Best Adhesive Bra for a Wedding Dress [2024 Review]

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After hours of browsing, you have finally discovered your perfect wedding dress. However, your dress design calls for a bra that holds the girls without peeking through and ruining your look. The following article discusses the best adhesive bras you can wear under your wedding dress on your big day.

My Top Wedding Dress Adhesive Bra Recommendations

Adhesive bras are specifically designed to stick to your skin and support your breasts for long periods, without feeling uncomfortable. They help you exhibit a smooth silhouette and look flawless in your wedding dress. To help you decide on the best adhesive bra for your shape and dress design, I have compiled a few recommendations:

Best Overall Adhesive Bra for a Wedding Dress: NuBra Women’s Feather Lite Bra

The NuBra Women’s Feather Lite Bra checks all the boxes for an amazing adhesive bra to wear under your wedding dress. The highlighting feature of the bra is the outer fabric covering available in a range of shades, more than any other bra on the list.

The bra provides ample support for cup sizes ranging from AA to E, without sacrificing on the comfort factor. The size AA, the smallest available one on my list, comes with extra padding. However, according to some complaints, the bigger sizes do not stay completely hidden with low-cut tops.

NuBra stick-on bra stays put throughout the day, due to the strong adhesive glue. You can also position the cups and clasp them according to the shape you want to achieve depending on the neckline of your wedding dress.


  • Available in multiple shades, which match different skin tones
  • Long-lasting adhesiveness


  • Occasionally leaves behind adhesive residue on skin
  • Bigger sizes might peek through from clothes

Best Wedding Dress Adhesive Bra for Large Bust: Niidor Adhesive Strapless Bra

The Niidor Adhesive Strapless Bra is manufactured from high-grade silicone, which holds the breasts in place without triggering an allergic reaction or rashes. It also peels off quite easily, so you do not have to worry about any unsightly redness around your bust.

Available in four colors, the bra provides you with an amazing cleavage, while the thick, opaque cups support even the heavier of breasts. Hence, the bra is ideal for women with bigger bust size, compared to other bras featured here.

Moreover, these bras are extremely lightweight and comfortable, so you can easily wear them under the most form-fitting wedding dresses.

However, the Niidor bra, like the Mitaloo one, is not entirely unsusceptible to moisture, since the edges can detach and lift due to excessive sweating.


  • Made from hypoallergenic, skin-friendly silicone
  • Thick, opaque, 3D cups for maximum support


  • Sweating can cause the edges to lose the adhesive power
  • Available in only four colors

The Mitaloo Push Up Adhesive Bra has a wing-shaped design that allows for maximum coverage, while staying hidden, even if your wedding dress features a plunging V-neck. The self-adhesive cups have biological glue, which allows them to adhere to your skin comfortably for a long time.

The bra is made from skin-friendly silicone, similar to the Niidor one, with a sturdy front clasp.  Yet it is quite breathable, which is a welcome change from other stick-on bras. Unlike the other bras on the list, it is only available in three colors. It is also not usable during hot weather, as perspiration can cause the bra to detach.


  • Made from skin-friendly silicone
  • Comfortable and breathable


  • Can lose stickiness in high temperatures
  • Only available in three shades

Features to Consider In a Wedding Dress Adhesive Bra

The perfect adhesive bra provides the kind of support, coverage, and lift you want from it. Moreover, comfort is another factor high on the priority list for most brides. Therefore, consider the following factors before buying a stick-on bra for your wedding dress:

Comparing the Features of Wedding Dress Adhesive Bras

Bra Closure Push Up? Reuseable?
NuBra Feather Lite Front ClaspNoYes
Niidor Adhesive Front ClaspNoYes
Mitaloo Adhesive Front ClaspYesYes


Adhesive bras are different from regular bras in their construction. While regular bras are made up of cloth with a padded lining or insert, adhesive bras are usually constructed from silicone, polyurethane, or a similar material.

The outer part of the bra is occasionally covered with fabric, like the NuBra stick-on bra on my list.

It offers a comfortable fit, is hypoallergenic, and has a front clasp, which are the things you look for in a wedding dress adhesive bra

Silicon used to manufacture adhesive bras mentioned above is of high-quality, medical-grade, and hypoallergenic. Consequently, these bras rarely cause irritation or rashes, making them a good option to wear on your big day. You can also find bras of varying thicknesses.

I suggest opting for a thick bra for smaller breasts and a thin, light bra for a bigger cup size. You can also look for padded bras if you want the extra lift to show off a deeper cleavage in a low-cut wedding dress.


The most important factor to consider about a bra for your backless wedding dress is to ensure that it fits you perfectly. Loose or tight-fitted bras are extremely uncomfortable and unflattering. Moreover, they fail to fulfill their primary purpose i.e. to provide support to your breasts and create a perkier shape.

When shopping for an adhesive bra to wear under your wedding dress, keep in mind that it will be hours before you can take off your bra. Therefore, you want something that does not feel cumbersome and annoying, pinching or digging in your sides.

An adhesive bra comprises two individual cups joined together. Thus, you should know your exact cup size to buy a bra that is true to your size. Most adhesive bras are available in sizes ranging from A to D cups. However, the Mitaloo and Niidor bras on my list are also available in even bigger sizes.

A woman wearing an adhesive bra for wedding dress

Front Closure

The two cups of most adhesive bras are joined together by a plastic clasp, positioned at the bottom of your bust. All the stick-on bras featured on my list have high-quality, sturdy clips to allow you to gather your breasts, even if you have a bigger bust size.

The clasp also gives you the freedom to keep the cups hooked together to accentuate your cleavage or to let them remain unclasped if you prefer a more modest silhouette.  It all depends on you and the style of your dress.

Some stick-on bras also come with a drawstring laced up between the two cups. These bras do not have the option of disjointing the cups entirely. However, you have a bit more control over the amount of cleavage you want to achieve as compared to bras with clips.

Related Questions

Are You Supposed to Wear a Bra With a Wedding Dress?

You’re supposed to wear a bra under a wedding dress if your bust needs support. Some wedding dresses have strapless, backless, plunging neck, built-in corset, or padded cups. It depends on what you prefer or your wedding style.

Is Adhesive Bra Safe?

Adhesive bras are generally safe to wear with wedding dresses, especially when you use the NuBra Women’s Feather Lite Bra. Be sure to pick bras with high-quality materials to avoid skin irritation and allergic reactions.

How Long Can You Wear an Adhesive Bra for a Wedding Dress?

You can typically wear an adhesive bra for a wedding dress for the whole ceremony and reception. Most adhesive bras can stick to the chest comfortably for a minimum of eight hours.

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Your bra can play a defining role in the look of your wedding dress. Therefore, check out my recommendations for the best adhesive bras and choose one that fits your style, size, and budget. Remember to prioritize comfort over everything else, so you can truly enjoy your wedding day!


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