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Best Black Leggings in 2019

It’s hard to compete against black leggings when it comes to pants that provide versatility and comfort. It’s the reason we’ve fully embraced leggings as a classic staple in our wardrobes. Yours would be sorely incomplete if you didn’t have a pair of classic, black leggings folded in one of your drawers, so we’ve got the best black leggings to remedy the situation.

Top Black Leggings Reviews

As you’ll see day in and day out, season after season, fashion is in love with black. It’s one of the most constant things you’ll see on the runway and in the streets. The many variations of black leggings, like the best ones we’ve picked out, won’t leave you without a new outfit opportunity.

Black crop top with black leggings in the middle of the hills at golden hour

Best Overall Black Leggings: Core 10 “Icon Series’ Warrior Mesh High Waist Legging

Core 10 Women’s “Icon Series” The Warrior Mesh High Waist Yoga Legging is a workout-appropriate pair chosen and used by real athletes and instructors. It promises ultimate performance.They will support and push you to do the best downward dog, run another mile effortlessly, or lift your leg raises higher at fitness boot camp.

With a barely-there buttery soft feel, this pair of leggings hugs and molds to your skin, allowing you to see your form in its entirety and correcting it if needed. Apart from the moisture-wicking material, asymmetrical mesh panels run throughout the legs to make them as airy and breathable as possible.

With workout gear growing more popular by the minute, The Warrior Mesh will keep your workout wardrobe up to date with everyone else’s. If you’re looking for a staple pair of black leggings to add to your wardrobe, this pair should definitely make its way into your collection of the most coveted leggings.

Amazon Brand - Core 10 Women's Icon Series - The...

Best Black Leggings for the Money: Prolific Health Jean Look Spandex Leggings

Combining the best parts of leggings and pants, Prolific H​​ealth Women’s Jean Look Spandex Leggings debunks all the arguments why they can’t be the same. Integrating the look of jeans into legging material and construction, this pair lets you enjoy the fashionability of jeans and non-itchy feel of leggings’ cotton-blend stretch fabric. You really get your money’s worth.

As slimming pants, these jeans-looking leggings also provide the illusion of having skinnier thighs and legs. They have traditional design elements like pockets, belt loops, and exposed stitching to allow casual styling as you would have in denim jeans. All-day comfort is not unattainable as this versatile piece can go from loungewear to party-worthy with the right ​outfits.

Prolific Health Women's Jean Look Jeggings Tights...

Best Cheap Black Leggings: Leggings Depot High Waisted Leggings

Most cheap leggings tend to turn somewhat transparent when stretched out, putting your panties or at least their outline on an awkward display.

Despite its very affordable price point, Leggings Depot’s High Waisted Leggings doesn’t possess that dealbreaker. It’s the best black leggings. They are not see through as they’re opaque enough to cover your skin in solid color.

To further emphasize our point, these are made with the same blend of polyester and spandex as in other top rated yoga pants. This solidifies the fabric without losing flexibility. Not only is the resemblance with yoga pants in the material, this pair of leggings also copy their high-rise waistband.

There’s no chances of wardrobe malfunctions with this pair. They secure full coverage on your entire hips and groin area as well as the rest of your legs.

Leggings Depot Basic Solid Plain Full Leggings...

Best Black Loungewear Leggings: HUE Cotton-Blend Skinny Leg Legging

HUE Women’s Cotton-Blend Skinny Leg Legging is just the perfect level between the thinness of tights and the thickness of yoga pants to be a convenient outfit accessory.

With mostly cotton and a blend of spandex, this form-hugging bottom is focused on giving your legs the perfect contouring like tights do and the warmth of leggings. They would look best underneath dresses and skirts for the retro vibe that brings back trends from the ‘80s.

It doesn’t promise full transparency, which is why it fits more as an accessory to go under other garments. Yet we wouldn’t completely disregard this as loungewear. It has the perfect mix of fabric threads to make one extremely cozy and heavenly leg accessory for all seasons.

HUE Basic Cotton Leggings (Small, Graphite...

Best Sexy Black Leather Leggings: MCEDAR Faux Leather Leggings

Leggings are one of the few garments that look good in leather. Though not real leather, MCEDAR Women’s Faux Leather Leggings pulls off the shiny and smooth look of the original that gives women so much edge. This one maximizes to the fashionability of leggings to the utmost level as its uplifting effect on any outfit is always instantaneous.

Like Prolific Health’s leggings, it incorporates some elements of jeans, if only their stitched outlines. It adds to the charm of the leather material, which is soft, buttery, and as stretchable and comfortable as cotton-blend fabrics. With a tummy-controlling high-rise waistband, this one could embrace your figure in a flattering shape and transform any outfit into a party or sexy mode.

MCEDAR Women's Faux Leather Leggings with Pockets...


Black leggings don’t need any defense to confirm their status as must-haves in women’s wardrobes. With the example set by these various types of black leggings, there’s no reason for you to believe they’re mundane. If anything, these could be the solution to your uninspired outfits as they open up new pairings with each and every ​shoe and top you own.

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