Best Body Shaper Reviews [2024 Review]

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The best body shaper can be a fast solution when you need to look slimmer in a short amount of time. They can smooth out lumps and bumps, giving your body a smooth appearance. However, a lot of people tend to think that body shapers are uncomfortable and are hard to breathe in.

My Top Body Shaper Reviews

I know that searching for any type of attire is difficult. It’s not always easy to find the perfect fit, this is especially true for shapewear which needs to be tight, yet comfortable and breathable. 

That’s why my reviews feature some of the best aspects of choosing a body shaper for whichever area you want to smooth out. From the color to the material, to the style, I’ve picked the 4 best body shapers that are top quality and will give you what you want. 

Spanx Oncore Panty Shapewear Tummy Control Compression Bodysuit

This Spanx Shapewear Bodysuit is top on my list for its comfort and its coverage. Finding a great body shaper that covers almost all your problem areas is difficult. 

This bodysuit tightly shapes your waist, thighs, butt, and breasts with less bulk. The thin seamless design contains no boning or hard seams, which makes it nearly invisible underneath your garments. 

For the waist shaping, there is a bonded tummy panel on the front torso to flatten and smooth your stomach. This model features thicker fabric to tightly hug and shape your waist. Likewise, the bodysuit has edge bonded side panels for comfortable slimming that won’t squeeze you so tightly so you can move easily. 

Some women prefer a body shaper that gives chest support. However, a lot of the time you’ll end up with smashed breasts or a “uni-boob”. That’s not the case with this Spanx body shaper… due to the non-compression bust, your breasts get support without being tightly compressed.

You’re able to adjust the straps for better chest support, as well as, a better fit for the length of the bodysuit. Straps should sit right under your shoulder blades for the best fit, although you can adjust them higher if you’d like to cover more of your back. 

There is also non-compression, butt-enhancing pockets. This lifts and shapes your backside instead of flattening it. This will prevent a “uni-butt” and give your bum a more flattering appearance. 

Another important thing to mention is the leg openings. They are seamless and invisible under clothing and don’t roll up throughout the day. They are perfect under short dresses due to the mid-thigh length, which also helps to reduce chafing.

The only downside to this body shaper is the double-gusset opening that supposedly makes it easier to use the toilet. The opening is not big enough to urinate through and there’s no way anyone will want to take this body shaper off every time they need to use the restroom. 

One option would be to not use the restroom while wearing it, which would probably only be ideal for short events. Another option is to sew a bigger opening, although most people wouldn’t want to risk cutting anything off an expensive body shaper.

If you prefer this second option, it’s best to go to a seamstress to have this done. Colors are available in black and nude with sizes ranging from small to X-Large. There is also a plus-size option in the same style and colors if you don’t find your size.

What I Love About The Spanx Body Shaper:

  • Sculpts your body comfortably 
  • Support for waist, back, butt, thighs, and bust
  • Seamless design makes it invisible under clothes
  • non-compression bust and backside for a smoosh-free fit
  • Butt enhancing pockets 
  • Adjustable straps to adjust the length, as well as, the bust support

What I Don’t Love About The Spanx Body Shaper:

  • Double-gusset opening not wide enough to urinate through

Bali Women’s Shapewear Lace ‘N Smooth Body Briefer

My next favorite body shaper leaves your body smooth with style. You can wear this shaper as a top paired with jeans or a skirt. You can also wear this invisibly under clothing due to its smooth design.

The Bali Lace ‘N Smooth Body Briefer smooths and shapes you all around and gives you beautiful curves. The lace fabric is what stands out the most on this body shaper. Giving you a stretchy and breathable fit.

The lace fabric is usually thin and tears easily. However, the lace material in this shaper is thick and durable. It’s 72% nylon and 28% spandex. Nylon is a strong material and with a great amount of spandex, this body briefer is stretchy and firm enough to shape your body.

No need to worry about breast support with this shaper. There are softly lined seamless cups that will lift and support sagging breasts. This, along with the underwire will feel as though you are already wearing a bra.

There are adjustable straps to give you just the right fit in both the chest and torso areas. The straps connect to a U shaped back that adds support to your breasts. The U shaped back also helps to prevent bulges from excess back fat.

Let’s get to the bottom of the support. Unlike the Spanx body shaper, there is no thigh support. There is, however, support for your backside. This Bali Body Briefer has a panty shaped bottom to lift your butt. It’s wide enough to cover your entire bottom.

However, depending on the size of your butt, panty lines may be visible. The bottom features a 3 hook closure which you can open for easy access to use the restroom. And, it does not require much effort to close. The material around the hook closure is stretchy enough to close easily.

This hook closure allows you to pull the shaper on from either the top or bottom. If you have bigger breasts, it’s best to pull them on from the bottom. Likewise, if you have a bigger bottom, it’s best to pull it on from the top.

This bodysuit gives you more versatility as opposed to the ones that come with thigh support shorts. The sizes on this body shaper may confuse you, though, it’s very simple to choose the right size.

Sizes are based on your bra size and they do fit your body perfectly according to your chest measurements. Sizes range from 34B to 40DD. You’re able to choose from three colors which include; black, white, and rosewood, which is very light pink. 

What I Love About the Bali Body Shaper:

  • The sexy design gives you a stylish bodysuit that can be worn as a top 
  • Lace fabric that is firm and stretchy gives you a breathable fit
  • Lightly padded cups for chest support
  • Adjustable straps to give you the right support and fit
  • U shaped back prevents bulges
  • 3 hook closure makes it easy to use the restroom
  • Versatility with pulling on and off

What I Don’t Love About the Bali Body Shaper:

  • Panty shaped design may allow panty lines to be visible under tight clothing
  • Confusing sizing

Diane & Geordi Postpartum Girdle For Women

The Diane & Geordi Postpartum Girdle is a maximum level body shaper made especially for women who have just given birth or who have had an operation done. This body shaper also helps you during recovery for both liposuction and Brazilian butt lift.

Women who have just gone through surgery need to wear a compression garment. This girdle will give you the support you need while in recovery, as well as, shape your body to achieve the perfect figure.

It features nylon, spandex, and polyester for a tight fit that’s stretchy enough for comfort. This strong material takes inches off your waist without the uncomfortable boning. Unlike the last two body shapers I’ve reviewed, this one includes one row of hooks under a zipper closure.

The hook row allows you to easily secure the shaper around your stomach to make it zip effortlessly. The zipper is very discrete and invisible under clothing. This shapewear is unique with its body-shaping design.

It gives you an instant hourglass figure by compressing your waist and adding smooth support to your lower half. This shaper does not compress your butt, instead, it lifts and enhances it. The backside features lifting technology to smooth and lift your butt.

The shorts fit mid-thigh and give you enough compression to smooth the back of your thighs without making them appear thinner. There is additional fabric on the hips that give you enough compression to shape and smoothen them.

It’s important to note that this shaper will not slim your lower half. It rather slims your waist while enhancing your hips and butt. This is especially important for women who have just undergone a Brazilian butt lift. It gives you different levels of support in all the right areas.

The thigh openings have a lace band that is stretchy and isn’t too tight. The lace is also lined with rubber material to keep the shorts from rolling up. This works well due to the length of the shorts. The downside of this shaper is that it does not provide any support for your breasts.

It does, however, have straps that go over the shoulders. It also has back support that reaches just under your shoulder blades. You will need to wear a bra with this body shaper. The straps are both adjustable and removable.

The girdle has enough strength and support to stay put without the straps, so removing them will not affect the fit. This is ideal if you want to wear a bra with straps along with this shaper. Having two straps across your shoulders may be somewhat uncomfortable. 

There is a gusset opening for easy urination. However, it helps to mention that you would need to take the entire garment off to make a bowel movement. This may be inconvenient for women who have just had surgery. 

Lastly, this body shaper comes in two colors; black and beige with sizes ranging from XX-Small to 4X-Large. 

What I Love About the Diane & Geordi Body Shaper:

  • Maximum compression for postpartum and post-operation
  • Uniquely designed to give you an hourglass figure
  • Hook and zipper waist closure
  • Hip and butt enhancing technology
  • Removable, adjustable straps
  • Rubber lined lace thigh openings to prevent rolling up
  • Wide range of sizes

What I Don’t Love About the Diane & Geordi Body Shaper:

  • No breast support

Robert Matthew Women’s High Waist Body Shaper

My final pick is the Robert Matthew Women’s High Waist Body Shaper. This one is a bit different from my other picks.

Finding an affordable body shaper that works well isn’t very easy. However, I’ve managed to find a pretty good shaper that comes with a great deal. This shapewear is similar to some high waist shorts which makes it easy to pull on and off.

They cover your entire waist, stopping right under your bust. The top part of the waist comes with light boning to prevent the shaper from rolling down. The boning stops at the middle of your waist. It’s not for shaping; its sole purpose is to keep the shaper up.

It will not dig into your waist or chest. The boning is flexible and short. There is firm compression along the waist which is also from breathable material. The fabric is a thick fishnet design, with the torso area consisting of thicker material to tuck in your stomach. 

The seamless top and bottom speak of the thoughts of comfort behind this model. There are no seams along the thigh openings, as well as the top of the waist. This will ensure a comfortable fit with no tight seams digging into your skin. 

The backside tightens and tones your butt by lifting it without flattening it. The lower half of this body shaper is less constricting, giving you more room for your hips and thighs. 

There is an issue with the thigh openings being too tight. If you have bigger thighs, the shaper may be visible under tight pants due to the thigh bands being too compressing. This shouldn’t be an issue for women who have slimmer thighs. 

Another thing to mention is the back support. This shaper has wonderful lower back support, although, it doesn’t go high enough to cover your entire back. It will likely sit right under your bra strap, considering how long your torso is. The good thing is that it will not create bulges at the top of your back. 

Unlike many shapers, as well as the shapers I’ve reviewed here, this Robert Matthew body shaper does not have a gusset opening. However, due to the high waist shorts design, it doesn’t necessarily need an opening, although, it would be better if it did. 

There seem to be some issues with the sizes being too small. For reference, sizes come in X-Small to XX-Large. However, it helps to note that sizes start at a 0 and go up to a 14. Colors come in black and nude.

What I Love About The Robert Matthew Body Shaper:

  • The high waist shorts design makes it easy to pull on and off
  • Light boning prevents it from rolling down
  • Fishnet styled fabric made with comfortable and breathable material

What I Don’t Love About The Robert Matthew Body Shaper:

  • Tight thigh bands may create lines under clothing
  • Issues with sizes being too small

Features to Consider When Buying a Body Shaper

It may seem like a simple choice to make, although, there are many things to consider when choosing the right body shaper for your body type. That’s why I’m here to help by giving you the best advice when deciding which body shaper to choose. 

Comparing Body Shaper Features

Body Shaper Style With Bra? Compression
Spanx Oncore High-waist, mid-thighNon-compressing molded braModerate
Bali Lace ‘N Smooth Bodysuit with strapsBuilt-in underwire braLight
Diane & Geordi Girdle Bodysuit with strapsOpen bustHigh
Robert Matthew Body Shaper High-waist, mid-thighNo braModerate

The Right Fit

This may seem obvious, although this is where most women go wrong when purchasing a body shaper. The right fit should be tight, yet comfortable to breathe in. Most women tend to go down a size or two, thinking this will make them look slimmer. 

This is a bad decision. Always stick to your size. Buying a smaller size won’t make you look better. It will most likely make you look worse and enhance those problem areas. A small body shaper will create bulges and, in most cases, be super uncomfortable.

Depending on the amount of stretch, you might not even be able to fit into a body shaper that’s too small for you. Another thing to consider is the length. If you have a long torso, a body shaper that’s too short won’t fit you properly.

The same goes for a short torso, with the shaper being too long. The best option is to look for body shapers with adjustable straps or full body shapers. 

It from a breathable material and has a rubber waistband, and adjustable straps are the things you look for in a body shaper

The Stretch

Stretch is a very important aspect when searching for a perfect body shaper. The amount of stretch can greatly affect the fit and results of the shapewear. A body shaper that has a stretchy fit will be easier to put on and will form your figure.

The amount of stretch will also determine how comfortable the fit is. On the other hand, a body shaper that has too much stretch will not provide enough support to shape and sculpt your body. 

The Breathable Material

Because of the tightness of a body shaper, it’s best to find one with breathable material. This will help your body stay cool and prevent you from sweating. Look for cooling fabrics and lightweight materials.

Material that is too thick may be uncomfortable and stick to your skin. Although, some thick body shapers have cooling features. This could be in the design, such as fishnet-styled shapers. 

It also helps to look for shapers that are specifically made for warmer weather. These ‘summer shapers’ can keep your body cool by using breathable fabric.

The Perfect Style

There are so many different styles when it comes to body shapers. There are body shapers for every part of your body so considering what you need to conceal will determine which is the best body shaper for you.

However, the abdomen is the most common reason why women purchase body shapers. There are many shapers you can wear discreetly under your clothes, and there is shapewear that you can even wear as actual clothing.

A lot of companies design body-shaping shirts, shorts, and leggings that you don’t need to wear under clothing. Although, if you’re looking for shapewear to go underneath your clothing, the best style is one that can smooth your body while staying invisible.

A back view of a black full-body shaper in a blue and green striped background

It’s always best to look for body shapers that include straps for maximum security and that prevent it from rolling down. Body shapers with thigh and butt support are also good styles to look for.

The Price

If you’re looking for a body shaper that’s both comfortable and effective, you need to understand that it will come with an expensive tag. You may find some good quality, affordable shapers, however, they may not last you as long as you’d like. 

Body shapers need to be strong and durable. I can tell you from experience that inexpensive shapewear does not compete with its counterpart.

You don’t need to buy the most expensive one out there. Search around and find a body shaper within its product value range. You’ll be happier with the quality.

The Color

The color you choose is something to keep in mind. Body shapers won’t come in vibrant colors, they most likely will have a few different shades to choose from. When choosing a color, it’s best to stay close to the color of your skin.

This is better when trying to hide a shaper under your clothes. Specifically for short dresses that may accidentally reveal your shapewear. Somebody shapers come in an array of shades to match many different skin tones.

However, most shapers come in either black or beige/nude. Black can be a good color because it doesn’t stain easily. If you aren’t too concerned about your shapewear showing, it really won’t matter which color you choose.

How to Wear a Body Shaper

Women wear body shapers for many different reasons. A lot wear them for the obvious reason; to look slimmer. However, you can also wear shapewear to increase the effect of a workout, as well as recovery help during post-operation. 

Some women just feel more comfortable in body shapers to keep everything in its place. Keep in mind that you can wear shapewear for any occasion. That’s why it’s important to know how to wear a body shaper and feel comfortable in one. Below are some tips to help you correctly wear a body shaper.

Pull-On With Ease

Because there are so many different designs and styles of body shapers, putting it on will depend on which one you have. Keep In mind that shapers are tight and hard to pull on. Be careful and take your time when wearing one.

If there are any zippers or hook closures, be sure to close them gently. It’s very easy to pinch your skin with the shaper being so close to your body.

A nude high-waisted body shaper on a blue and green striped background

Use the Right Size

It’s always best to purchase your correct size, though sometimes the body shaper just won’t fit. For cases like this, exchanging the product for a bigger size is better than trying to squeeze it into a body shaper that’s too small for you.

You could easily end up tearing the fabric and you’re left with a damaged product that you can’t return or exchange. Another thing to think about with a body shaper that’s too small is your health.

A shaper that’s too small can cut off circulation and blood flow. If you feel tingly in your body shaper, take it off immediately. This is a sure sign that your shapewear is too small. 

Wear Only One Layer

Layering body shapers may seem like a good idea to achieve a smaller frame, however, this is not safe, nor is it comfortable. Having too much compression along your body can cut off circulation and make it hard to breathe in. 

Instead, find a body shaper that’s thicker to give you the sculpting effect you’re after. You can even look for shapewear with light boning to help you get the support you want. 

Try Lower Compression Levels

If you’re someone who wants to wear a body shaper, yet can’t stand the tightness of one, you can shop for ones with lower compression levels. Not all shapewear is unbearably tight, there are different levels of how much the shaper compresses your body.

This can be more comfortable for some people. It’s especially beneficial for those people who suffer from circulation and nerve problems. Although, a lower compression level may still be too tight for these conditions. 

If you suffer from any conditions that prevent you from wearing constricting garments, it’s always best to consult with your doctor before wearing any type of body shaper.

Related Questions

Can You Use a Body Shaper Every Day?

You can use a body shaper every day as long it’s made of stretchable and comfortable fabric. However, you should only wear it on special occasions if the shapewear has a high compression level.

Should I Wear Underwear With a Body Shaper?

You can either go commando or wear underwear with a body shaper; it’s entirely up to you. However, some shapers are already thick, so wearing underwear or a bra can result in a snugger fit. Meanwhile, some shapers don’t offer enough support for the bust, so you’ll need to wear a bra.

How Do I Keep a Body Shaper From Rolling Up or Down?

The best way to prevent a body shaper from rolling up or down is to ensure a proper fit. Rubber waistbands, silicone strips, and adjustable straps can keep the shaper in place.

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Finding the right body shaper for your body isn’t as difficult as it seems. Once you know which style and features you’re looking for, it can be quite easy. As long as you stick with your correct size, the body shaper you choose will fit you comfortably and make you look and feel great!


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