Best Pubic Hair Trimmer for Ladies [2024 Review]

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Getting rid of pubic hair can be a difficult task for women, especially in the bikini area. Shaving with a razor often leaves your bikini area irritated and itchy. The best bikini trimmer will help you keep your bikini area perfectly smooth without any unwanted after-effects.

Pubic Hair Trimmer for Ladies Reviews

These bikini trimmers will make removing hair from your bikini area an easy experience. They are especially effective for women with sensitive skin or those who are prone to ingrown hairs. With these aspects in mind, I’ve reviewed, and have brought to you the best pubic hair trimmers for women within their categories.

If you’d rather save yourself the time of reading the entire article, my overall favorite bikini trimmer is the Phillips Beauty Bikiniperfect HP6378 for its ability to trim at several different lengths, its many attachments, versatility, and amazing results.

Phillips Beauty Bikiniperfect Advanced HP6378 Bikini Trimmer Kit

My first bikini trimmer is the best overall for its many features. The Phillips Beauty Bikiniperfect HP6378 is my favorite due to its versatility, long-lasting battery life, and overall quality. 

The first thing I should mention about this trimmer is the 6 attachments that come along with it including 4 additional items to make your bikini trimming experience so much easier. 

The complete package includes:

  • Precision trimming head
  • Precision comb
  • Mini shaving head
  • Micro trimming head
  • Eyebrow comb
  • Precision epilator head
  • Exfoliation glove
  • Illuminating tweezers
  • Travel pouch
  • Small cleaning brush
  • Charger Cord

The accessories all help to trim, shave and style your bikini area, as well as your eyebrows. Make sure you wash your bikini trimmer before changing areas, of course. The precision trimming head can trim hair to as short as 0.6 millimeters.

You’re able to attach the precision comb on top of the precision head which allows you to choose from 1 to 5 hair length settings. Adding the precision comb will let you trim the hair between 2 to 10 millimeters.

After you’ve trimmed the hair, you have the option of removing it completely with the mini shaving head. This will allow you to create a smooth bikini line. Another great feature is that the mini shaver features a hypo-allergenic foil that gives you smooth skin without irritation. 

For the eyebrows, this Phillips bikini trimmer comes with a micro trimming head, which is much smaller than the precision trimming head. This micro trimmer shapes your eyebrows by easily removing single unwanted hairs. It can define the contours and give you the shape you want. 

Another accessory for the eyebrows is the eyebrow comb. You can use this by attaching it on top of the micro trimming head to simply trim the entire eyebrow to a uniform length. The next accessory is the precision epilator head.

You can use this for both the bikini area and the eyebrows. It’s small enough to have tight crevices. The epilator works by removing hair from the root, leaving you with weeks of smoothness. 

As I mentioned above, this bikini trimmer comes with a beauty bonus which includes an exfoliation glove that removes dead skin cells and helps to prevent ingrown hairs.

The beauty bonus also features illuminating tweezers to help you get rid of those pesky stray hairs on any part of your face and body. This versatile trimming kit also comes with a traveling pouch big enough to fit every attachment and accessory, including the charger. 

As you can see, the versatility of this trimmer is extraordinary. Not only you can use it on the bikini area, but it’s also great for quick eyebrow touch-ups, and you can use it to epilate small areas for long-lasting, hair-free results.

You can simply rinse the entire bikini trimmer and attachments to clean off excess hair or use a small cleaning brush when using it on dry skin. The Phillips Bikiniperfect bikini trimmer comes in a light pink color and has a simple handheld design.

You can use this trimmer wet or dry which is ideal if you like to remove hair while taking a shower. This bikini trimmer is rechargeable giving you 1 hour of use before you need to charge it again.

It helps to mention that it needs 10 hours of charge time before you can use it again, which is a usual length of time for any rechargeable trimmer.

Product Highlights

  • 6 attachments which include a mini epilator
  • Can be used on wet or dry skin
  • Trims shave and epilates
  • Shapes and trims eyebrows
  • Hypo-allergenic foil shaver for sensitive skin
  • Includes 4 bonus items
  • Easy to clean

Panasonic Close Curves Shaver with Pop Up Trimmer ES2216PC

The bikini trimmer with the best flexibility has to be the Panasonic ES2216PC. Though it’s a shaver, it also does a fantastic job of getting a close, clean trim; especially in those tight areas. 

Flexibility is very important when purchasing a bikini trimmer for down there. With all the tight spaces and hard-to-navigate areas, a flexible trimmer can help you get rid of all your unwanted hair.

Be sure not to confuse it with the Panasonic ES2207P, this is a different model and although they might look the same, they have several different features. The ES2216PC is a chrome pink color, while the other model is red.

Due to its flexibility, you can use this shaver/bikini trimmer all over your body. You can safely trim and shave the contours of your legs, underarms, and bikini area. You can even easily navigate hard-to-shave areas such as the back of your legs.

You can use the Panasonic Close Curves wet or dry and is fully immersible. This makes it perfect for use in the bath. That being said, I recommend you shaving cream when using only the shaver. This electric shaver features 4 sharp dual blades on both ends to trim the hair from either direction.

In between the trimming blades are 2 ultra-thin foil shavers to simultaneously shave hair as it’s being trimmed. 

To achieve a close shave, the shaving head is flexible and smoothly moves side to side, gliding effortlessly along natural curves and crevices to make it easy to reach and smoothly shave tight areas. 

The blades and foil are made with hypo-allergenic stainless steel that works gently on sensitive skin and help to eliminate irritation when both trimming and shaving the bikini area. The pop-up trimmer attachment is specially designed for trimming hair along the bikini area.

If you only want to trim the hair without shaving it, the pop-up trimmer gives you 3 settings to choose from for whichever length you desire. Unlike the other bikini trimmers I’ve reviewed, you won’t be able to achieve a super close trim.

Your only options are a long, short, or medium length trim or a close shave. Another great feature is the soft, sure-grip handle that enhances trimming and shaving control for bath and shower use.

The slim design fits naturally in your grip and is easy to use in either hand for a more manageable trim or shave. This Panasonic shaver is super easy and quick to clean. While the shaver is operating, rinse it under warm water to clean hair stubble and residue.

After you’ve cleaned it, allow it to air dry before charging or using it again. This bikini trimmer/shaver is rechargeable. However, you need to charge it for 12 hours.

It provides 1 full hour of continuous power. Instead of a charging cord, this model comes with a compact AC adapter that the electric shaver stands on. This makes it convenient to charge overnight.

Product Highlights:

  • Flexible, quick pivoting head for a close shave in tight areas
  • Trims and shaves simultaneously saving you time
  • Completely waterproof and fully immersible for removing hair in the bath
  • Sure-grip handle and slim design for trimming control when using either hand
  • Super easy cleaning
  • Pop up trimmer attachment provides 3 personal settings to choose from
  • Hypo-allergenic stainless steel trimming blades and foil
  • Stand charger for convenient charging

Remington WPG4050 Smooth & Silky Body Bikini Trimmer

My next best bikini trimmer is the Remington Smooth & Silky 5-piece Body and Bikini Groomer Kit. I love this trimmer for its quality!

Just like the Phillips HP6378, this bikini trimmer comes as a kit, featuring many attachments and bonus items, although the 3 trimming attachments and personal trimmer are what make this bikini trimmer so much more versatile.

This Remington grooming kit includes:

  • Bikini trimmer head
  • Angled foil shaver head
  • Adjustable length guide
  • Exfoliator head
  • Gentle trimmer head
  • Detail trimmer head
  • Dual blade personal trimmer
  • Travel pouch
  • Charging cord

As you can see, this kit has a few different trimmers, as well as a foil shaver for a smooth finish. What’s special about this kit is the dual-blade personal trimmer. This is a completely separate trimmer and not an attachment.

It’s designed for small areas such as eyebrows, nose hairs, sideburns, and ear hair. The personal trimmer features two blades; a longer one for eyebrows and a smaller one for nose hairs. It comes with a small comb for trimming length and a cover for when you aren’t using it.

You can angle this trimming piece for more precise hair removal. It’s important to note that although the Remington Bikini trimmer is waterproof, this personal trimmer is not! It requires one AAA battery which is not included. 

As for the bikini trimmer, it’s designed at an angle to perfectly shape your bikini line. You can use the detail trimmer head for precision areas such as the face, eyebrows, and toes. 

The angled foil shaver attachment is hypo-allergenic leaving you with a close and comfortable shave. You have the option of attaching the adjustable length guide to the foil shaver which lets you choose from three different hair lengths. The exfoliator is a great addition to this grooming kit.

You can use this attachment on any part of your body and will help you prevent ingrown hairs, as well as remove dead skin cells. The gentle trimmer head has to trim blades on both sides so you can use it in either direction. These blades also guide the hair in to prevent hairs from being pulled.

The entire kit, including the dual blade personal trimmer and its accessories, all fit perfectly in the travel zipper pouch for safe storing. The downside to this bikini trimmer is the 16-hour charging time. You get almost an hour of use until you have to charge it up again.

It seems a long charging time for only an hour of use. The Remington WPG4050 is available in a sky blue color with all the attachments coming in white. To clean the trimmer, simply rinse each attachment under a faucet. This electric trimmer is 100% waterproof. 

Product Highlights:

  • 6 attachment heads which include 3 different trimmer options for trimming versatility
  • Battery-operated dual blade personal trimmer included for hair removal on small areas
  • 100% waterproof
  • Exfoliator head to prevent ingrown hairs
  • Hypo-allergenic foil shaver gives you a comfortable shave
  • The adjustable length guide allows you to choose from 3 different length settings
  • Easy to clean

Panasonic Bikini Shaper and Trimmer ES246AC

Due to its simplicity and straightforward mechanism the Panasonic Bikini Shaper and Trimmer is one of the best bikini trimmers for sensitive skin. While it doesn’t feature the many qualities of the other bikini trimmers on the list, it makes up for it with its amazing functionality and power. 

The Panasonic ES246AC is a small, compact bikini trimmer sitting at 5 inches in length and weighing about 4 ounces. It includes a trimming comb attachment that you can adjust to 5 settings for a long to short trim.

You can set these adjustments to provide a range from ⅛ of an inch to ⅝ of an inch in length. You can use this trimmer without the comb to give you a very close-cut trim that’s relatively similar to a clean feel.

The trimming blade is both stainless steel and hypo-allergenic to keep sensitive skin safe and prevent irritation. It’s also one of the most gentle trimmers on my list which is why it is my top sensitive bikini trimmer.

With its angled trimmer design, super light, and super slim design, this bikini trimmer saves you time by trimming hair quicker and more comfortably than a regular razor. In addition, the trimmer head features smooth, rounded tips to help avoid bumps for smooth results.

This Panasonic trimmer may seem dull when compared to other bikini trimmers. Although, this is because it’s mainly focused on giving you the best trim without any irritation or pain.

There is no special grip design, however, due to the small size of the trimmer, navigating around the bikini area isn’t difficult at all. Unfortunately, the attachment comb is the only part of this bikini trimmer that’s waterproof.

The Panasonic ES246AC should not come in contact with water either during use or cleaning. You should only use this on dry skin. This trimming blade includes a small cleaning brush and an attachment comb that you can rinse under water for easy cleaning.

However, you should make sure the attachment comb is completely dry before attaching it back to the bikini trimmer. You’ll need 2 AA batteries to power this Panasonic trimmer. Unfortunately, these are not included in the package.

The batteries will give you 45 minutes of trimming time before you need to replace them. Keep in mind that this trimmer will not provide you with a bare finish. It will only trim the hair to a preferred length. Also, there are no shaver attachments included with this trimmer. 

Product Highlights:

  • Super slim and lightweight to easily navigate the bikini area
  • Stainless steel trimming blades that are Hypo-allergenic for sensitive skin
  • Gentle trimming head features smooth, rounded tips for ultra comfort and smooth results
  • You can adjust the attachment comb to 5 settings to attain different hair lengths
  • Very powerful and effective

Phillips Bikinigenie Bikini Trimmer BRT383/50

The Phillips Bikinigenie is a very nice, simple device for bikini trimming. It has all the basic attachments you need for a clean trim. If you’re looking for a simple bikini trimmer that gets the job done and isn’t too expensive, this is the one for you.

Phillips has made the top on my list for the second time. Though when comparing this bikini trimmer to my overall pick, it does fall short. With its compact ergonomic design, this trimmer is easy and safe to use. You can use the Bikinigenie to safely trim, shape, and style your bikini hair. 

Included in this package are the angled trimmer head, mini shaving head, 2 clicks on trimming combs, a string tie travel pouch, and a small cleaning brush. You can use the trimming head with or without the attachment combs.

Using it alone will give you a close, clean trim. The two attachments will allow you to choose from two different trimming lengths. Using the larger one to give you a 5-millimeter length, while the smaller one will leave you with a 3-millimeter length. 

The mini shaving head comes with a foil covering to safely shave close to the skin without any irritation. You can use this after you’ve trimmed the hair short to give you an almost bare bikini region. It will leave you feeling slightly prickly, especially in those hard-to-shave areas.

The handle features a purple, silicone grip and gives you a good grasp in the shower. However, due to the cylinder structure, it’s easy to slip out of your hands if it becomes covered in soap. The bikini trimmer is waterproof and you can use it wet or dry.

However, you need to be careful when using this one in the shower. There is no special grip design. The trimmer also comes along with a travel pouch that fits everything inside.

To clean the trimmer, simply rinse under running water or use a small cleaning brush to remove hair stubble. The Bikinigenie is battery operated which is great for travel. 1 AA battery is included with the trimmer.

Product Highlights:

  • Gives you a clean, close trim
  • 2 trimming heads allow you to choose between 2 different hair lengths; 3 and 5 millimeters
  • Battery operated for easy travel
  • Easy cleaning
  • Waterproof for wet and dry use

Braun Silk-Epil Bikini Trimmer FG1100

This Braun Silk-Epil FG1100 pink and grey model is perfect for precision styling and shaping. The complete package makes it easy to style your pubic hair however you like. 

I could not compile this list without including a product from Braun. After all, Braun is one of the leading brands for hair removal. They are famous for their top performance in making some of the best hair removal products for women and men!

This precision bikini trimmer fits in your hands as a pen would. Its slim, long design makes it so easy to hold and glide along your bikini region so that you can create any style or shape you desire.

The bikini trimmer even comes with an array of light adhesive stickers to help you shape your perfect design. The template includes 10 fun sticker designs to choose from that you can use more than once.

This Braun bikini trimmer comes with 2 attachments; a high-precision head designed for detailed styling. This precision head features an extremely small trimming blade to create the most detailed designs. The blade features rounded tips to protect your skin from cuts and irritation.

The other attachment is the slim bikini-shaping head. This allows you to shave precise lines and shapes. This attachment will shave the hair almost completely off. It will leave you with a slight stubble that’s hardly noticeable. 

You can attach two trimming combs to the bikini shaping head to trim your hair to a uniform length. You can choose from either 5 millimeters or 8 millimeters in hair length. 

You should never use this trimmer on wet skin and any amount of water will damage the operation. You can use the included small cleaning brush to remove hair stubble from either of the blades. However, you can rinse the attachment combs.

Just make sure they are completely dry before reattachment. One AAA battery is included with this trimmer and it will give you up to 2 hours of use until you have to change the battery. The longevity of the battery is what stands out the most with this bikini trimmer.

No other trimmer on my list comes close. You can also use the high-precision head for eyebrow shaping and styling due to the size. However, if you’re going to use it for your bikini area, I wouldn’t recommend putting it anywhere near your face. Especially if you can’t clean it with water.

Product Highlights:

  • Slim design fits in your hand like a pen would for maximum precision
  • High precision head to sculpt the perfect design
  • 10 light adhesive sticker to create fun styles and shapes
  • The battery lasts for up to 2 hours
  • Slim bikini shaping head creates precise lines and shaves hair down to a stubble

Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor with Bikini Trimmer

The Schick Hydro bikini trimmer is unique for its 2 in 1 design. You have an electric bikini trimmer at one end, and a disposable razor at the other. This is especially great if you like to trim before you shave. 

Last on my list is a bikini trimmer from Schick. Schick is one of the top brands for shaving and removing unwanted hair and they’ve outdone themselves with this specially designed razor/trimmer. This bikini trimmer can save you time when cleaning your bikini area.

Once you’re done trimming, simply flip it to the other side for a smooth shave. This duo trimmer is waterproof which allows you to both shave and trim while in the shower. It has a pink rubber grip which makes it easy to hold and move around while wet.

It’s important to note that you need to keep your finger on the power button to keep the trimmer on. This can get tiring on long trimming sessions. The trimmer comes with one attachment comb which you can place on top of the trimmer blade.

You’re able to choose from 4 settings for a customized trim length. You can also use the trimmer without the attachment comb for the shortest trim. Moving on to the razor which features 5 curve sensing blades with skin guards to leave skin feeling smooth with every stroke.

It also helps to reduce irritation while giving you a pretty close shave. The razor is guarded by a water-activated Hydra boost serum. This serum is formulated with Shea butter which is hypo-allergenic and provides you with hydration and moisture for up to 2 hours after shaving. 

This means you won’t need to use shaving cream when using the razor. The moisture guard that completely circles the 5-blade razor will provide you with a lubricant between the razor and your skin. The moisture guard is removable if you prefer to shave without it.

There are some flaws with the design of the guard. Because of the thickness of the serum, the guard protrudes further than the razor. This makes the razor sit slightly upwards when shaving and will prevent you from getting a super close shave. You might even miss a few hairs. 

The other downside to the moisture guard is that it doesn’t last very long. The serum will start to melt away after a few shaves and you might end up with a gooey razor. Still, the option of removing the guard will give you the ability to closely shave your unwanted hair.

There’s always an option to buy different refills for the razor blade if you aren’t happy with the water-activating hydra boost serum. To clean the trimmer, all you need to do is rinse it under running water.

It’s a bit difficult to get all the hair that’s trapped under the trimming head. Using a cleaning brush or toothbrush will help you clean the trimmer effectively. 

Product Highlights:

  • 2 in 1 design features bikini trimmer and razor for fast removal of unwanted hair
  • The attachment comb allows you to choose from 4 different trim settings
  • 5 curve sensing razor blades with skin guards to safely shave the hair
  • Waterproof technology can be used in the shower

Features to Consider When Choosing a Pubic Hair Trimmer

There are so many features to keep in mind when choosing the best vagina trimmer. Personal preference plays a huge role in decision-making, as well as functionality. 

You won’t need to consider every feature on this list, although they will help you decide on which bikini trimmer is best for you. Reading through the list below will help you figure out which features best meet your needs. 

Comparing Bikini Trimmer Features

TrimmerBladeTrimming AttachmentsWet or Dry
Phillips Beauty BikiniperfectHypoallergenic stainless steel6Both
Panasonic Close CurvesStainless steel with ultra-thin foils2Both
Remington Smooth & SilkyHypoallergenic stainless steel5Both
Panasonic Bikini ShaperHypoallergenic stainless steel2Both
Phillips BikinigenieStainless steel3Both
Braun Silk-EpilStainless steel4Dry
Schick Hydro SilkHypoallergenic stainless steel1Both

Strong Power

A pubic hair trimmer needs to be fast and strong to trim hairs effortlessly. You don’t want a trimmer that makes you press down on your skin or that makes you go over the same patch of hair more than once. 

With a powerful trimmer, you’ll easily be able to remove hair with one stroke due to the quickness of the device. Another thing to think about is how power operates. Is it battery operated or is it rechargeable?

It has sharp blades, has strong power, is flexible, waterproof, and portable are the things you look for in a bikini trimmer

You can use a trimmer that’s battery-operated anytime with just a quick change of the battery. It also makes a great travel bikini trimmer that you can use anywhere.

On the other hand, you won’t need to worry about always having backup batteries with a rechargeable trimmer. However, you will have to deal with long charging times, which can sometimes be inconvenient. 

Sharp Blades

The blades on a trimmer need to be sharp enough to cut hair efficiently. However, they also need to be gentle so as not to cut or pull at the skin. You can look for rounded blades that are both sharp and gentle.

The blades also need to be stainless steel to prevent any rust build-up. This is important since most women use their pubic hair trimmers in the bathroom, a humid environment.

Sensitive Skin

Most women switch from razors to trimmers because shaving with a razor irritates the skin too much. Razors often leave your bikini area itchy, red, and bumpy. With a bikini trimmer, you’re able to remove hair gently, and because you aren’t shaving the hair, you don’t risk any irritation.

Most good vagina trimmers come with hypo-allergenic foil shavers that remove hair comfortably and prevent irritation. If you have very sensitive skin, I recommend using plastic trimming attachments to prevent even the slightest irritation.


Not all bikini trimmers are waterproof, although it’s better if they all were. The ability to use your trimmer in the shower or bath saves you so much more time and is a much cleaner way to remove hair. 

Even if you prefer a dry trim, a waterproof bikini trimmer is easier to clean and leaves it cleaner as opposed to cleaning with a small brush. If you do decide to purchase a waterproof pubic hair trimmer make sure to read the instructions.

As some brands don’t allow you to fully immerse the trimmer underwater. This means it won’t be safe to use in the bath, though you can still use them in the shower.


Having the option to choose between several trimming lengths is a great aspect. A versatile bikini trimmer should come with many attachments to help you achieve any trim style. Many trimmers come with foil shaver attachments or other items to help you get a smooth, clean feel.

Some ladies pubic hair trimmers are even specially designed to remove hair on other parts of your body or come with attachments or bonus items exclusively for other regions. This is ideal if you don’t like using two different products to remove hair from your entire body.


To help you move around the tight spaces and crevices in the bikini region, a bikini trimmer needs to be flexible. A flexible trimmer should feature a sleek design and a pivoting head that moves along your contours.

Flexibility is important to remove those hard-to-get hairs along your bikini line. On the other hand, you can use a flexible trimmer to trim areas along your body. 

Sleek Design

A slim and lightweight design can make the task of removing hair from your bikini area so much easier. A lighter-weight ladies vagina trimmer will allow you to move it quickly and will be easier to navigate tough areas.

Likewise, a slim design can make it easier to hold in your hand while you trim the hair. A soft grip is also another great design feature. A rubber or silicone grip can ensure that the trimmer won’t slip out of your hand. 

For the best grip, choose a bikini trimmer with a unique design that’s wider at the top and features a slim grip to hold on to.

Close Trim or Shave

If you want a close trim or shave, the best things to look for in a bikini trimmer are trimming blades that you can use without any attachments. The blades should be able to give you close trim without pinching or pulling your skin.

A white Philips satin touch hair puller holds by a person on a blue zigzag background

Some pubic hair trimmer can give you a bare look, although they will feel prickly. For a close shave, look for bikini trimmers that have foil shaving attachments. The foil should be thin enough to allow the blades to get very close to your skin. 

You can also look for bikini shavers with trimming attachments if what you desire is more of a close shave rather than a close trim.


This feature is important for those women who like to shape and style their bikini line. A precision trimmer should feature a sleek design that’s easy to hold and allows you to carefully sculpt the hair.

Bikini Trimmers that are specifically for precision are usually thin and long, replicating a paintbrush or pen. The trimmer part, as well as the blade, is often very small such as the top of a pencil.

Operating Time

The downside about bikini trimmers is the long charging times that give you short operating times. Most trimmers will give around an hour of operating time. This goes for both rechargeable and battery-operated bikini trimmers. 

It shouldn’t take you longer than an hour to trim your pubic hair. However, it’s good to select a trimmer that will get the most operating time from the battery. This saves you time so you don’t have to constantly wait on charging time.


A lot of pubic hair trimmer have custom travel pouches that you can buy separately. These pouches have a hard exterior to keep your trimmer from breaking while packed inside a suitcase. 

For the best travel features, look for battery-operated bikini trimmers so you can take them anywhere and not have to worry about finding an outlet. Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about the long charging times while traveling.


The color of your bikini trimmer should be the last factor in your decision-making. Although, the color can draw you into making the purchase. Most bikini trimmers come in light colors which make it easy to see the hair so you can clean it thoroughly.

The only time you should use the color of a trimmer to make your decision is when you find a bikini trimmer that comes in more than one color to choose from.

Why You Should Use a Pubic Hair Trimmer

If you’ve been using razors or a different method of hair removal, you may be wondering why a bikini trimmer would be better. It all comes down to their gentle and safe design. Yet, there are other reasons why switching to a bikini trimmer could be beneficial to you.

Prevent Ingrown Hairs

This is something every hair removal technique will give you; ingrown hairs. These annoying hairs that can’t seem to poke through a small layer of skin can leave ugly little black dots. This can make your skin look bad.

Ingrown hairs develop due to improper hair removal. They also appear because the hair follicle is usually blocked by too much dead skin. Shaving with a razor can cause ingrown hairs because you’re removing the entire hair down to the skin surface.

So once the hair tries to grow back, there’s a chance it will grow sideways and get stuck under dead skin. Exfoliating can help to prevent ingrown hairs. However, using a bikini trimmer can lower the number of ingrown hairs by a significant amount.

This is because you aren’t removing the hair. You’re only trimming it to a short length. Some pubic hair trimmer even come with exfoliator head attachments to further reduce the risk of ingrown hairs.

Prevent Irritation

The bikini area is the most sensitive place to remove hair. After you’ve shaved, ingrown hairs may develop causing your skin to be bumpy and itchy. Itching the area will only make it worse and leave your skin red and blotchy. 

Companies strive to make bikini trimmers gentle on the skin so you won’t develop that awful razor rash. 

Woman wearing a red and black bikini

Trimming your hair shouldn’t irritate you because you aren’t removing the hair from the surface of the skin. If you’re someone with extremely sensitive skin, make sure to purchase stainless steel blades, or use the plastic attachments instead of placing the trimmer directly on your skin. 

Prevent Pain

Keeping your bikini area clean doesn’t have to be painful. Using a razor on short bikini hair can burn badly afterward. Likewise, waxing and epilating can hurt even more. Laser hair removal is expensive and it doesn’t come without the pain either. 

Using a bikini trimmer to closely trim hair is your best painless option. Although, it helps to know that not all bikini trimmers are pain-free. Some designs will pinch and pull at your skin if you don’t read instructions correctly or you aren’t sure how to use a trimmer. 

For the best painless trimming experience, read the manual thoroughly before using any bikini trimmer. I assure you that any pain a bikini trimmer gives you is very little when compared to other hair removal methods.

Provide Exact Length and Style Options

One thing that a bikini trimmer can do is give you an exact length of hair. No other hair removal method can do this as precisely as a trimmer can. 

For those women who like to style and shape their bikini hair, a bikini trimmer is a must-have. Razors are much too big and bulky to create designs or shapes. Bikini trimmers can give you a perfect shape due to their unique designs.

Also, trimmers usually include trimming comb attachments to allow you to choose from short to long lengths. A nice trim can sometimes look better than a completely bare bikini line. 

Hair can cover stretch marks or any other blemishes you want to conceal. This is one of the many reasons women choose to use bikini trimmers over razors.

Remove Hair in Difficult Areas

Using a razor in soft areas along the bikini region can be terrifying. It’s so easy to cut yourself with a razor. Especially when you can’t get a good view of where you’re shaving. That’s where bikini trimmers come in. You can use these safely in any difficult areas and you won’t need to worry about getting cut.

The plastic attachments are designed to gently trim longer hair in tight areas. Once you’ve trimmed the longer hairs, you can use a smaller-sized trimmer to shorten the hair in those areas to a very short length.

Last Longer

When comparing a bikini trimmer to a razor, the latter will last you longer. You need to change both disposable razors and razor heads often. They rust easily and the blades become dull quickly. Not to mention all that plastic you’re throwing into the environment.

An electric bikini trimmer can last you years before it breaks. However, you need to change blades and foil shavers once they begin to become dull. Though, this is still nowhere near as often as changing razors. 

Tips for Using The Best Bikini Trimmer

If you’ve never used a bikini trimmer before it’s best to follow instruction manuals to help you learn how to use your model properly. These tips will help you get the best trimming experience while I make sure you don’t harm yourself in the process. 

Trim With Scissors

To make trimming easier and quicker, cut the pubic hair to a shorter length before you use your bikini trimmer. Most bikini trimmers have settings for longer hair.

For those that don’t, it’s best to cut the hair before you start trimming. Make sure to use hygienic scissors and wash them before and after you cut your pubic hair.

A pink Agaro electric trimmer on a yellow-dotted background

Take a Warm Bath

Let your skin and body hair soak in a bathtub full of warm water. Scrub and clean the areas you plan on trimming to prevent dirt from getting in between your skin and the trimmer. This also helps to keep the pubic hair trimmer clean.

Especially if you plan on using a dry use the only trimmer. It also helps to exfoliate the bikini area while in the bath. This will help to remove any dead skin and will allow the hairs to slightly stand up making it easier to trim.

If you plan on using a waterproof bikini trimmer, simply trim the hair in the bath or shower after cleansing and exfoliating your skin. However, trimming the hair dry will be quicker.

Trim Along the Direction of the Hair Growth

Once you’ve had your bath and are completely dry, you can start trimming. You should trim with the hair growth to prevent hair from getting pulled or stuck in the trimmer. This will also allow you to trim the hair quicker and easier.

Make sure not to go over the same spot so many times and avoid trimming back and forth. It also helps to apply a light moisturizer to the area to help the trimmer glide smoothly along your skin.

Pull Skin Taut

To prevent the vagina trimmer from pinching or pulling your skin, pull on your skin lightly for each area you go over. The bikini area is full of soft spots, so pulling the skin taut will give you a firm bass to trim on.

Remember to go slow while trimming. This will ensure that you trim every hair and will prevent the trimmer from pulling at your skin. 

Use a Small Mirror

Using a small mirror to get a better view helps you trim all the hair down there. It also helps you position the bikini trimmer in the right place because hair growth can go in different directions.

A good way to use the mirror is to place it on a closed toilet lid and prop your leg up for a clear view while you trim. 

Apply Just Enough Pressure

A bikini trimmer is powerful enough to get the job done without pressing it too hard against the skin. Applying too much pressure against your skin can cause bruising and can even cut your skin if you’re using the trimmer without a comb. 

A trimmer should glide gently across your skin. This will give the best results without irritating you in any way.  It’s especially important to be careful in trimming tight areas. 

You don’t need to push the blade against your skin to get the hair in these areas. Your bikini trimmer should be flexible enough to get to the hair in the curves of your skin.

Clean Your Skin 

Once you’ve completed trimming your hair, take a bath or shower and lather your body with soap to remove any excess stubble. It’s best to use gentle soap for the bikini area so as not to irritate it.

If you plan on shaving afterward, make sure to use shaving gel or foam to decrease the risk of razor burn. 

Apply Lotion

Once your skin is dry and clean, make sure to apply a moisturizer to the trimmed area. Baby oil and Aloe vera gel work best to prevent irritation and rashes.

This is especially important for the first trim because you might feel a bit irritated. Rest assured, this is perfectly normal as your skin gets used to the trimming blades.

Wear Loose Clothing

To prevent even the slightest irritation, don’t wear tight clothing on or around the areas that have just been trimmed. This can make the area itchy and uncomfortable.

Wear loose-fitting clothes, including loose underwear to allow your skin to breathe and to keep any itchy fabric from rubbing against it.

Clean Up the Trimmer and Attachments

Depending which bikini shaper you choose, will determine how you clean it. If you have a wet/dry model then cleaning should be a breeze. All you need to do is rinse the entire bikini trimmer underwater along with the attachments. 

Use a small brush to remove any hair from the trimmer. Most trimmers come with a small cleaning brush. If yours does not, you can always use an old toothbrush. Make sure to let the bikini trimmer and attachments to completely dry before plugging it into the charger or using it again.

For a model that isn’t waterproof, you can use a cleaning brush to clean away hair. If you want to clean it further, use cleaning wipes that aren’t too wet. Be careful when using wipes and don’t go near the battery compartment. 

If your dry model comes with plastic attachments, you can simply wash those under running water and leave them out to dry. You can even wash them with soap if you’d like. Again, make sure these attachments are completely dry before attaching them back onto the bikini trimmer.

Related Questions

How Can I Prevent Razor Bumps From Bikini Trimmers?

Use a shaving cream or gel to soften hair follicles, preventing razor bumps and skin irritation while using a bikini trimmer. You should also exfoliate before shaving to remove any dirt clogging the pores that may cause inflammation.

How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs When Using a Bikini Trimmer?

To prevent ingrown hairs, you must use a bikini trimmer with sharp blades and shave in the direction the hair is growing. Exfoliate before shaving, then moisturize after each session.

What Is the Best Bikini Trimmer for Sensitive Skin?

The best bikini trimmer for sensitive skin should have hypoallergenic stainless steel blades or plastic trimming attachments to avoid a close trim on the skin, avoiding skin cuts.

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We hope this lengthy bikini trimmer review guide was able to help you in choosing the best bikini trimmer for you. Each bikini trimmer reviewed here is sure to meet whichever expectations you’re looking for. Be cautious when using a bikini trimmer and good luck with your decision!


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