Best Adhesive Bra [2024 Review]

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Finding the proper stick-on bra to wear underneath backless tops is quite challenging. That’s where adhesive bras come in. In this review, I’ll guide you in choosing the best adhesive bra on the market, including tips on picking the right one.

My Top Adhesive Bra Reviews

Adhesive bras are perfect for hard-to-wear outfits like backless dresses or tops with low necklines. With the Nubra Feather-Lite Super Light Adhesive Bra, you can easily stick it onto your chest without using straps. I also found other styles of sticky bras that suit various outfits and tastes.

Best Adhesive Bra Overall: Nubra Feather-Lite Super Light Adhesive Bra

The Nubra Feather Lite is my favorite adhesive bra for several reasons. This stick-on bra is perfect for those who sweat excessively and for wearing on hotter days because of its very light and airy fabric.

This sticky bra has a clasp in the middle, so you’ll be able to change it up every time. The supportive front-closure feature makes it easy to put on the adhesive bra. However, it can’t provide a lift due to the absence of an underwire.

Another noteworthy feature is that it contains very safe materials. Its soft, natural silicone makes the fabric almost invisible under your clothing. It also includes skin-friendly and reusable adhesive tape.

If you choose a larger size, the backless bra can easily slip off because there’s no maximum contact with your bosom.

Apart from size, you also have the freedom to pick from different colors. No matter how tempted you may be, do not use a machine dryer, towel, or blow dryer as they’re all likely to damage the texture and structure. 

MITALOO Sticky Strapless Bra

The Mitaloo Self Adhesive Bra is more affordable than my top pick, and it offers a great deal. This backless sticky bra can gently support and lift your bust if you want to create an increased cleavage look under your top.

It mainly consists of natural materials, which provide a soft feeling. The adhesive bra uses reusable glue to attach to your breast preventing it from slipping off too quickly, even if you have to wear one for hours.

Unlike Nubra which offers several color options, the MITALOO bra is only available in nude color. On the plus side, this color resembles your natural skin tone, meaning it will easily complement other colors. 

Joeteay Adhesive Strapless Bra

If you want contouring sticky cups for low-cut tops, then the Joateay Adhesive Strapless Bra is a suitable adhesive undergarment for you.

As opposed to MITALOO’s standard cups, this pasties bra has a u-shaped design that works perfectly for all those dresses and tops with deeper necklines. This padded sticky bra is also specifically designed with a drawstring clasp that provides support and shape.

This is another backless bra that guarantees strength and safety while still providing total freedom and flexibility in your movements. More importantly, this pasties bra features self-adhesive technology that enhances your cleavage.

The deep U-cup design pushes your breasts slightly inward and upward, giving you a natural lift and excellent support. Furthermore, this adhesive bra uses 80% nylon and 20% spandex. Meanwhile, the adhesive part consists of 100% medical-grade silicone. 

This combination of reusable materials provides a nice flexible fit and lightweight construction. Much like in typical nipple covers, the adhesive uses high-quality and dermatologically-tested biological gel, which is harmless to the skin.

Babylab Strapless Sticky Bra

If you have a bigger bust, you’ll probably find it more difficult to get a fitting adhesive bra. Luckily, a few adhesive bras cater to the needs of plus-size women, and the Strapless Sticky Bra by Babylab is my favorite in this category.

The whole concept behind this nifty invention is to keep this padded sticky bra invisible by offering minimal coverage for the bust while guaranteeing cover for the nipples. The cup size and design provide a decent amount of support, creating a gorgeous cleavage line for any kind of dress.

With soft and reusable silicone, you can achieve a seamless fit underneath a dress or other revealing styles. Likewise, you won’t have to worry about skin allergies or other skin conditions. 

Unlike the Mystiqueshapes bra, this adhesive bra uses a clip closure design, making it easy to strap and unstrap. In this way, you can stick the bra to your breasts for hours. This clip-on design also gives you the freedom to wear it clipped or unclipped.

With its micro-edge design and nude color, this is one backless bra that will suit your skin tone and remain invisible underneath clothing. This feature makes this adhesive bra ideal for under a wedding dress, or with off-shoulder dresses, backless tops, and a halter dress.

Fashion Forms Women’s Nubra Ultralite

While adhesive bras come in handy, many can only be worn 2 to 4 times. If you’re looking to make the most use of your adhesive bra, you’ll want to choose the Fashion Forms Nubra Ultralite that you can wear up to 25 times.

This gives you leeway to wear it on a day-to-day basis without worrying that the adhesive will lose its stickiness. That said, it’s essential that you perform routine maintenance to keep it in good condition.

This backless bra features 40% silicone adhesive, 30% polyester, and 30% polyurethane. Instead of using an underwire, the molded cups contain silicone adhesive to help the bra stick nicely and cover the nipples.

This bra with adhesive contains a molded cup design that helps contour your breasts into a seamless figure underneath a dress to provide the perfect fit. You can put this adhesive bra on with the nipple in the center, lean over, and hook the two clips together.

Wingslove Adhesive Bra

If you are looking for an adhesive bra that you can wear with your off-shoulders or low-cut dress, you can’t go wrong with the Wingslove Adhesive Bra. Women love flattering their body silhouettes. 

Wearing strapped bras with backless dresses as they tend to create monotonous lines above your shoulders and may lower your self-esteem if attending a party with friends. Fortunately, this bra is strapless and backless, providing you with the support you need without the straps ruining your outfit. 

Bras with underwires might dig into your skin and cause irritations and discomfort. Like the Lalawing Strapless Bra, this self-adhesive bra has no underwires, which makes it soft and comfortable even if you wear it all day long. 

Unlike the Kiswon Adhesive Strapless Bra, this bra features a push-up style that is padded with discrete cushioning that helps to lift the breasts and create an appealing cleavage. 

This makes your breasts look fuller, giving you confidence when running errands with a lighter top. However, using perfumes or moisturizers before wearing the bra may reduce its adhesiveness.


  • The padding on this bra helps to lift the boobs and make you look fuller
  • Without straps, this bra is versatile and blends well with a wide range of outfits


  • The bra tends to lose its adhesive properties when you use moisturizers
  • You might need to fit each cup separately for the best lift results, which might inconvenience you 

Lalawing Strapless Bra

The Lalawing Strapless Bra is a high-quality bra that is designed with silicone material, providing comfort and sufficient support to your breasts without compromising their natural silhouette. Keeping in mind that women may engage in vigorous exercises to keep fit, the sweat build-up during exercises may make you wet and uncomfortable. 

Unlike the Niidor Adhesive Strapless Bra, the silicone material is soft and breathable, allowing you to remain dry and comfortable even during intense exercises. The bra features a strong stickiness and seamless design, making it ideal for a wide range of outfits, such as wedding dresses, swimsuits, and halter dresses. 

If your breasts tend to sag, especially after your baby stops breastfeeding, this bra can help you recover your flattering looks. Like the Kiswon Adhesive Strapless Bra, this bra comes with a V-shape that helps to gather the breasts together in a V-shape and lift them, making you look fuller. 

However, this bra tends to lift the smaller boobs and might not work well for large-busted women. 


  • The breathable silicone material makes the bra comfortable even during hot weather
  • The design gathers the breasts in a v-shape, making you attractive


  • It doesn’t have strong adhesive properties and might not lift heavy busts
  • The bra tends to cause some discomfort on the nipples when pulling them off

Kiswon Adhesive Push-Up Bra

The Kiswon Adhesive Push-Up Bra is a stylish bra that comes with a modern deep V-shape design that can reveal your cleavage and make you flatter. Boobs are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body, and bras made of low-quality synthetic materials can easily cause allergies and irritations, especially to the nipples. 

Like the Lalawing strapless bra, this bra is made of soft and lightweight silicone material that gently adheres to your skin without causing allergies or irritations. 

Keeping in mind that the reason behind the adhesive strapless design is to keep the bra invisible, you don’t want a bra that is easily noticeably visible through your see-through blouse. 

Like the Vicetone Adhesive Push-Up Bra, this bra features a nude color and micro-edge design, making it almost invisible even when wearing see-through tops. However, the adhesive is not strong enough, and the bra tends to slide off, especially when sweating during intense exercises. 


  •  The nude color makes the bra invisible, making it the best choice for wearing with see-through tops
  • The V-shape design allows the bra to gather the boobs and create cleavage


  • The bra tends to come loose and slide off during intense workouts
  • The bra has minimal lifting pressure and might not be the right choice for sagging boobs

Niidor Adhesive Strapless Bra

The Niidor Adhesive Strapless Bra is the only bra made of 100% nylon on my list. Keeping in mind that nylon is strong and abrasive resistant, this bra is durable and reliable and might be the right choice if you are heavy-busted, and you fear the bra might rip, or you engage in intense exercises that involve rigorous body movements. 

Like the Vicetone Adhesive Push-Up Bra, the bio-glue in this bra ensures high adhesion, ensuring the bra sticks and remains in the right position even if you sweat during sports. 

The 3D bra shape fits the curves by covering the entire breasts, gathering your boobs together to create a flattering V-shape effect. This bra is reusable and durable, and you only add a mild detergent on the adhesive surface, moisten it with warm water, rinse, and then air dry. 

However, keeping in mind that nylon is a synthetic fiber, it might not be the best option if you have allergies or sensitive skin.  


  • The nylon fabric is sturdy and abrasive resistant, making the bra durable and reliable
  • The 3D shape makes the bra fit the curves without covering the entire boobs, making you look flattering


  • The nylon fabric might not be the right choice if you have sensitive skin
  • The bra doesn’t provide a sufficient lift if you are heavily busted 

Vicetone Adhesive Push-Up Bra

The Vicetone Adhesive Push-Up Bra is a high-quality bra with one of the best adhesive properties, and you can wear it even when going to formal settings such as weddings without worries of the bra sliding and boobs falling off. 

Unlike the Niidor Adhesive Strapless Bra, this bra is made of 100% silicon, which retains its shape even during high temperatures. Typically, this makes this bra reliable, and you can confidently wear it when going for summer holidays without the fear of the fabric becoming loose. 

The bra comes in a nude color, making it blend seamlessly with a wide range of outfits such as halter dresses, off-shoulder gowns, bikinis, backless, and wedding dresses. Like the Niidor Adhesive Strapless Bra, this bra features a 3D shape, which helps to gather your boobs and create a V-shape. 

Also, this bra comes with a front buckle that helps you to adjust the fit depending on your cleavage likes. However, the cup tends to rip from the clasp area if you pull the cups too much to create a deeper cleavage. 


  • The bra doesn’t slide off even during intense exercises, giving you confidence during sports
  • The front buckle allows you to adjust the cups to get the cleavage of your liking


  • The cups can easily rip when you engage in workouts while the cups are tightly pulled together for deeper cleavage
  • Although the bra has good adhesion properties, the ends tend to be loose, and you can easily peel it off when moving your arms

Features to Consider in Adhesive Bras

While adhesive bras may not have all the features of a regular bra, they also come with unique characteristics that can help you make a wise pick.

A graphic image that features a drawing of a silicone bra, informs that adhesive bras are ideally made from low-cut, nude silicone materials

Comparing Adhesive Bra Features

Bra Material Adhesiveness Closure
Nubra Feather-Lite PolyesterSilicone adhesiveFront clasp
MITALOO Sticky CottonSilicone adhesive with biological glueFront clasp
Joeteay Adhesive Polyamide and elastaneSticky molded cupsNone
Babylab Sticky NylonSilicone gelFront clasp
Fashion Forms Ultralite PolyesterAdhesive-lined foam cupsFront clasp
Wingslove Adhesive PolyesterSilicone adhesiveFront clasp
Lalawing Strapless Nylon and SpandexSilicone adhesiveFront clasp
Kiswon Push-Up Nylon and SpandexSilicone adhesive with biological gelFront clasp
Niidor Adhesive Nylon and SpandexSilicone adhesiveFront clasp
Vicetone Push-Up Nylon and SpandexSilicone adhesive with biological glueFront clasp
Woman wearing an adhesive bra


Usually, manufacturers indicate the cup sizes, such as A, B, C, and all the way up to K. If you suspect that the backless sticky bra is not a good fit but still want to purchase it, go through the manufacturer’s regulations. 

For this list, the Nubra Feather-Lite is the only one with a wide range of sizes.


For adhesive bras, they will, for the most part, remain hidden and stay in place. This explains why most sticky bras only come in nude or pale pink colors.

Low Cut

Most sticky bras can enhance lift, yet few have lower cut designs than others. Again, consider the outfit you’ll be wearing and determine whether you have low-cut tops or backless dresses.


Most adhesive bras come with two separate cups with self-adhesive tapes so that you can wear the bra for hours without worry. These require you to attach them one at a time before connecting them at the bottom using a clip-on.

If you don’t want any dramatic effect, you can go for stick-on bras that come with their cups already connected with a clasp. Other sticky bras have a drawstring or additional tape that allows you to adjust the fit with ease.

Only the Mystiqueshapes bra relies on adhesive, while the rest also includes front closure designs.


The thickness of the stick-on bra affects the fullness and coverage you will get. If you also want more lift and support, padded adhesive bras could also be a better option for you.

On the other hand, if you have larger breasts, you can look for padded sticky bras. However, you have to be cautious as larger cup sizes may cause the backless sticky bra to sag a bit to the chest.

Sideview of a woman wearing an adhesive bra


It may feel a bit weird on the skin at first, yet most manufacturers use silicone as the primary fabric for their adhesive bras because of its soft feel that is very comfortable. Silicone is a better option because of its seamless fit, reliability, and durability.

Silicone adhesive bras aren’t totally waterproof, although they are water-resistant to some degree. Still, it’s not advisable to machine-wash padded sticky bras as this may cause permanent damage to the adhesive or tape.


The shape and style of a sticky bra may depend on the brand. However, you should consider these styles when purchasing stick-on bras to check if they are a perfect fit and fully functional.

  • Silicone: Silicone is common in implants, which is why it is soft and feels like it is purely a part of your breast. Silicone sticky bra is ideal for women with smaller-sized breasts because it doesn’t provide much support for the busts.
  • Fabric: Stick-on bras are suitable for small or medium-sized breasts. These bras provide more lift and support because they consist of wires. Unlike silicone bras, the adhesive gel rests only on the side part of the flaps.
  • U-Plunge Backless Strapless Bras: As the name suggests, this bra has a front design shaped like a deep U with wire support. It also features contour cups made of nylon-spandex fabrics and silicon.
  • Adhesive Breast Lift Tapes: Adhesive breast lift tapes could be a bra you’d prefer if cleavage boost isn’t your ultimate goal. Rather, it gives the busts a perkier look by sticking it on the breast and pulling it up as you prefer.

Related Questions

Is It Safe to Wear a Backless Bra?

Yes, it’s okay to wear adhesive or backless bras. In this manner, you may be rather certain that the bras were made with high-quality materials. Look for an alternative if you have an allergy to silicone or other adhesives.

Are Stick-On Bras Reusable?

You can wash and reuse some backless adhesive bras up to 20 times. However, the number of times you can reuse backless bras depends on the brand and material.

Can I Wear a Sticky Bra Every Day?

Yes, you can wear a sticky bra every day, although it’s not advisable to wear it for more than eight hours a day. Avoid wearing an adhesive bra on a daily basis if you notice rashes or skin irritation.

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Adhesive bras offer significant benefits over regular bras. With my product options, review, and buying tips, you can collect different kinds of stick-on bras that would suit every outfit.


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