Best Bodycon Dresses [2024 Review]

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Although the bodycon dress peaked in the 1990s, it is still quite trendy today. It’s one of the sexiest items in a woman’s wardrobe, allowing you to highlight curves in the right places. I provide choices for the best bodycon dresses that accommodate diverse body types and fashion preferences.

My Top Bodycon Dresses Reviews

After hours of fitting and research, I recommend the Meilum Rayon Belt Bandage Bodycon Party Dress as the top-rated bodycon dress. You’ll turn heads with its figure-hugging fabric, bustier silhouette, and tie-waist accent.

It might be somewhat intimidating to wear a bodycon dress, especially if you’re self-conscious about your belly or side fat. You can wear bodycon dresses with ease and flair by selecting a dress with the proper size, cut, and design.

Best Bodycon Dress: Meilum Rayon Belt Bandage Party Dress

Remember the pink bustier dress Cardi B wore on Mother’s Day? Score that outfit at a cheaper cost with the Meilum Rayon Belt Bandage Bodycon Party Dress. With its sturdy fabric and well-constructed silhouette, the dress will snatch everything up, letting you dance freely and confidently.

In contrast to the Uonbo Bodycon, this dress has a midi length, which suits women with pear-shaped bodies. This length can cover wide hips and thighs, showing off more of your legs.

Unlike the Woosea Cocktail Bodycon Dress, which has a halter neckline, this one has a spaghetti strap neckline. The neckline and tie-waist accent are perfect for ladies with apple-shaped figures because these features provide more definition to the midsection.

The long straps are not adjustable, so you might need to take the dress to the seamstress to get them altered. Still, the Meilum dress compensates by having a thick, stretchable fabric that caresses your curves without shapewear.


  • Fits most body types because of the versatile neckline and skirt length
  • Stretchable and breathable fabric tucks fat in place


  • It may cause breast spillage if you’re not wearing the right bra
  • The long back zipper may curve at some parts, which may cause some cloth bulging

Best Floor-Length Bodycon Dress: Woosea High-Neck Mermaid Cocktail Dress

Are you looking for a floor-length bodycon dress that doesn’t cling too much to the body, especially on hot days? The Woosea High-Neck Mermaid Cocktail Bodycon Dress is a versatile pick for a wedding, party, or date.

If you have broad shoulders, small hips, and slender legs, A-line dresses like this can accentuate your upper body to draw attention away from the waist. The dress can lengthen your body to give you a more proportionate look, even if you have a bottom-heavy build.

This is the only bodycon in this list mainly made of polyester, which retains shape well. This means the dress can accommodate weight changes without changing the dress’ fit.

Unlike the Melium Bodycon, which extends down to the bottom of the skirt, the zipper here finishes at the waistline’s top. However, Woosea’s neckline could feel slightly constricting, especially for women with large breasts.


  • Strong polyester fabric doesn’t wear out quickly
  • Amazing stretch doesn’t look like the dress is squeezing the body


  • Mermaid slit may look too high for some ladies, which means you may not be able to use boyshorts
  • Made for taller women, so the dress may be too long for petite women

Best Cut-Out Bodycon Dress: Uonbo Halter Cut-Out Bandage Dress

Do you want a dress that emphasizes the back, waist, and neckline? The beautiful cut-out bustline and the asymmetrical neckline of the Uonbo Halter Cut-Out Bodycon Bandage Dress will make your figure appear thinner.

The body looks a bit straight if you have an hourglass-shaped body. Being the only one with an asymmetrical cut, the design helps show more of the skin. The design of this dress complements athletic bodies beautifully, emphasizing defined shoulders and toned curves.

Like the Meilum Bodycon, the Uonbo dress contains a significant amount of rayon. The dress has a stunning, opulent aspect thanks to rayon, which also gives it a vivid hue. In addition, this fabric maintains its lightness and coolness in hot weather, making it ideal for summer and club events.

Unfortunately, the neckpiece occasionally runs a little large. With some sewing, you may fix it and prepare the bodycon dress to wear for both formal events and informal parties.


  • Features a sculpting bandage fabric that emphasizes the curves
  • Fits up with plus-size ladies


  • May experience some side spillage because the cut-outs don’t cover the skin completely
  • Material may look slightly see-through, depending on the lighting

Features to Consider for a Bodycon Dress

Bodycon dresses should have a flexible fabric, the appropriate size, a flattering neckline, and a lovely pattern to showcase a woman’s curves. Finding the ideal fit for you requires comparing these aspects.

Graphic image of a blue dress that describes that bodycon dresses usually have form fitting design and made with polyester material

Comparison Chart

Bodycon DressSkirt LengthNecklineClosure
Meilum Party DressMiniSpaghetti StrapBack zipper
Woosea Cocktail DressMaxiHalterBack zipper
Uonbo Bandage DressMidiAsymmetricalSide zipper


You may think you need thin or highly clingy fabrics for a bodycon. In reality, it’s best to use thicker materials to give the dress more structure while making you comfortable.

  • Rayon: Rayon is a semi-synthetic fabric that retains color and shape well. As seen in Meilum and Uonbo, their high rayon content keeps the dresses breathable while providing a sleeker silhouette.
  • Polyester: One of the best fabrics for resisting wrinkles is polyester. Like the Woosea dress, polyester makes the dress lightweight and durable.
  • Nylon: The Woosea dress has outstanding recoverability thanks to nylon, so you can stretch it to the point where it won’t lose shape. You can think of it as a wash-and-wear outfit because it is also quite simple to maintain.
  • Spandex: The Meilum and Uonbo dresses are moisture-resistant thanks to spandex, allowing you to party for hours without the dress feeling overly clinging. Additionally, this fabric has elasticity, allowing you to move freely, even in a tight fit.
A woman wearing a stylish bodycon dress slightly showing her upper back


The neckline of bodycon dresses can highlight or deemphasize the neck, collarbone, or shoulder. However, you should consider your face form, neck length, and shoulder width while selecting a bodycon neckline.

  • Spaghetti strap: Spaghetti strap necklines use highly thin shoulder straps. The spaghetti straps on the Meilum Bodycon Party Dress give the shoulders an almost naked appearance.
  • Halter: This sleeveless neckline has straps at the top that connect behind the back. Like in the Woosea Cocktail Bodycon, the halter neckline draws the eyes upward to accentuate broad shoulders and medium to full busts.
  • Asymmetrical: Asymmetrical necklines have a strap or neck cut that isn’t the same on both sides. The asymmetrical neckline gives the outfit some interest and complexity, much like the Uonbo Cut-Out Bodycon.

Skirt Length

The length of bodycon dresses can significantly alter how a bodycon looks. Some may also be more appropriate for specific occasions.

  • Mini: Mini bodycon dresses end above the knee. The Meilum‘s mini skirt length can best flaunt your legs, mainly for casual and social functions.
  • Midi: A midi-length ends approximately mid-calf. When worn with strappy heels, the midi design from Uonbo makes you appear to have longer legs.
  • Maxi: A maxi dress is also referred to as a floor-length dress because it ends at the ankles. This length is perfect for those who want high slits, much like the mermaid slit of the Woosea bodycon.

Zipper Closure

Bodycon dresses are figure-hugging clothes, so you may need extra help to ensure your dress won’t slip down your body.

  • Back zipper: Because of their straight stitching, back zippers, like those in the Meilum and Woosea dresses, are more stable. However, you may need someone to help you dress or undress.
  • Side zipper: A side zipper like that of the Uonbo dress is easier to use. However, the seam may tend to twist and warp.
A woman wearing a bodycon dress posing on the entryway of the door

Color or Print

Your choice of color or print will significantly impact how the bodycon will appear on your body. You should feel secure and gorgeous when you look at the colors or the design.

Choosing a bodycon dress with solid colors or neutral tones is a good start. If you’re feeling bold, you can experiment with color-blocking and more prominent patterns.

The dresses on this list come in various colors, including solid black, darker hues, neutral tones, and hot pink or red.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Wear Shapewear Inside a Bodycon Dress?

While it’s not imperative, you can wear shapewear underneath a bodycon dress if you need extra compression and support. Shapewear can also hug your curves, helping your dress have a tighter fit on your body. Thus, it’s ideal for ladies who may struggle with muffin tops or love handles.

Which Bra Is Suitable for Bodycon Dresses?

Depending on the cut, the best bra types for bodycon dresses include seamless, strapless, bustier, multi-way, backless, and adhesive. Bustier, seamless, and strapless bras are great options if you have large, heavy breasts.

What Is the Ideal Underwear for a Bodycon Dress?

Briefs, boyshorts, thongs, and g-strings are the ideal underwear styles for bodycon dresses. It would be better to opt for seamless underwear to avoid visible panty lines. However, the material, cut, color, and waist level may also influence how it looks underneath. 

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Are you ready to flaunt your curves at your next party? Bodycon dresses can accentuate your curves like no other, fitting like a second skin. With my suggestions, you now possess a bodycon dress that you can wear for many occasions.


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