improve your core strength through breathing exercises and stretching. Be sure to consult physiotherapists in case you need medical intervention.

Wired vs Wireless Bra: When To Have and Wear Each Type of Bra


Having a flared ribcage can make it harder to find a comfortable yet functional bra. However, the right-fitting bra can keep your chest covered and supported without causing extra pain in the rib section. Make sure to consider the necessary features and your correct cup size to find the best bra.


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