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Best Padded Panty [2020 Reviews]

Three women each wearing a padded panty set

If you want to boost your backside’s appearance without getting implant surgeries, all you need is to wear the best-padded panty. In this article, we’re giving you all the necessary information and options in choosing the right padded underwear, so that you can achieve a new level of glow up in your rear side. Top …

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Best Postpartum Underwear [2020 Review]

Woman carrying her baby while wearing postpartum underwear

After delivering your baby, you’ll experience soreness, bleeding, and discharges, and you wouldn’t want to stain all of your clothes. In this guide, we’re revealing the top picks for the best postpartum underwear that can provide stomach control and support as your body undergoes changes. The Top Postpartum Underwear Available From premium to budget-friendly ones, …

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Best Bikini Trimmer [2020 Review]

Various toiletries such as a bikini trimmer scattered in a bed

Getting rid of pubic hair can be a difficult task for women, especially in the bikini area. Shaving with a razor often leaves your bikini area irritated and itchy. The best bikini trimmer will help you keep your bikini area perfectly smooth without any of the unwanted after-effects. However, it all depends on what features you’re …

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Best Body Shaper [2020 Review]

The best body shaper can be a fast solution when you need to look slimmer in a short amount of time. They can smooth out lumps and bumps, giving your body a smooth appearance. However, a lot of people tend to think that body shapers are uncomfortable and are hard to breathe in. To help …

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Best Postpartum Jeans [2020 Review]

Woman wearing high waisted jeans and a white t-shirt tied to her waist

Wearing a pair of jeans after giving birth might sound like an uncomfortable thought. However, with the wide variety of styles out there, it’s possible to find a comfortable pair of jeans that will fit your postpartum body beautifully.  You don’t have to continue wearing your maternity jeans after you’ve had your baby. Yes, you …

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Best Epilators [2020 Review]

Flat lay of shaving tools for women

The price of beauty sometimes costs pain and sacrifice. For such a small thing, hair on all the unflattering places seem to be harmless until you try to remove them. Though not totally void of pain, epilators are the lesser evil of hair removal methods. Instead of the frequent expensive waxing treatments or constant hazards …

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